Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Maddie: 5 months

Dear Madison,
5 months already? It seemed that while i carried you in my tummy, time was so slow. The months ticked by as slow as possible and nothing seemed to make it go faster. But now since you were born, time is zooming by as fast as possible and i find my self taking back all those times i wished it would just hurry up.

You are still such a happy baby. You love to talk and make noise, the louder the better in your opinion. You also love to chew. Your hands and blankets seems to be your favorite, but you will also torture your toys as well.

We found out that you are not alergic to milk or soy products and were then refered to a GI specialist at Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma, Wa. There we found out that you have a immature GI track and that when we switched you from breastfeeding to formula, it shocked your system causing constipation. The Dr. said that once a baby has that problem then they get scared to go number 2 and then it causes a larger problem. You are now on a daily laxitive that you take just fine and seem to getting use to alright. The first time you took it though the next day you had a blow out up to your neck, it was quiet nasty!!

You still love and adore Kason. You think its so funny when he pretends to sneeze. You laugh and squeal at him.

During your 5th month you got to go to the zoo again! This time you went with Grandpa and Grandma Cline, Auntie Carrie and Uncle Adam, Brinnon, Samantha, Daddy, Mommy, and Kason. We went for the zoo lights!! You did amazing. Your rode in the stroller like a big girl for the first time and was bundled up so much you could barely move, but you loved it. It was at night and it was dark and most of the animals were inside sleeping, but the lights were amazing!
You also got to go to your very first cookie day with all the girls in mommys family. We make cookies all day long, and you had alot of fun getting tons of attention. Especially attention from Grandpa McGuire. You have a special connection with him and i love watching you guys together, he loves you so much.
You also got to have your first Christmas! We did Christmas eve at Grandma and Grandpa McGuires house. Santa came and you got to sit on his lap and get pictures. He gave you a cute little elf doll, you love it! Christmas day we opened stockings at home and then went to church. After chruch we came home and opened the rest of our presents. Then we headed over to Rodney and Danelles and enjoyed eachothers company while you got held alot and the kids played with new toys.

I think the biggest thing that happened during your 5th month is that you ROLLED OVER!! at 4 months and 1 week old exactly you rolled over from tummy to front and have been ever since. You HATE tummy time. So i think you started rolling over to avoid it!

You still sleep alot. You defiently take after Mommy in the sleeping department. You go to bed around 8-9 usually and sleep until 7ish in the morning. then you take your first nap about 9-10ish for about 2-3 hours and then another nap about 1 or 2 for about 2-3 hours. You love to sleep in your own crib. You still have to be wrapped up tight in order to sleep all through the night, or else you wake yourself up with your hands.

You love to laugh and smile alot. We have been so blessed with such a happy calm baby!! Even as you have been teething (still no teeth) you are still as happy as can be.


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