Thursday, April 28, 2005

About Time

For a few months i have been wanting a blog, some place where I can spill out everything in my mind. Let people know who I am and what im about. Just to get down to the point, My name is Laura Cline, soon to be Laura McGee. I'm 19 and im the youngest of a four sibling family. I have two wonderful parents, who i admire and love with all my heart. My oldest sibling is my only sister Amy. She's the one that got me interested in the whole blog thing. I look up to her alot.. she's a great example. Then next in line is Adam. He's a great big brother who loves to go do stuff and its fun to join him. Josh is next and he's awesome. He's a good brother who I can enjoy going to concerts with and just hang out and not always think. Then there is me. I'm getting married in 9 days!! I'm so excited and i cant wait to say "This is my Husband" instead of "this is my boyfriend".. I cant wait to enjoy all the little moments... when i burn the dinner, or we have an arguement over nothing, or when we can just sit on the couch and do nothing but enjoy being in eachother's arms. I know there are going to be rough sea's ahead, but I am excited to experience those. I have always believed that someone cant succeed with out falling a few times along the way. Well thats a little about me, but believe me there is a whole lot more to come!


amygrendell said...

Can't wait to see what you do with this Laura. :) I think it's gonna be awesome.

Chris said...

Is that really you, or is it a commandeered picture of one Avril Lavigne?

joeloke22 said...

congratulations Laura!
hope y'all have a good wedding!


Carrie said...

Hey! You forgot to mention your wonderful and favorite sister-in-law! She's sweet, kind, funny, charming, smart and, oh, I could just keep going, but I'll stop there! :D