Monday, July 28, 2008

10 months!!!

Can you believe it? This kiddo is already 10MONTHS old today! yikes!! seriously were did the time go? only two more months until he is ONE YEAR OLD! so sad. I love how energetic he is, happy go lucky, go with the flow, loves to plull up on this and cruise the furniture, eats anything he can get in his mouth, loves table food and crawls around like a speed demon, but i do miss my tiny newborn with the newborn smell, the crossed eyes, the small little coes, always wanting to be held and cuddled, seems so long ago huh.
And this is Kason giving me a big ol' smile. He now has three bottom teeth and two top teeth that are going to pop through any minute now i swear.
anywho i have pictures at home i need to upload, Kason got his first hair cut! it was in his eyes and hanging WAY over his little ears. Also we went camping with my family. Unforuntantly logan had to work so it was just Kason and I. We had a blast and Kason loved to crawl around in the grass, eat pancakes and foil dinners and hang out and get attention! I didn't bring my camera yet again, but oh well.
Hope you are all doing well!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mcgee Look-alike Meter

So i found this on a friends blog and decided to try it out. My family thinks Kason looks like Logan's side and Logan's side thinks Kason looks like my side... so the look-alike meter was my final hope to this ever on going question-who does Kason look most like??
the answer is...

Alot of help huh? i guess he is a perfect split down the middle!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my sweet sweet happy boy...

we have truely lucked out. Kason is the most happiest baby EVER! look at him!! Seriously he is awesome. He eats well, almost anything we give him (besides mashed peas!) is perfectly content playing by himself, loves to cuddle and give wide open mouth kisses, and one of the best things, SLEEPS perfectly. wether its naps or night time he will go right down in the playpen/crib and go to sleep without any fuss. Everytime Kason goes to sleep at my parents when im there late on Sunday nights my dad always comments on how well he goes to sleep, he can't believe it.
i love it
Logan and i both fear that since we lucked out so much with Kason that our next kid will be crazy, wild, insane, and pretty much a wild child that babysitters will fear and charge extra for! lol... hope not!

Monday, July 14, 2008


my sister tagged me.
3 things...

3 joys: My family, My Friends, hobbies (so many to list!)

Fears: Being alone forever, Being at the top of a ferris wheel (i will never make kason go on one!), and scarey movies! im lame

Goals: keep my place clean, finish Kason's quiet book, finish Kason's first year scrapbook

Obsessions: taking pictures and scrapping them, swimming this summer, and summer tv

surprise facts: I threw up in Canada and Washington at the same time (middle of peace arch!!), i was completely calm about having a C-section, I can bend my tongue into a W shape.

I tag- Jamie, Amy E., and Shawna

Friday, July 11, 2008

my little artist...

A while ago i bought Crayola kids washable paint to let Kason finger paint with. Lastnight i finally broke out the paint and paper and let him go to town. At first he was sure about it. His looks was like "Mom? this isn't food" i thought he would try to eat it, but he did really well! he started smearing it all around and loved to scrap his fingernails accross the paper-making lines. he even picked it up and tried to die his hair! lol it was pretty funny.Hmm... should i eat ????
ooo its gooeey!
its all over my hands!
This is Kason's try at hair dying!

Here he is on page number two!

Also i think that Kason is going to be a lefty. For a while not i have thought that, but with this painting his left hand totally took over. He got his right hand only dirty at the very begining, but painted with his left hand the right of the time. He also grabbs everything with his left WAY more than his right. who knows?