Friday, July 29, 2005

i took this picture of myself today :P Posted by Picasa


I love the way this had turned out, funky, artsy, harsh, i just love the shadowing on the face...

but anywho.. what i wanted to write about... is the word kiss and its meaning which is: {To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection...}I think today in this world that kisses are thrown around like they nothingless, meaningless, and that they have no true value. Im not saying that everyone in the world today is so bad or anything at all, nothing nothing nothing like that! im just saying that there are people out there who dont understand or dont care about the true meaning of kissing. I was taught along time ago that kisses are like something VERY valuable.. and the more you use your kisses, the less valuable it gets.. now i dont know if i neccesarly agree with that or not.. but it kinda has a point.. i mean if one person kisses 40 guys, then kisses her future husband, will it have that much of a meaning? i dont know... i really dont and some times i wonder... im not trying to hurt feelings or trying to be like all preachy, im just spilling out my feelings, because this website is like my journal... so if anyone is getting affended im sorry, but i have opionions too though right?? but i am sorry if i hurt anyone..anywho.. back to what i was saying.. Before Logan i had kissed three different people, and when i kissed logan it was a whole different feeling of emotions, and fate, and happiness. I mean... i knew from that one little kiss that logan and i were going to be together. yeah you may think it sounds stupid or right out of a movie, but it was true.. and im happy that i had that feeling and i have that feeling every single time we kiss... i guess thats why i love the word KISS so much, the feeling you get from the one you love is not just passion, but its comfort, care, love, happiness, just all around yay! hee hee.. well i have to go to work now so you all have a great day :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Curls today...

Lastnight for some odd reason i wanted to put sponge curlers in my hair.. so my mom put them in for me, and this morning when i took them out i looked like shirly temple! the top pictures is of me right after i removed the curlers, and the bottom picture is after i fixed them and pinned some back a little... a different hairdo, but it was fun.. they eventually went flat by noon.. a little curl left, but not too much :) the curse of the pin straight hair oh well Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 25, 2005


This picture turned out weird, but then i recolored it and gave brushes to it... it turned out alot better then i thought it would i still think logan looks funny though hee hee but i like it :)! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just having some fun

I was just messing around in adobe and i ended up with this. thought id share :) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

{Just Me}

Just a picture of lil old me :)! Posted by Picasa... i took this picture on saturday before logan and i headed off to lakefair.. it was fun to just goof off with the camera... the butterfly frame is from a digital scrapbook kit on i love how it turned out.. look close.. i made it black and wihte, but kept the color of my eyes :) hee hee talk to you all later have a good day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RRRRRRRAAAAAAAEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Happy birthday Rae!! i hope turning 19 will be a fun birthday.. hope all your wonderful birthday wishes come true and you are able to have a great and very fun night girlie!! i just wanted to tell you that you have been a great and wonderful friend since 7th grade, yeah up and downs but thats what makes a friendship strong to last right??? you have been great to both Logan and I and we thank you for that.. i just wanted to tell you that i am proud of you for making decions this year that have been super hard ones for you, but you were able to do it and that makes you a strong person... HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAE-LAE hee hee LOVE LAURA-BORA


Posted by Picasa I love this.. i made it in adobe about a year ago or so, but i was looking through my files and thought that id should post it! anyways have a good day you all :)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A day of fun

Saturday was a great day, mostly just a {logan and Laura} day. we got to sleep in later then lately, went to logans company picnic, which we won an awesome colman chair for camping! so comfy! they played softball, and after wards, logan pitched to me and i hit and it was so much fun just spending time with logan like that. Then we went to costco and then home. he took a litte nap while i surfed the web, then we headed to old navy where we got some killer deals!! then off to Tug Boat Annies for some great grub! yum... calimari rings and chicken strips. it was so good... logans first time going there he liked it alot.. then we went to lake fair.. by now its like 10:30 but it was a blast, we heard some good country music, played games, and rose a few rides... it was a great day... our date night, as logan called it.. turned out wonderful!! im so glad that we had saturday together.. logans been working super late all week, friday he worked from 7am to 11:50pm... it was hard not seeing him for almost the whole week, but i know this is going to make us stronger someday, well im outie talk to you all later :)

Friday, July 15, 2005


So the other day at church for enrichment night we had a dinner and some speakers on journals.. and i was thinking... about how my family reas our great great great grandma's or grandpa's etc. and i was like {whats it going to be like when my great great great grandchildren read mine?}... wouldnt it be weird? for them to read my deep thoughts and see pictures of my through highschool and right now and just hear the ramblings of my brian? But then reading my relatives, its not weird for the one whos reading it.. its interesting to know that they have the same feelings that you have, or they enjoy the same foods etc... and how things were with out cars, or without huge skyscrappers and people rushing all day long. Sometimes i write in my journal things about me like when i was born, whos my bestfriend, fav music.. etc. so they know who i was and what i was like at that certian age.. i do it about once or twice every year hoping that they get a grasp as of who i am... and how im growing up. i've gone through 3 journals and im on my 4th... i recieved my first journal when i was 12, which i wasnt even thinking of having one at all in my life... but for me writing just the simple things down and then me now 7 years later go back and reading it.. its interesting funny, but interesting.. i think its good to use a journal.. all different kinds.. this lady who has younger kids.. she has one strictly towards the funy things her children have said. another journal that she keeps is one for each kid until they are old enough to write in it themselves.. i think its really good to do that and i would like to do that when i have children, so we both dont forget what is what and how they were n stuff... well ive made you suffer long enough :) adios!! lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

me from A to Z

Posted by Picasa This is a digital scrapbook layout i did tonight, i do realize its small, but if you click on it its larger.. this was alot of fun to do.. was inspired by a magazine ad today from my sisters... took a while and alot of thinking of 26 things about me, but i did it and im happy :)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Trying new things...

Posted by Picasa Okay so you might gag and say this is totally nasty, but this is a picture of me eating rabbit... it was raised for eating, not some pet so im not eating someones pet... Logan's mom and step-dad raise their rabbits for eating, and their friend does the same... the rabbit i tried was Gill's their friends... let me tell you i wasnt sure about it, but once i had a bite, it was SO yummy.. like i am a chicken lover and it almost beats chicken!! Through out my whole life i have had the same foods, the same surroundings etc... but going out to his parents on a farm where they raise animals (not just cows) for eatin.. like pigs, turkeys, chickens, rabbits and yes cows... i have learned to be more open to things and understand stewardship more... out there i learn more about myself and my ablities of pushing myself more and more and expanding who i am... and not fitting into one mold but into Many many different ones...

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Posted by Picasa {picture is my neice Kelby and the kittens-phoebe is the closest and Kate the farthest}
This weekend we had a pig roast at Logan's mom and step-dad's and it was a blast and i got to see my kitten-Kate. Logan hates cats and im allergic to them... so Valeen (logans mom) told me if her cat Spook had babies i could have one of the kittens and keep them at her house... (they have a farm) so Spook had a baby, not 6 or 4 or 2, but just one little kitten.. we went out and saw her when she barely had her eyes open.. she was smaller then the palm of my hand! i fell instantly inlove :)... anywho then its been a month since i seen her and from the moment we got there at 10pm on fridaynight i didnt let her go until we went to bed at midnight.. i carried her around in my sweatshirt pocket the whole night and next day... she loved it.. and then Bre (logans sister) arrived to the pigroast with a kitten also.. they found it under Nick (her husband)'s car... alone and tiny tiny tiny!! really melnourshed... so i took her in as my own and Kates sister lol even though the little girl didnt like Kate hee hee... we eventually found a name for her Phoebe (after the show friends) she's an odd lookin but cute kitten eyes larger then normal and HUGE ears lol, i carried them around in my pockets and enjoyed having a kittens for the afternoon :)... Phoebe now had a wonderful home with Jill and Ted (logans cousins) and their little daughter Alissa (who adores her!) but over all GREAT weekend!!

Friday, July 08, 2005


Posted by Picasa When i was going through my pictures i had taken when Colby was born (our nephew) i saw this one, and melted... for me it shows so much compassion, love, happiness, joy, words unspeakable... Whenever i see logan holding his new nephew or playing with the older ones, his side and my side, he never holds back his love for them... if they want a piggy back ride or play catch and he is so tired, he'll do it, even for a little minute or two, but he does it though... he is such a great compassionate guy that when we have our children i know they will be loved unconditionaly by their loving and supportive father and myself... i guess i just want to thank Logan for always being himself and not holding back feelings and happiness... Thanks Babe!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My prayers to England...

If you havnt heard the news this morning, go to ... i read this this morning {a few minutes ago} and my heart sank... whats the world coming to? Seriously... Attacks and wars, rapes, and fear... this world is becoming a hell... Lastnight i was watching a show about the Kongo, i never realized how much pain someone can feel everyday... women there are being raped and killed everyday, and not only children, but husbands who protect their children and wifes, children are dieing, and families are being distroyed... I have alwyas been one to want to go travel and run free and learn cultures, but am i going to be able to do that anymore... and still be safe?Its not even safe for one to travel form their home anymore, i mean to big cities, small cities, any kind of town can have danger in it. i mean yeah everything is dangeruous if you think about it and rationalize it until its dead, but i mean ... when is it going to stop? when are people going to realize the pain words, bombs, plain crashes, can cause to not only a person, but a family, a NATION! the worlds falling apart and i think all i can do is sit and watch... but something inside of me is screaming "MAKE A DIFFRENCE" but how? so for now all i know that will help from me is prayers... prayers for london, america, the world, every nation, every citie, every suffering child, woman, and man... not only "GOD BLESS AMERICA" but "GOD BLESS THE WORLD" please!

Two months...

two months today :) Posted by Picasa two months today that logn and i were sealed for all time and eternity! these two months have been wonderful, yeah a littl rough here and there, but all together the feeling it WONDERFUL... i'd never imagine that i would be married at 19... but i believe that now looking at it and experiencing it, i wouldnt have it any other way.. i love who i am... and i believe that i have found out who i am through Logan... he has taught me to always be myself, and have the spirit with me even more... i love him with my entire heart and i am so thankful that i have him in my life.. i wouldnt have it any other way! two months ago was the best day in my life... and each day since

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

an Aunt and her Nephew....

Posted by Picasa This is a picture of my sister n law Carrie, and our nephew Andrew... i love how this turned out because you can see the love in their eyes for eachother... Carrie is such a wonderful Aunt to all of her nieces and Nephews... I'm glad that we share a family together :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Monday, July 04, 2005


Logan and I are new Auntie and Uncle again! Collette (logans sister) had her first little baby on Saturday! Colby William finally entered the world at a whopping 9 POUNDS 7 OZ!!! this little dude is adorably huge :) On friday they tried enducing Collette all day long, nothing happened, then they did again all day saturday... finally they did a C-section and they found out why he didnt want to come out! he was comfortable and eatin when ever he wanted!! But we are all happy and so excited to have him! His hair is so dark and long!! he's a very happy and active baby too.. and New mommy and Daddy were so happy! Colby was born on Jay's (his daddy) birthday! what a present!!
Colby Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005

Me by the Numbers

Another blog lift that has been going around and around...

Ten things I do everyday:
1. kiss logan good-bye as he goes to work
2. sluggishly walk to the bathroom to shower
3. drive my car
4. Read with Addison
5. Paint with Addison
6. Make lunch
7. Check blogs
9. pray
thats only a little part of my daily life lol

Nine favorite shows of all time (I think)not in any order:
1. CSI
2. Saved by the bell :)
3. Friends
4. Quintuplits
5. Road Rules
6. I Love Lucy
7. Lost
8. Whos Line is it anyways
9. King of Queens

Eight junk food favorites:
1. Reese peanutbutter cups
2. Chips and nacho cheese dip from tostedos
3. Hershys milk chocolate
4. Chocolate CHip Cookie Dough
5. Cookies n Cream candy bar
6. Chicago Style Pizza from Papa Murphys
7. Corndogs
8. Fritos with Squeeze Cheese :)

Seven things that bug me:
1. When you want to sleep so badly and you cant just fall asleep!
2. Stupid and slow drivers
3. Liars.
4. Waiting.
5. Periods (of the non-punctuation variety).
6. Surprise attack weather (when they say sun and its rain!! lol)
7. Smelly indoor cats

Six songs I love this minute( no particular order):
1. “Eleanor"-Low Millions
2. “Collide"-Howie Day
3. "Holla Back GIrl"-Gwen Stafanie
4. “All my life" Kacey and Jo Jo
5. “Somebody's Hero"-I think by Jamie Gracen or something like that
6. “Amazed"-Lone Star (my Weddin Song :))

Five things I want:
1. To finally start running (getting my shoes tonight!!)
2. For people to mind their own business and stay out of others
3. To go camping alone with logan, not in the backyard :)
4. Go back to San Diego
*Again, not necessarily in that order, lol.

Four facts about me:
1. I'm the youngest of four kids
2. I was born in a hallway
3. I was a huge backstreet boy geek back in the day lol
4. I'm a huge bed hog! sorry logan! lol

Three wishes:
1. I wish for all my children to be healthy and strong
2. For logan and I to have our own place
3. Just to live a happy long life with my family

Two people I wish I could see again:
1. My grandpa's, Cline and Summeral-- i miss them alot, i was thirteen when they passed away nad i really wish that my memories of them would all come back clearly
2.Christ and Heavenly Father!--- the day will come and i cant wait to stand next to them again

One thing I’m looking forward to:
1. Living my Life