Friday, June 30, 2006

flying by...

can you believe tomorrow is JULY? whoa! where did april and may go? lol its already half the year and i cant believe it... wow.. amazing how fast tiem can go by! anyway its early and i have to get to work but i feel bad not putting pictures up n stuff on here. i would but i left my camera at my parents house in washington good thing ill be there in a few days!


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


i am so tired! after work today i started to feel so sick on the way home so i just picked up little ceaser 5 buck pizza, im not cooking! lol i can barely keep my eyes open long enough to write this, let alone eat lol.. i went to bed early lastnight too oh well... lol

anywho this is what our little one looks like :) 8 weeks :) i didnt think they were this developed already... it amazes me!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

whats up

not a whole lot here... excited to go back home to Washington for a week! yay! thanks mom and dad!! anywho... just chillin here at home.. not much else to do. yesterday logan and i went garage saling.. not much there though well we did end up going about noon though.. logan donated plasma and after all that it was later than we thought so we drove around just incase... got a brand new once used bread maker for 8 bucks! the lady is moving to europe and cant take it with her.. lucky us! lol anywho well thats all we found.. then we went drivin around, and went and saw "just my luck" at the dollar theater, cute movie. anywho well better be going. see ya! (i did this layout the other day, i got a new action for my photos makes them look super cool lol)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


YUP! we're preggo!! im sure all of you who read this already know but ihave to post! hee hee!! so way excited!! im going to be a momma!! :) feb 7 we are pretty sure but i have my appointment for sure july 20th, the soonest they had! GEEZE! utah and preggo's! lol :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hey guys!! sorry its been FOREVER since i updated... been busy! tomorrow mornin we are off to washington! im so excited! lastnight logan and i spent hours really cleaning out the apartment.. de-junking it... its looking so nice!! :) im going to be very happy to come home to a clean place! anywho... not much else going on though.. just working, and hanging out. have you ever felt like theres not enough time in the day? i feel like almost all the time... its not fun! lol.. anywho well i better be going i know this is so short, but its 7:00 i just printed our boarding passes and we need to go off to work... see youall sooN! (thats a picture the other day after a lighting storm!)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE'RE COMING BACK TO WASHINGTON TO VISIT IN ONLY TWO WEEKS! Logan's dad called us today, and he bought the airline tickets and everything!! June 15th-June19th baby!! im so so excited!! how amazing is this!!! we were thinking end of June to Mid July we would be coming out, but he wanted it to be Father's day weekend! im so excited!! hee hee anywho just wanted to share our happy news!! :) and OH!! lastnight Briana, logan's sister called us... she's pregnant!! WAY EXCITED!! this makes number 14 for Logan and I, in the nephew and neice category! Carrie is due September 12 and we are so excited!!! i cant wait to see my little nephew!! :) but i have to wait until November grrr. lol hee hee anywho well talk to you all later!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

check me out! lol

I finished up a package of Doodle Frames to sell at !!! already sold some of my other products! im way excited! :) anywho... i got back the pictures from the water park... hee hee they are SO funny! lol i didnt think about getting them on CD, but maybe ill go back to the store and get them on cd. we took them with a dispolsable water proof camera... anywho ill try to share them soon. mean while here is a sample of what i just made to sell :)