Tuesday, August 28, 2007

crazy kid.

Today is Ethan's birthday! (the little boy i nanny) HOLY COW!! i can't believe he is 5!!! i know i have only watched him for 6 months now but it has seemed longer, in a good way. he is so full of engery and love i love it! he is such a great helper too!! each day he helps me pick things up, take care of the babies, and of course give hugs to baby kason in my tummy! i think he is more excited about me having a baby than anyone else! :)
I love this picture of him! total ethan!! happy 5th birthday buddy!! hope its the best!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello there

wow it has been a while. sorry about that. not a whole lot going on here. tomorrow i will be...

crazy!! i can't believe that i am this far along already!!! Women usually go into labor anywhere from 37week and so on...! crazy! I am really going to be a parent? insane right? lol no comments! anywho.. well Logan offically started his new job today! YAY! he now works in Tacoma which is 30 minutes closer and he now works from 7am-3pm instead of 3pm-until whenever they let him go, usually 2am! crazy!! so im happy we will be seeing eachother again!! exciting! Im happy too because i wasnt too kean on working all day long and coming home wtih baby Kason and doing it all alone and not having logan spend that time with Kason as well. He would only have weekends with him, and i didnt want that. Thats what my dad worked as i grew up for the most part and i didnt like it. missed him. so this new job sounds a whole lot better.

Also cannot forget Saturday was Alec's Birthday!!! i cant believe he turned 9!! insane!!!

hope it was a great birthday buddy!! we love you!!! and today is Gracie's birthday!!
hope you are having a great birthday!! i can't believe you are 6 already and going into first grade!! we love you!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

bitter sweet.

this weekend we said good bye to Oreo. I know he was only a hamster, but i am a HUGE animal lover and it was super hard to say goodbye, even though i knew it was going to happen soon. a few weeks ago Oreo had something wrong with his eye, it was scabbed over like it got infected. i found out on the internet how to treat it, and it was healing. well this last week we have been staying at logan's dad's house, house sitting. on wednesday i went over and did somethings at our place and fed the animals and checked on Oreo, well thats when i discovered he had wet tail. Wet Tail is terminal for hamsters. once they get it, its only a matter of time until they die. Oreo died shortly after and im pretty sure it was in his sleep. we found him in his favorite spot in the corner all curled up in a ball. i will miss him, but like the title says its bitter sweet. Its sad that he died, but now he is no longer in pain. i like to think he's in hamster heaven :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

in a better place.

my sister just messaged me and told me that this morning James E. Faust, 2nd coounselor in the First Presidency of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. otherwise known as mormons or LDS.
I do not personally know him, but i have listened to his words of faith, hope, education, love, and inspirations as long as i can remember. Luckily logan and I have had a few times where we were able to listen to his couceling in person. He always seemed to speak straight from his heart. It is sad to know he is no longer with us here on earth, but a great feeling to know he is back with our Heavenly Father in Heaven. He no longer suffers from illness. He will be looking over us from now on. Please keep a special place in your heart and prayers for his family. To comfort, and ease their pain. i know they have a great understanding of where he is and that must be a great comfort, but i am sure they are still sad and will forever miss him.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

how i wish...

that i would get away falling sleep anywhere id like too.
this is little miss Addie last week. Mid bottle curled up on the floor, out like a light. now this is not unusual for this girl. she has fallen asleep countless places: highchairs, boppy (laying upside down) in the corner of the room, against the baby gate, pretty much anywhere and i love it cause she is so stinkin cute :)

not too much going on. Had another dr. appointment today which gave me some relief. Lastnight i realized i hadn't felt Kason move all day. so i tried to get him to move and he wouldn't. Finally at 1am he moved after i poked my belly with a flashlight for 30 minutes. after a few movements i fell asleep and then this morning he wasnt moving much at all. so at my appointment they monitored me and his heart beat, and guess what.. as soon as we got there he decided to move around like a crazy man! this kid is already driving me nuts! lol too stubborn. wants to move when he feels like it and now when i need him too lol.i guess my payback is already in gear.

Yesterday i made the CUTEST onsie for Addie. Well its one of her onsies that i stitched on. it says in pink lettering, SHE'S MY NANNY and some flowers with button centers! i love it!! and hopefully people wont be stupid and ask if all three kids are mine anymore. lol i doubt it.

well have a great day! im excited to head up to Puyullap again this week to babysit for Amy and play with the kiddos and cuddle with miss Hannah aka nanners :) :) adios!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

8 months!!

thats right ladies and gents!! i am 8 months preggo!! :) how exciting is that??? and here are some pictures to share with you. Amy took them this weekend and my cousin, Jennifer's wedding. yes i am actually that big, and getting bigger! lol i have no idea how i do it lol :)