Saturday, February 25, 2006


HEY EVERYONE I FINALLY DID IT!! HERE ARE PICTURES FOR MY APARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note: coloring is off a little, but im super tired to fix it again! lol so hopefully its okay. Bathroom and small hallway not shown!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Flat Stanley

Okay so Connor sent me this little guy he colored named FLAT STANLEY. In his Second grade class they read a book about this boy named Stanley and one night in bed he had a dream that his bullentin board fell on him and made him Flat. So he did all these wonderful things and even mailed himself to a friend in California. So his class all made a Flat Stanley of their own and sent it off to a friend or a family to take pictures of him and then send him and the pictures back so they can display it in the classroom. This is my first picture for Connor. I thought these magnets from Target's Dollar Spot would be fun for a picture. Anywho still cleaning and organizing, really wanting to get pictures up tonight, might be tomorrow!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Long time

Sorry guys ive been running around so busy lately!! anywho i hope all of you are doing great! my new job is wonderful! i love my family i am working for, they are just so wonderful and nice... makes me feel so comfortable. Logan loves his new job as well... its exciting to see him come home happy and on time for a change!! So life is going great, and only two weeks from today my mom is coming down! YAY!! Im so excited! wow can you believe that Connor turned 8! and Halie turned 7! wow i feel old!! Then in March Maegan turns 4 and Matthew turns 7! i feel like im too young to have nephews and neices that old!! Then My sister has her birthday then I have mine and then my mom has hers! Wow March is SUPER UBER BUSY! I cant believe im going to be the big 2 0!!! two Decades baby! lol anywho... oh in the scrapbooking world look what i made! I made these flower doodles and going to sell them at im so excited!!

Well anywho its late im tired and i need sleep! good thing i dont work tomorrow! YAY!! Oh and if i get everything to the way i want it tomorrow i will take pictures of my apartment and show them off!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hey There

Happy Valentines day everyone!! Hope it was great! Anywho made these LO's of my Great-Grandparents... for christmas my sister and brother n law made a cd of their my grandparents recordings, THEY LOVED MUSIC! and my grandfather told stories of when he was a child n such. Anywho it really got me thinking and emotional so i had to scrap something of them!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

been so long...

Sorry everyone, its been a long time.. oops :) hee hee anywho whats up? i started my new job as Emily's nanny (a ltitle girl who is one) wow and she is amazing! i love this girl and her parents are fantastic. I am truely blessed to be able to work with them and get to know them. Logan started his new job on Wednesday and LOVES IT! he is the project manager at a warehouse that is kinda like a third party legistics.. anywho he is in charge of this fantastic scrapbook company and he packages and sends out all their orders to stores n such. check it out! Amy you would love this stuff! anywho.. just chillin and cleaning up the apartment today. Oh! im so excited my mom is coming out on March 9-14th! im so happy! it sucks being so far away so this will be so much fun! anywho well here are some scrap pages i have done and im way excitd about :) talk to you all later!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dirty Game...

First off I just want to state that im not a huge football fan. I mean I'll watch a game here or there. I only watch the Super Bowl is because of the junk food and comercials. Yes im from washington and i was pretty excited when my home team made it to the Super Bowl, but if i had missed it i would have been perfectly fine. I'll admit im still learning alot about the game, but I know enough to understand where there is a dirty game going on, and last nights Super Bowl XL was a very dirty game. The only reason why the Steelers won is because of those Refs, who were clearly not liking the SeaHawks team for some reason. Im not just saying this because SeaHawks are my home team, i Mean i know Steeler Fans that even said that the made Crappy Calls all over the game. There were points that SeaHawks should have recieved and points that the Steelers should not have recieved. I have to say of all the games i have watched, this one made me sick. How could those Refs get away with such dirty acks? I hope they understand that they pretty much cheated the rightful team of winning. Steelers, yes they are a good team, heck they made it to the Super Bowl, and yes the SeaHawks were the underdog, but admit it everyone... They have a better team... Not just talent wise, but look how humble they can be, and how they dont trash talk every single chance they open their mouths... but the Steelers trash talk the entire game! And what about the pregame show? 90% of that was only Steelers! And all the Team Related Comericals they showed, 95% of that was all about the Steelers... so they game looked rigged from the start... i could be wrong, it would not be the first time, and i would apologize, but it sure looked dirty to me... anywho well i do have to go, enough about the Super Bowl.. i have to say i did make prettu good food though! hee hee anywho have a great day!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Act Of Kindness...

So this picture is old, Last September (2004) but i was sorting through my pictures and this made me think of the simple act of kindness. My friends and i went out to the beach and we got stuck, sad i know but it happened. We sat there struggeling, Grant and Fernanda and Stephanie trying to get me out, not working as well as we would have hoped. People drove by and saw us struggeling, then a car stopped. Not the most buffest people, or young, but they stopped and they helped, with out then we would have sat for a while. I dont know their names, where they live, or if i would ever in my entire life see them again, but i am very thankful for them. Since then i try to do simple things out of kindness. Like getting the door forsomeone, picking up something they dropped. Doing extra diapers so my co-worker doesnt have to as much. Something people are happy that you do that for them and it only takes a few simple seconds. So just a random though of the day... help someone out you see at the supermarket, work, or just in your own home. :)