Tuesday, August 24, 2010

keeping busy

wow this summer has been going fast! We are sure keeping ourselves busy and enjoying the beautiful weather we finally got.
Since we moved we have:

-Been going to swimming lessons 2 times a week. Kason is not old enough to do lessons alone so him and I go together and we swim. The teacher is not as good as i would like but she did help us the first few times we were there. Its super cheap at the public pool in bremerton (which they are closing due to budget cuts! BOOO) so Kason will not be able to take lessons there when he turns 3 like i had hoped for!

But he is doing AMAZINGLY well! He LOVES to go under the water. He will hold on my back and i will swim around and go under for a few seconds and back up and back down and he just laughs and loves it. He also can swim a few feet alone. But he does SUPER well with a noodle and will swim the whole pool with me by himself! YAY!

-We go to playgroups once a week with gals from church. I love our ward SO SO much! Kason loves all his little friends and they play and play all afternoon for hours. Its nice to get out and enjoy the weather and have picnics!

-Free movies! The regal cinemas have free movies each week and we go to them when we can. Kason is doing much better in movies and loves to sit and watch them now.

-READING! Holy cow! Kason is a book worm! he will sit and look at books for hours and loves LOVES me to read to him! His absolute favorite books are DR. Seuss! We have 9 now (our goal is to get all of them by his b-day, i find them at value village for 69cents! score) We have been participating in the libraries summer reading program. Kids read or get read to for 10 hours and they get a free book, ticket to the kitsap fair, and entered in a drawing. Well we finished that and they said if we complete it again (another 10hours) he gets to go to a special party for kids that do 20 hours. Well we are 30minutes from that goal (which we will finish tomorrow) so im excited for Kason to have fun at the library!

-Seattle Trips. We have gone to Seattle twice since moving to Bremerton. Kason and I hop on a bus and then on the ferry. Kason LOVES the bus and the BIG BOAT as he calls it. He also tells everyone he fixes the boat.. lol. We spent a day in July with Clara and the kids before they moved to NC. (the family i use to nanny) and then last week we joined Amy and the kids (my sister) at the science center. Kason absoultly loved it! He also got to ride the monorail which was tons of fun. He loves to watch Chuggington (a train show on preschool disney) and calls trains Chuggingtons. He told Logan he road a "Chuggington in the sky" and was super excited about it!!

-He has been talking up a storm. I have gotten several comments from strangers telling me how well he talks for his age :) he is a chatter box (logan claims its from the Cline side lol)

-As mentioned Kason LOVES Dr. Seuss and LOVES the Cat in the Hat movie (the new one from 03 i think?) anywho i asked him if he wanted a Mickey Mouse party (loves him too) or a Cat movie party (what he calls cat in the hat- cat movie) and he choose Cat movie. The next day he randomly asked me if he can have a Dr. Seuss party! Im all for it! i have many ideas and its going to be super fun and awesome! yay

-As you can see we have been a bit busy and loving summer in the city this year. We do miss the farm life too though. Kason has missed being able to play outside and run around everywhere instead of having to drive to parks to do so, but its nice we do have a small playground at our apartments though!

-ALSO! i am going to be doing a flea market type thing this saturday in Tumwater selling my jewlery and hopefully some sewing stuff. I'm sharing a booth with a great friend of mine who restores furniture and sews too! super excited! i think it will be tons of fun! yay.

-We got callings at church a few weeks back. Logan and I are both nursery leaders! Its actually alot of fun and i really like us doing it together. We have about 13-20 kids depending on the sunday. 18months-3 yrs! I wasnt sure about being in there with Kason. He has always done so well without us and with us i didnt want him getting jealous with us being with/holding other kids and playing with them, but he is great and plays with the other kids and doesnt hang on us!

well thats all i can think of right now... i have pictures to post.. hopefully i will be able to do that soon.