Tuesday, August 23, 2005

OFF TO UTAH BABY!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Time Flys!!

Posted by Picasa I was just looking around my photos and found this... Maegan in March 2004... holy cow! can you all believe this! over a year ago... it seems like yesterday this was taken. Time has really flown by and its so unreal... i mean Connor is going into 2nd grade, Halie is 1st along with Matthew. Grace is turning 4 and Maegan is 3 going on 20... Andrew is already past 1... i feel old! lol okay okay im 19 but still! wow!! and honestly it seems like this afternoon was my wedding day and its been over 3 months! Amy and Eric have been married for 9 and Adam and Carrie are going on what 5? HOLY COW!!! time really flys and really makes you stop and think.. what am i doing? will i look back in 2 years and wonder why i didnt take the time to play with the kids for 5 minutes or why didnt i loosen up a little.. HAVE FUN EVERYONE!! the world has become so fast these days that you hardly get to see anyone anymore let alone talk to someone for more then 5 minutes with out having to be rushed off for something... is there an island with a tiki hut for rent?? im up!! lol... i just wish i could relax... Utah here i come... just 6 days til im on a plane to go! im excited... while jamie and amy are at work ill relax, walk around... and guess what CUT MY HAIR! yay!! im excited! lol... anywho well its late, logans cranky, and my pillow is singing a sweet song for me.. talk to you later!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

List of Three's

Posted by PicasaList of Three's Found this on Denise’s blog so I thought I'd add it to mine.

3 Screen Names You've Had:
1. Dwarfypunk4 (current)
2. FrostedFlake2004 (2 years ago dont know why 04 though wrong year)
3. BlueDimplez (first screen name ever!)

3 Things You Like About Yourself:
1. My Blue Eyes
2. My dimples
3. The way my feet look with flipflops and an anklet (lol)

3 Things You Don't Like About Yourself:
1. my height, 5’ 2” is a little short about about 5’5”???
2. How loud i can be lol
3. I stress way to easy

3 Parts of Your Heritage:
1. Good ness, only 3 im like heinz 57! but german
2. Irish
3. Norweigen

3 Things That Scare You:
1. Being alone forever
2. Loosing Logan
3. Loosing a child

3 Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1. Computer (blog, 2peas, petfinder)
2. SLEEP! :)
3. Being with Logan

3 Of Your Favorite Songs:
1. All my Life- Kacey and Jo Jo
2. dont know the name but its by Relient K
3. Cant think of a certian one right now... um...

3 Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. Trust
2. Friendship
3. Passion

2 Truths, 1 Lie (which one is the lie?):
1. I want 5 kids
2. I want a dog named Jack
3. I love fish

3 Things You Can't Do Without:
1. Internet, email, etc...
2. Family
3. My Camera

3 Places You Want to go on Vacation:
1. Europe (Paris, Ireland, Italy etc.)
2. San Diego, CA

3 Things You Just Can't Do:
1. Sing on Key
2. Math
3. do more then 2 things at a time.. it just dont work
3 Kids Names: (none yet, but the names we like...)
1. Ann Elizabeth
2. Kason Fitzgerald
3. Cadence Valeen

3 Celebrity Crushes:
1. Orlando Bloom
2. Ethan (from survivor africa i belive.. he own though and hes hot! lol)
3. um.. the guy from National Treasure, not Nicolas Cage, but the geeky one lol
3 People You Want to Know These Things About:
1. Amy (my sister)
2. rae (already know though lol)
3. Logan (be fun to see what he says lol)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I love this picture, and i always wonder how wonderful would it be to wake up every morning and look out your window and thats what you see? for me that would be one of my dreams. Maybe not to live there, but to at least visit there. I want to go explore so many idfferent places, but paris and ireland would be top on my list. It would be so beautiful, and amazing to see so many different things not on paper or a computer screen, but to be able to touch it and feel it, and to breath the air and actually be right there in that single moment and just take in the beauty and wonder Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Just a little here and a little there

a LO i did of myself a while ago... just thought id share.. i liked how it turned out :) on another note.. updates of this week... which has been busy!! Wednseday was so much fun. Rae and i went out ot dinner to OLIVE GARDEN (gotta love that place!) and then we hit up the WORLD MARKET and peaked around. Thursday i cant recall anything out rageously awesome happening though... believe it was just a normal day. Friday Logan and i went out to dinner with Rae, Corey, Travis, Dan, Grant and Elizabeth to Brewery City Pizza. It was alot of fun!! then logan and i had some coldstone later that night, yummy!!! Then Mr. Brad Williams graced us with his presence! lol.. Brad came over and we all stayed up until 2am.. which is funny cause the boys crashed before i did! when logan was saying i wouldnt make it past midnight! lol great times! Saturday started off fun! we all went out to lunch to wendys (Rae, Corey, Jamie, Brad, Logan and I. that was super fun to see Jamie again and only 9 more days until i go down to UTAH for a WEEK!! im so excited!!! Then after WEndy's Rae, Corey and I went up to IKEA!! OH MAN!! IKEA!! love love love love love IKEA!! the ride up was a blast! listening to way old music from when we were younger and just goofing off and singing way way off key!! love it! Then late that night Logan and i went and saw WAR OF THE WORLDS... its an okay movie... they hsould have ended it al ittle before they actually did.. if you have seen it you know what im talking about, and of those who will see it... you will easily figure it out. anywho well... sunday was great. My grandparents came down and we had a nice lunch/dinner and Amy and ERic had gotten home on saturday so it was good to see all of them again! they had a great time on their vacation. Anywho well.. i better be going though.. at work... but i really wanted to write in here since it has been a while and i was feeling bad! lol anywho catch you soon! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Long or Short hair???

Okay i need help here... (right pic) this is me last year when i cut my hair (left pic) this is me last month... should i go back? right now its right past my shoulders... im at a lost... i dunno... help me here! anyone advice?? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 07, 2005

this is a scrapbook page that i did tonight.. i love the way it turned out :) fun fresh and just cool!! :) anywho talk to you later Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 05, 2005

im doing my first CIRCLE JOURNAL for scrapbooking :) at 2peas! im so excited.. this is my cover :) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Fishy Prize

{note: the fish are not being flushed.. they are going into their fish bowl which is placed on top of my tolite) I won them at the fair :)!! wow im so cool hee hee..i have been wanting to play this game for so long! the one where you try to toss a ping pong ball into a fish bowl and if you make it you get a gold fish (which most of them are silver lol) so lastnight was $ night at the thurston county fair, so rae, corey, logan, and myself went and rode the rides for a buck each and played a few games... Corey kept wining the fish.. and i played got nuttin, played again and logan, corey, and I all got a fish :) i was so happy!! i named the big one (which is like alsmost 2 inches or more long!! THURTSTON, the tiny one: GYNORMUS, and the other one Ladel (like the spoon, i just love the way the word sounds lol)... well anywho it was so much fun lastnight im glad we were able to get out and have some fun... on a sadder note... i just want to express my feelings towards Chris N.'s Family... Im sorry for your loss and logan and i are always here for you. Each of you are in our prayers. We both love you all so much..  Posted by Picasa


This is Lower Lewis Falls... and it fantastic... this is probably the best picture to show you and explain how it is... there is a brim around the pool that is about a foot to two feet deep and then it drops off into deep deep water... the water falls are so awesome.. you can swim under one of them and then up into like a cavern and then dive through the water fall on the far right hand side... so awesome!! i am in love! :) ..
This is my new CTR ring i got on our girls day out saturday... i love it.. ive always wanted a thumb ring and i finally got one that i absoultly love!! fits perfect, never too loose or too tight.. and it looks so SWEET!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

{Up date}

So it has been a few days since i have posted anything on here... Logan and i are at his Dad's house, house sitting... its fun to have a place to ourselves for a little bit.. alot of fun. They have this HUGE bathtub thats as deep as my hottub, and it even has jets! omg i so was in the bath lastnight for a long time! lol... my escape! hee hee... On Saturday Adam and Carrie and Logan and I went to Lower Lewis Falls.. that place is awesome! my #1 spot in Washington! ill post pictures soon i promise! it is so awesome there!! and so much fun! we were diving off rocks through a water fall! Sunday we went up to my Grandparents in Poulsbo for a get together, which was fun! Logna and i really enjoyed ourselves. Wegot to drive his dads sports car VEERRRROOOOMMMM!! dang i like that car lol... I only have like a month left at my work.. with a big break in the end of august. This summer has been a real eye opener for me... I mean growing up with my mom having the job she has, i have always been around citizens with Mental and Physical disablities, but to actual take care of a child with autusim, really makes you look at the world in a whole new way. Addison, is a wonderful child, who i envy. He looks at everything with passion, and curosity. He has love for everyone around him, and he doesnt judge you if you have a bad hair day, or you trip and fall, or if you have food on the lip. He's a great kid, and i wish everyone in the world could have the passion and the love for life like him :)... he has taught me alot... patients is one! everyone knows i do not have patients what so ever, but working with him, has really helped me out, and i am very happy that he screams, yells, slams doors, and refuses half the things i suggest for the day, because those moments are what makes me stronger as a person and will make me more perpared as a mother in a few years. On August 24, im flying to Utah to visit Jamie and Amy for a week, and i am so excited! its going to be so much fun, and i am excited to go on a plane again! i love them hee hee... but im sure going to miss Logan though. A whole week with out him.. in all honestly since we started to date until this day today... we have never been apart for more then a few days... a WHOLE WEEK!! wow! im really going to miss him so much, but i know i can do it! :) i love oyu babe!... well anywho... i should be going im at work now... but ill write soon with pictures.. maybe tonight... whenever i get home! talk to you later gator!