Tuesday, August 02, 2005

{Up date}

So it has been a few days since i have posted anything on here... Logan and i are at his Dad's house, house sitting... its fun to have a place to ourselves for a little bit.. alot of fun. They have this HUGE bathtub thats as deep as my hottub, and it even has jets! omg i so was in the bath lastnight for a long time! lol... my escape! hee hee... On Saturday Adam and Carrie and Logan and I went to Lower Lewis Falls.. that place is awesome! my #1 spot in Washington! ill post pictures soon i promise! it is so awesome there!! and so much fun! we were diving off rocks through a water fall! Sunday we went up to my Grandparents in Poulsbo for a get together, which was fun! Logna and i really enjoyed ourselves. Wegot to drive his dads sports car VEERRRROOOOMMMM!! dang i like that car lol... I only have like a month left at my work.. with a big break in the end of august. This summer has been a real eye opener for me... I mean growing up with my mom having the job she has, i have always been around citizens with Mental and Physical disablities, but to actual take care of a child with autusim, really makes you look at the world in a whole new way. Addison, is a wonderful child, who i envy. He looks at everything with passion, and curosity. He has love for everyone around him, and he doesnt judge you if you have a bad hair day, or you trip and fall, or if you have food on the lip. He's a great kid, and i wish everyone in the world could have the passion and the love for life like him :)... he has taught me alot... patients is one! everyone knows i do not have patients what so ever, but working with him, has really helped me out, and i am very happy that he screams, yells, slams doors, and refuses half the things i suggest for the day, because those moments are what makes me stronger as a person and will make me more perpared as a mother in a few years. On August 24, im flying to Utah to visit Jamie and Amy for a week, and i am so excited! its going to be so much fun, and i am excited to go on a plane again! i love them hee hee... but im sure going to miss Logan though. A whole week with out him.. in all honestly since we started to date until this day today... we have never been apart for more then a few days... a WHOLE WEEK!! wow! im really going to miss him so much, but i know i can do it! :) i love oyu babe!... well anywho... i should be going im at work now... but ill write soon with pictures.. maybe tonight... whenever i get home! talk to you later gator!

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