Monday, July 19, 2010

Dentist Trip

Back in the start of June Kason had his second dentist appointment, his first he was only 18months old, so i was excited for this one because he knew more and understood alot more of what was going on.
he did great and opened his mouth after bribes of toys from the cool treasure chest! no cavities and everything looked great! yay!!
he got two toothbrushes which he loves. One i bought which is electric and its a firetruck it was only 5 bucks at the dr. office so i sprung for it :) and the other is just bright colors. He loves to brush his own teeth and not let me do it, so the electric one is nice so i can get in and out quick and get a good job of it! yay

Fair rides

in the beginning of June Shelton, wa had Forest Festival so i decided to take Kason and let him ride a couple rides, he loved it of course.
i went ahead and let him pick a few to ride, of course he picked the quads right away and then an airplane ride. It was great to see him so happy and proud of himself! He loved sitting all by himself like a big kid and waving as he went by!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anniversary campout!

Each year for our anniversary we go camping.
We have done this since our 2nd anniversary and will continue it, we really enjoy the time out in the middle of nowhere just us.
We are trying to go to a new place each year so this year we went to this year we went to Grayland beach state park. Its near west port. it was great! the weather was to be horrible and we were not too sure about it but we went and it actually wasn't bad. it was cold at night and rained but during the day it was breezy and sunny!
Kason LOVES the beach and it was only a small walk from our campsite.
we explored West port and went out for dinner to a yummy place for lunch/dinner.
Then we walked down on the fishing boat docks and feed seagulls and seals! they were so close it was crazy!! Kason loved it and had a great time.
i really cannot believe its been 5 YEARS! crazy!! its been alot of ups and downs, full of love laughter and tears, but through it all there is nothing i would have changed. I LOVE YOU LOGAN!
they kept swimming by, i think they wanted food like fish and not the frys we had lol
the seals were so close to the docks it was crazy!! i never been this close to them before
our happy family
it really was beautiful on the beach, cold though!
The momma seals bring their babies up to the beach and leave them for days while they go hunt for food. I think its the park rangers or volunteers or someone official come and rope off the seal so no one can harm it and get ran over or something. the momma will come back in a few days and bring the baby back. i zoomed WAY in to get this beautifully blurry picture (yes its alive)

alot to catch up on

So i know its been a long time since my last post, but believe me alot has happened and ive been so busy!!
in the middle of June we made the decision to move out of Matlock and closer to Logan's work in Bremerton. We stayed with my Grandpa and Grandma Martinson for 2 weeks and then got into a small apartment 5 minutes from logans work in a great community called Manette. We actually really like it here alot. We decided to only get a 1 bedroom (about 650sq) to cut down on costs n such because our plan is to be out late this fall and be moving in our own home! so we are hoping on that.
So i am finally able to load pictures and everything and do some posts so here is for some overload on posts!