Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So i finally uploaded pictures of Kason eating peas. It was pretty funny. He made the same faces that his daddy makes when he eats peas! lol Just like daddy i guess. After about 10 bites he started to like them and stop making horriable gagging faces! lol
First bite, doesnt he look impressed? lolThe result of the first bite. not too thrilled.
After about 10 bites. He started to show progress! lol
Our happy boy!! This was yesterday his offical 4 month mark! how cute is he? and he is a big boy in his highchair! insane!!
I gave him a ball to see if he would play with it. i didnt think he would, but after a few minutes Logan grabbed the camera, shoved it in my hands and said "look!"
He would hit it with his hands, sending it accross the tray and then laugh. then he would try to do it again!
He would try to pick it up.
Intense in play! i can already tell our little boy is going to love to have fun!!!
hope everyone is having a great day. no snow. which was nice to drive to work without having to deal with all the people on the road who have no idea what they are doing. thats prolly why they close school for an inch of snow here! lol

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

This morning as i am slowly getting ready for work i get a text message from Clara saying "ethan doesnt have school today, just to let you know" so im trying to run through my head thinking which holiday it is, and i realize it isnt one. so i text back saying "okay, why?" and i get the text back just saying "snow" i walk to Kason's room and look out the window, snow everywhere! i love snow, but this morning i was tired, lazy and already running late, why snow? lol. The roads weren't horriable, but they were a bit icy. I took the kids out this morning to play in the snow, they loved it. Kason was all bundled up in his snow clothes and in the stroller so i could keep chasing after miss Addie. here is a couple pictures.

also today is Kason's 4 MONTH MARK!!!! wow 4 months already?? INSANE!

how cute is kason??? he looked like the kid from the Christmas Story all bundled up.

when it started to melt away. weather man calls for more tonight, we will see.

Going Home...

Yesterday Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. He is finally home with his wife in Heaven. Prayers to his family. Click below for the news report from LDS.ORG


I hope everyone is having a great day. Snowed here. :) yay!

Friday, January 25, 2008

the biggest loser continues...

We have offically completed 3 full weeks!!! half way there! yay!! there have been many times i wanted to just give up, but im glad i havn't. I have lost 9 pounds total! yay go me!!! and all together we have all lost 38 pounds i think... as my sister said "thats a Maegan!" dang we are good!! im only 3 points from being in first!! Hopefully this week i can kick butt! lol.
well not too much else going on. Kason is yet again SICK! he was just getting over his congestion crap, brochulatis (spelling that totally wrong) and then yesterday he got the Flu. GREAT! There are days i think of putting him in a bubble for the rest of his life. He could be Kason the Bubble Boy! Hows that sound? yeah i know, i wont, thats no life to live.
Anywho.. we went to his doctors today to make sure it was anything worse because the nurse suggested it might be. No worries its not, but while we where there i talked to our doctor, who we love, about starting Kason on food. He is always eyeing our food, even has reached for it a few times. Making eating dinner with him on my lap alot harder now. Anywho we get to start him on VEGGIES!! yay! our little man is getting big!! the reason we are starting on Veggies and not ceral is because Kason has issues with pooping. He is severly constapated all the time. He is on a daily laxativ that helps, but he still has issues. A while back i tried a bit of Oatmeal in his formula to help him sleep, it did help him sleep but he got super constapated on just a little bit while he was on his laxativ!!! so she said to go ahead and just do the Veggies, start with green and work into orange, then do some fruits. NO BANANA'S since he has issues already. So hopefully he likes it and will start getting fuller and loving it.
Well not much else to say. No pictures sorry. i need to scan some scrap layouts and stuff from his baby books. will try to do that sooner or later.
well have a great day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

life in general

Time has really been going by quick. Kason will be four months on the 28th. seriously where has the time gone? It seems that i am so wrapped up in wordly things like movies, getting the house clean, scrapbooking, errands, etc. etc. that i miss all Kason's little moments. But really i dont. i am always there with him. Holding cuddeling, kissin, huggin, and encouraging him to grow and explore his little world. It just seems that time is going by so quickly that i am missing out on this with him, but in all honesty and when i sit and think about everything im not. Im just being a paranoid mommy.

things have been busy around here. Logan has started school and loves it, but hates all the homework. Seriously they give tons, but thats college i guess. I was always told that you should have an hour of homework a night from each class. Well he has 3 classes, but they sure are giving more than one hour of homework. He has essay's regularly from two classes and math everynight. He;s doing great though. makes time for his homework and Kason and myself. great guy!

Kason is yet again sick. i seriously think he has been NOT been sick maybe 3 weeks total since he was born. he just keeps getting nasty colds. Dude i have no idea why. we steralize his binky's, bottles, etc. maybe he is just a kid who gets sick alot. hopefully this will build up his immune system for when he gets older.

Updates on Kason:
As of last week:
he weighed: 13lbs 1oz.
Age: 3.5 months
he laughs
rolls from tummy to back
almost rolls from back to tummy
tries to scoot. makes it about 6-12inches in about a couple minutes.
Sits for about 10 seconds by himself!! then he tips forward lol
He is just amazing!!

Im doing good on the biggest loser. lost 5lbs last week and a couple more this week, but as of this morning i am at the same weight as when i lost the 5lbs... dont know.. been eating the same and excerising.. oh well.
here are some pictures of kason!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

i wanna be...


yup thats right everyone. I wanna be the biggest loser.

We all know or atleast heard of the show "biggest loser" right? the one where overweight people try to win money by being the biggest loser-meaning losing the most weight but also having a healthy new way of living.
Well my sister Amy, told us all about the biggest loser, but doing it with family. So After a few weeks of talking about it, getting the rules, and pigging out, we have offically started the biggest loser as of this morning.

This is good. I need to lose weight, but not only that but gain a better life style. I wanna be able to keep up with Kason when he starts running around. I really just want to be healthy.

The biggest loser is not just about loosing weight. its also about eating better, getting sleep, exercising, and drinking water.

Now we all had to step on the scale this morning to get our offical weight. and our goal is to loose 7% of our totaly body weight. My goal looks good. I believe i can do this. I want to do this. I want to be healthy, but also i wanna win the money too.

Oh yah, theres money!! lol we are all putting in 10bucks each. the one at the end with the most points wins!!

I really would like the money to buy new clothes that fit!! :)

Now the funny thing... why is this image so scarey?

so why is that so scary? Standing there not wanting to look down to see how much you weigh. At least for me it sucks. oh well something to get over and hopefully the next few times i look down the numbers will be lower and lower!