Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

This morning as i am slowly getting ready for work i get a text message from Clara saying "ethan doesnt have school today, just to let you know" so im trying to run through my head thinking which holiday it is, and i realize it isnt one. so i text back saying "okay, why?" and i get the text back just saying "snow" i walk to Kason's room and look out the window, snow everywhere! i love snow, but this morning i was tired, lazy and already running late, why snow? lol. The roads weren't horriable, but they were a bit icy. I took the kids out this morning to play in the snow, they loved it. Kason was all bundled up in his snow clothes and in the stroller so i could keep chasing after miss Addie. here is a couple pictures.

also today is Kason's 4 MONTH MARK!!!! wow 4 months already?? INSANE!

how cute is kason??? he looked like the kid from the Christmas Story all bundled up.

when it started to melt away. weather man calls for more tonight, we will see.


Amy said...

I can't believe that's all it takes to close school out there! Geez! There was a 42 car pile up yesterday but they only closed 1 school.

Jamie said...

LOL, I love Washington for that reason, it snows a little bit and there is no school! Like Amy said it snowed like 6 inches in about 2 hours the other night and we are getting two more big storms! We miss you guys living down the street...