Tuesday, May 30, 2006

long time no post.. oops!

hey all! sorry its been so long! busy week. This weekend was memorial day weekend of course, and this is the first time in 14 or 15 years since i have not gone out to the ocean with family! SO SAD! but Logan and I kept busy to keep my mind off of it! lol.. Friday night we went and saw X-MEN 3!! waited in line for two hours (first ones in line lol) and it was AWESOME!! cant wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD!! Then on Saturday Logan had To work and i stayed home and cleaned up, watched TV and did some scrapbooking! yay! That night we went out to Olive Garden (YUM) and then hit the dollar theater and saw BENCHWARMERS oh so funny!! lol we LOVED IT!! on Monday we went to Raging Waters here in SLC and it was so much fun! tired me out! lol tons of slides! and of course the LAZY RIVER! lol we were in that at least 2 hours all together and lets just say i burned the back of my legs! lol thats never happened before! lol dont suggest it! Over all it was an awesome day! had tons of fun! came home, showered and crashed on the couch! the sun just wipes me out!! lol anywho well hope you all had a wonderful weekend! here are some layouts i did today.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Just some layouts i have done recently, my favorite is the family one and the black and white doodle one, love freestyle! We are doing good, brad left yesterday, SAD but its cool! :) anywho well talk to you later

Friday, May 19, 2006


Brad is leaving tomorrow. I have gotten use to him over everyday and sleeping here, but now that he's moving back to Washington, Logan and I will miss him so much! He's a really funny and great guy... its been interesting but fun having him here the past couple of weeks. Have a great time in Washington Brad, say hi to everyone for us!!
Logan and I will be coming up hopefully around end of June early July. and then im hoping to make it out when Adam and Carrie have their baby blessed. Anywho well i have to go to work.. have a great day all! and if its hot out there try to STAY COOL... its blistering hot here! ug!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I recieved a bunch of fruit from Tammy, the lady i nanny for. She's going on the south beach diet and cant have any fruit so she gave it to us, and we went and bought ice and banana's and made SMOOTHIES! oh i love these smoothies they taste just like Jamba Juice! this is all i do (i odnt know exact mesurements i guess everytime! lol)
2Tbs of Sugar
1 Banana (sometimes two if i want more banana)
Strawberries (usually i put about 5-8, the frozen ones work well too)
Squeez one orange above the blender as it is going (make sure its only the juice coming out and not too much of the pulp) (you can use orange juice too)
I blend mine together and then once its mixed up i leave the blender on, clean up then i turn it off, this way its very smooth and no ice particals! hope you like it! add more fruit like blue berries, raseberries, or whatever! this is just the kind we make because its all we had

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

home sick

Isnt it funny that i was not homesick during the holidays, or on my birthday? i was not homesick when we first moved, or when i spent my first month away from my family. But now over 6 months later, im home sick. I miss my family, friends, fimilar surroundings. I miss highschool buddies, best friends, and the water. I miss the calm heat in the summer and the raining winters. I miss the short drive to beaches, zoos, and happy memories. I miss being able to drive less than an hour and i was able to visit all 12 neices and nephews. I miss my beautiful red room and my parents comfy leather couches! lol.. i miss not having to pay bills, rent or anything else that sucks your money down hole! I guess where im getting is that i just miss everything that made me happy in washington. Now im finding new things that make me happy in Utah. Like camping, training table, dollar theater, my own apartment with logan, my job, the close park, our ward, and beautiful but HOT HOT weather. Im not sure why all of a sudden i have been overwhelmed with homesickness, but its sure nice to have logan with me! I miss you guys all so much!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

hey guys!

im so excited to announce that i will be selling my doodles online at digiscrap.biz!!! im so excited! i cant wait!and to be honest we could you a little extra money. lol.. anywho.. here are some examples of what they look like:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

we are ALIVE

WOW it has been SO long since i posted! SO sorry about that... lets see what has been going on... Brad moved in. Its been pretty fun... he is moving back to Washington on the 20th so only a few more days to have some fun! lol... This last weekend was our first Annviersary and it was a blast! Logan surprised me and took me up to Heber and stayed in a hotel with a JETTED TUB in the the room! way cool! i think i took 5 or 6 baths, each an hour long.. no joke lol i lived in that thing! Then we went swimming in a Natural Spring wich is located in a crater and its 93 degrees! i have pics and will get them up. I called my Grandma to ask her about the resteraunt she and my sister Amy said that had YUMMY shakes and we went and.. well THANK YOU GRANDMA! wow the shakes are amazing! lol...YUM... well today was my last day with the Majors (the family i Nanny for) She wanted to be a stay at home mom and so I found a new family and i am really excited.. a 9month old little girl.. and she is way cute! i will still get to see Emily, babysitting her next week, but just hanging out with them too... well its late, im tired, and i have tomorrow off so im going to clean n stuff... have a great night and ill update tomorrow with pictures!!