Friday, November 14, 2008

Painting Fun and new little one

On Tuesday I had Brinnon and Samantha over while Adam and Carrie went out to dinner for their 8th anniversary! CONGRATS GUYS! :)
We played and played and then Brinnon helped me make dinner and then we painted. Brinnon did great keeping it all on the paper, while Kason kept it on the paper, then took the paper and rubbed it all over the top of his Head like a blanket! lol my crazy child. Then Brinnon wanted to be painted too, so we painted faces. here are some pictures to enjoy.
This is Kason towards the middle of our painting fun.
and Brinnon after I painted his nose and that heart, he did the rest.

Samantha just chilled the whole time, such a beautiful easy child!
myself after Brinnon painted my face. pretty stylish huh?
and Kason at the end of it all.
Kason's try at hair dying.. getting better!of course we had to take a bath... the water was purple by the end of the bath! lol
I love that Kason is getting older because now he plays very well with others. him and Brinnon played with all the toys in the bath together so well it was nice :)

OH and i wanted to share with you a new little one in our house
This is Oliver! I watch him a few hours a day while his momma works and his daddy is at some classes for college. He is such a happy easy going baby! he loves the swing, our playpen with the mobile and being held and cuddles! its fun to have a little one in the house again and Kason does SO well with him too! its nice! yay!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bath Time

Kason loves to take baths, and for his birthday he got alot of toys for the bath! So i figured we needed pictures.. last time i got pictures of him in the bath he was 2 weeks old! crazyi love this shot with the water running and all his toys and a big ol smile!so we have a stupid tub that doesn't plug so we have to run the water the whole time!!i love this picture his smile!!
So my camera has the option of color selection. I thought its cool. I guess abit of his hair is orange! lol

Kason's Surgery

So on Monday (november 3) Kason had surgery to put tubes in his ears because he has had so many problems with his ears. We hope the best from this surgery!
Everything went well and Kason was a champ! Logan has monday's off and i got it off and we spent the day relaxing after the surgery.Kason before we left at 7am. He got to bring his blanket and pick a toy and he was attached to this puppy that our friends Jess and Geoff got his for his B-day
Logan and Kason outside the surgery center.
Kason in his studly medical gown!
Before he got medicated
showing off the diaper!!
Kason after they give him a "cocktail" of drugs before he went into surgery
he was freaking funny to watch because it was like he was drunk lol.. he could not walk straight or stand up. He kept poking me in slow motion it was funny.
here is a video of him trying to walk. LOL

after they took him we went out to the waiting room and about 10 minutes later the doctor came out and told us he was great and everything was done!! I got to go back there shortly after. he was waking up from the meds and was screaming but after a few minutes he calmed down. We went home and he napped for a while and the rest of the day was like normal!
so far everything is great and i'm super happy we made the decision to go ahead and have this surgery.

play dough

So growing up my mom made play dough. She hated the smell of the store bought stuff, yeah the smell lol. love you mom! i dont think i even realized you could buy that stuff until i was older!
While working at Cst we always made play dough for the kiddos. There are TONS of different kinds you can make i.e.-kool-aid, peanut butter, etc. etc. etc. well experimenting with all those kinds i have come to one conclusion.. Mamma knows best! My mom's so far has been the best in texture, not being sticky, lasting, etc. etc.
So on my "nothing to do Saturday" kason and i stayed in jammies all day and watched movies and MADE PLAY DOUGH!!
SO here is the recipe-
2 1/2 Cups Flour
1TBS alum (or cream of tarter)
1/2 Cup salt
2Cups boiling water
2TBS oil
Food Coloring
Here is the stuff you need
step one- mix all dry ingredients (the first three) in a large mixing bowl
Step two- pour your water, oil, and food coloring in a sauce pan on high heat until it boils. (i waited to put my food coloring until it was all mixed because i wanted different colors and i have a paste food coloring)
Step Three- once it boils pour into flour mix and mix with a spoon, then kneed together while it is still warm/hot. I added my coloring after it was all kneeded.
end result-
A toddler who doesnt know what the heck his mommy just gave him
and something kason thinks he should eat (its harmless)
And a mommy who has way to much creativity built up. (this is a monster)
and this is me on a beach (i didnt have sand color so i used green.. grass?)
when done put in ziplocks and label. I put the date i made it and then the date it should be thrown out.. about 2-3 weeks.

Monday, November 03, 2008

young @ heart

So I picked up movies at blockbuster today and i saw a movie "young@heart" and thought it looked funny.. i thought it was a movie about elderly people in a choir doing modern songs... well i wasn't far off, but instead of a movie its a documentary and it was really good. if you watch this, have a few tissue's at hand. Its super super good and i really want to show this following clip.

once you watch the movie you will understand why i am showing this clip. I cried. I cried alot during this part because it was so meaningful.
I am not a documentary fan, but i watched this one and was inspired. really watch it.
They are a real choir that started back in the 80's with classic music and one day during a performance one of them got up and sang a loud punkish song and everyone loved it so since then they sing punk, rock, classic, FUN songs and its awesome. They have sang songs from The Clash, The beatles, Cold Play, James Brown, Sting, etc. etc. etc.
and i am putting this clip up because its just awesome and made me laugh.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

move it move it move it!

So yesterday was a great day.
i love halloween so i was excited for Kason to dress up, light the pumpkins, and have fun.
Well it got EVEN BETTER!! last week Clara and Derek bought me a present but i didn't know what it was and wouldn't know until my last day with them, well Clara really can't keep surprises to her self lol and so she had me open it yesterday.. and low and behold guess what was in the Amazon box??Pretty huh? Its a PINK (yes PINK!) Cannon Powershot SD1100 IS and it is BEAUTIFUL! now you ask why give me a camera? Well they wanted to get me something to say thanks and all that wonderfulness, because ya know im the best nanny ever! lol come on you know it! hee hee just kidding who.. and why give me a camera when i already have a really nice one that i LOVE? well because that camera is BIG and i love it but its hard to take places and lug around like the fair, bowling, camping, etc. etc. etc. so i usually borrow Clara and Derek's extra and so i was so excited that the gave me this camera! also it takes VIDEO! which im excited about because i like taking video's of Kason, pictures are nice but what about first steps, words, etc. etc. so im excited!! :)
speaking of video's.. here is one of Kason walking!

Halloween went very well. I got off early and Kason and I came home and saw Logan for a few minutes before he had to go off to work. Then Kason and i chilled for a bit, ran to the store to get last minute candy for our few trick or treaters, and then i had a job interview that i pray i get. Its for a sweet 6week baby boy. its part time but i would be able to watch him in my own home and hopefully get another job watching a kid before and after school to help out with the pay. im excited and i really like the parents they seem so nice so i hope it all works out well.

After that we went over to the Trunk-or-Treat at our church. It was fun and Kason got too much Candy but of course he liked it.

Then we ran over to Logan's Dad and Step mom's house and chatted for a bit and visited. They have been gone for over 4months in California for the Shipyard. So its nice to have them back.

Then we ran over to Papa Murphy's picked up pizza and yummy cheesy bread and came home. We let Kason stay up late, eating cheesy bread and some candy he loved it and it was great just hanging out all three of us. I think Kason went to bed at 11pm! yeah he is in bed by 8pm but he did great and loved playing with Daddy. and it was awesome because he slept in until 10:30am this morning! yeah it has been a long time since i slept in and today we have NO PLANS! yay so we have been just chillin and relaxing together, kason and i, logan is at work :( anywho well here are some pictures of last night, they are straight from the camera so if you click on them they will be HUGE and also the lighting it not the best, sorry.
Clara found this baby devil binky at the store and had to get it for Kason, super cute huh?
Me and Kason at the Trunk or Treat.. just look at him eye the candy! lol he sucked on that the whole time... it was a closed packaged twizler.. man he loved it.
Kason stole a sucker from me! lol
Papa McGee feeding Kason Chocolate. Since they have been gone for 4 months Kason doesn't know them a whole lot so Alan thought it would be great to bribe Kason with Chocolate.
Kason at the end of the night playing with Logan's hat. he loves his daddy's hat and puts it on and crawls around the house with it, super cute!