Friday, January 30, 2009

mr. talkie talkie

I love this picture.. it cracks me up.. this is his "what? im doing nothing wrong" face.. in reality he is UP to something! lol

Anywho.. Kason has been very talkie lately.. usually gibberish, but we respond and encourage him to keep talking.. he does say a few words though
Dada= Daddy
Momma= Mommy
LaLa= Laura (yeah its sad he knows me name and calls me that WAY MORE then mama)
Dnannon= Started saying Dannon the other day he skips the first a though and adds an N)
PaPa= We call grandpa PAPA and he started it lastnight!!!
gma= Grandma.. we are close to actually saying grandma
hi or hiya= hi or hi ya.. he says it ALL THE TIME
eiei= Eieio from old mcdonald.. he skips the o
okay= Okay he says this really clear and says it all the time
He has also repeated words for us, but then wont do it again.. he will sometimes say: noodles, cracker, daddy, love you, and amen.
he loves to say prayers and knows that when he is in his chair at the table and we come over with food he folds his arms and waits :) so cute.. and at the end of the prayer he will either say YAY and clap or say amen.. lol :)
thats all we got for now! see ya later gator!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Then & Now

I was going through my pictures of 2008 the other day.. just looking for something to scrap book with and then I realized that Kason will be 16months old on Wednesday (yesterday) and thought it would be fun to compare to pictures from when he was 4 months old and at 16months old, a year later!Kason at 4 months old.. doesnt he look thrilled?Kason yesterday eating noodles... or covering himself with noodles...

Kason at 4months
*Weight-13.4lbs (in the 30 percentile for weight)
*height- lets say 21-22in (i have it written somewhere) (in the 25 percentile for height)
*Smiles alot
*Found his hands and loves to eat them
*Rolls both ways
*scoots about 6-12in at a time
*sits up on his own for about 10 seconds
*Loves to squeal and make noises
*Just started eating veggies
*Loves to take naps
*Addicted to his binky

Kason at 16months

*Weight- 23.4lbs (in the 20 percentile for weight)
*Height- 29.8 in (in the 10 percentile for height)
*Giggles all the time
*Has several different smiles
*Uses his little hands to get him in trouble..
*Walks/runs everywhere
*climbing up on everything
*Doesn't sit still at all!
*Hates veggies unless we put them in a smoothie (we are sneaky)
*Still likes to take a nap
*Binky FREE

I can't think of anything else... right now Kason is Jumping from the couch down to the floor where we put all the couch cushions and pillows for a nice landing pad! lol
I have a few projects to post on here, but i will save that for tomorrow :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portland Temple

While we were in Portland we went to the Temple there, twice. Once at night, Saturday, and the wind was whipping so bad and it gave such a chill to the bone that we made it 15 feet from the car, looked at each other, and turned around. It was getting dark anyways so we made the choice to come back on Monday, knowing it was closed, but hoping to get a few pictures from outside the fence.. it was BEAUTIFUL on Monday, no clouds sunny skies! It was like that most of the weekend, we really lucked out. So we stood outside the fence and took a few pictures.It was hard to get a good angle on it... its so tall and we were really close.. The reflection pond/water feature they have.. 3.5 years ago Logan and I stood there newly married!The sun was perfectly aligned so that one side was all sunny and then the other half in the shadowsLogan waiting for me in the car with Kason...The sign as you drive up to the templeI love this picture.. the lighting was perfect! its the tops of the fence that goes around the temple.
It was really nice to see the temple again and walk a little bit around it.. It was really nice to have Kason there i know he doesnt get it, but thats were our family started.
have a great wednesday

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We thought we got everything taken care of that would encourage Kason to climb on things that are not to be climbed up on.. yeah we were wrong.. apparently a quad is fun to climb on instead of riding... he was sure proud of himself though lol

Monday, January 26, 2009

Warning picture overload...

So this weekend we went out to Logan's mom's place and went quadding. it was TONS of fun and it was nice to go out there since it has been FOREVER since we have.
Friday night we met Logan out at Steamboat Island and grabbed subway and then we switched cars and he took Kason to Shelton to see Grandma Fitzgerald.. She has been in the nursing home but gets to go home soon yay! :) Its been a long road since November when she went into the hospital.
I went to go see a movie with a bunch of people from church along with my mom and her friend. It was a lot of fun. We saw Bride wars.. super funny you have to go see it.. defiantly a chick flick though Lol.
Anywho Saturday morning we all got up and went outside to explore while Logan put a new chain on his quad.Kason with Papa Larry and the horses. The black one is Geesha and the Brown one is TJ. He thought they were cool but didnt want to touch them lol.. they wanted to touch him though!The dogs loved Kason. This is Fergie. She loved to Come up to Kason and lick him and then laydown for a belly rubKason would ignore her and walk away lolKason loved Daddy's quad and wanted to ride it all day long! :) and press all the buttonsKason watched daddy tinker with the quad and the moment logan put down the screwdriver and walked into the house Kason picked it up and started doing what daddy was doing..wrong end there buddy :)
Then he noticed there was dirt on his hands.... he sat there picking it off for a little while it was cute :)This is Harley. He is the biggest goofy dog ever! we love him :)
Look you cant see me! lol It got SO cold on our ride that Gary let me use his face sheild thingy under my helmet. lol its sexy i know :)Logan and his quad. So proud!We're not cold.. no not at all.. IT WAS FREEZING!Logan and Gary ( a family friend) He is more like an uncle really :)
we rode to a train trussell and walked out on it.. it was SO PRETTY! thats the Satsop river down thereWhy hello there beautiful! lol just kidding
Mister Jehron came along too!This doesnt do justice of how high we were.. we were HIGH!Rodney (Logan's brother)'s quad. Its a Raptor 660Gary's Quad. Its a honda something lol i forgot
This was Kason before our ride.. all geared up! We didnt get anypictures but we use our moby type baby wrap to secure him to me and then helmet him up and away we go.. well we got ready before anyone else and ended up riding around the driveway and the house and Kason got cranky too fast and ended up going inside and taking a nap while a few of us took off for a ride. Good thing too because it got WAY to cold for us meaning it would have been torture for Kason.

Overall it was a great weekend and with Logan's new schedule we will be out there more often going riding!! Yay! And hopefully as the weather will get warmer soon so Kason can go out with us!

Friday, January 23, 2009

awesome give away...

so i love to stalk blogs.. especially crafty blogs.. and i found this girl last week and LOVE all her stuff so creative! she does give-a-ways and they are awesome! this time she is giving away 3 things!! a tutu, house slippers that are to die for, and a bow all matching!! how cool?? i don't have a girl but its too cute to resist. i do have MANY neices!! check out her blog

Thursday, January 22, 2009

my new addiction

these are so much FUN to make! It only takes an hour or two but tons of fun! Have you seen those ugly dolls they sell? Well i always thought they were kinda cute.. and lately i have an obsession with cute little monsters.. so when i FINALLY busted out my new sewing machine logan gave me for Christmas.. These are the first things i made.. and i LOVE THEM!I love how this one turned out.. used my scraps. :) it also has a heart on its tushy :)This one is special.. Andrew picked out the monster, colors, spots, mouth, and eyes... he originally wanted it to be all yellow with yellow spots and yellow eyes.. (can you guess his favorite color?)This is the first one i made.. Its Kason's. He loves it and has slept with it for nap and bedtime lastnight and carries it around sometimes! :)They are made from felt and are stuffed with fluff! I made another one for my friend Brooke's daughter Breanna.. she loved it too :)Kason is funny. When he saw all three chillin by the machine he grabbed them all and walked around trying to hold three things with two hands.. pretty funny :) i plan on making more today.. running out of felt and need to make a trip to the store :) lol

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

more proof..

That Kason is a monkey.. True Blue Monkey.
I was sitting at the computer when i heard giggles. I turned around to see this cute little face.He was pretty dang proud of himself.Under his left arm (right in the picture) is Dannon, our dog, who was not very happy to have Kason crawling all over her.
I soon took him off the chair and then turned around to catch him doing this...
Yeah seriously.. he doesnt get it.. lol I took the tool chest away to only find him doing this when Daddy got home that night...Yeah seriously.. kason is a MONKEY!! Nothing is safe now.. poor Dannon that was her safe zone.. she sleeps up there and has since Kason started crawling around...

Well Logan started his new job as i mentioned before. He is just in orientation so its pretty boring but he is happy to be there and can't wait to actually start. Well with Logan working at the shipyard his new schedule is 7-4 but its in Bremerton.. over an hour away.. so until he gets into the carpool from down here he is driving up there daily! ugh! so he is up at 4:30am, gone by 5:00am and home by 6:00pm. So we dont see him as often anymore so when he gets home Kason is all over him laughing, playing, and just happy to see his Daddy.. i wish i got it on camera but Kason brought Logan a book and Kason layed in Logan's arms in a reclineing position and totally chilled and read a book with Daddy.. this is rare for our busy boy.. but SO cute!
Here are a few random pictures.He loves his quad... his cup in tow :)For some reason he has been laying on the floor playing with his toys and just chilling.silly monkey boyLogan got such a great shot of Kason

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A much needed Vacation

Its true when you get married and people tell you to make your honeymoon a good one because its the last vacation you'll get for a LONG time.. yeah they are SO right..
Since we have been married we have been on a few camping trips and one weekend trip to Vegas to visit Logan's Dad and Step-mom while we lived in Utah, but nothing spectacular... Well We decided it was time for one.. and since Logan was starting his new job soon we go down to Portland.. Its not a spectacular destination full of beaches, hot weather, etc. etc. but it was something close, and we really have no extra money but really needed this.. so we booked our hotel (super great deal!!) and waited for MLK weekend to go on down..
Traffic there was perfect.. none really at all and as soon as we got to Vancouver it was BLUE SKIES and the sun felt warm through the windows of the car.. it wasnt warm.. but it was nice to look at instead of the rain we have been having here.See pretty skies! Those clouds were gone about Portland
He fell asleep about 30minutes after we got onto the freeway and lasted until we got there (almost 2 hours!)
Our first stop was this Diner called BYWAYS CAFE in the Pearl District.. if you live in Portland or are visiting anytime let me know and i will get you directions etc. its SO yummy! It was featured on Guy Fieri's show Diner's Drive-ins and Dives Logan and I LOVE this show and when i found out we were going to Portland for sure i looked up places in Portland he has been too, and this was the only one so we went ahead and went to it.. and it was YUMMY! We had their omlets and hashes but we really wanted their Biscuits and Gravy but they were already sold out by 11:30.. yeah guess they are THAT GOOD! this place was PACKED, its not that huge though, but i mean people waiting outside to get in! it was really good.
Logan At Byways."PLEASE NO PICTURES" Kason being a turkey at Byways
One of the walls at byways Cafe
A building that i LOVED you can see the old painting on it.. Hams and Bacon!
I love the Pearl District!
We then got Logan's Boots he needs for his new job at the Ship Yard. He started today and said orentation was boring but he is happy to be working there!
Then we got check into the Hotel.. We stayed at the Oxford Suites in Gladstone. Our room was big and we had a king! yay! Kason really loved the Hotel Life... i think he got used to it right away. We let him walk everywhere in the Hotel (the dining hall, Pool, Elevators etc. etc.) and he was so proud of himself for being a big boy.. He loved all the food we had for breakfast.. so many choices!
We went swiming too. Since Kason's surgery he has been a bit hesitant about water.. He still loves to swim, take bathes, etc. etc. but is not as energetic about it though.. He had fun though..
Here he is with a book waiting in his swimshorts to go swiming.
Kason Dragging his Floatie down the hall to the pool.
Kason Walking down the Hall...
He LOVED the elevators!! By the second day he knew which button to press when we lifted him out to help him.He had fun in the pool and got more and more used to it, especially the second time we went he was right at home and loved it.
His first look at the pool.. priceless
Kicking in the water... (the white things in his ears are wax and silicon plugs to keep the water from his ears since he has tubes.
He has this thing he does when he wants our attention he grabs our face and pulls it to his.. lol its funny but hopefully will stop soon lol
Portland has an Ariel Tram that i really wanted to go on.. its only 4 bucks round trip and we would get some awesome pictures well we didnt make it Saturday so when i got online to get the address to go on Sunday and then i saw that its closed on Sundays and Holidays.. so we didnt get to go :( oh well...
So we decided to go to forest Park in Portland.. its a 50,000 acre park for runners, walkers, etc. etc. and so we headed on off to that.. well there is no address for it because there are several trail heads.. so we got to the general direction and drove around and around... and then we found this...Twilight Fans does this look Familar??
ITS THE CULLEN HOUSE FROM THE MOVIE.. yeah we took a picture because as soon as we saw it we were like "twilight house" lol and so we drove off to find the park, then drove back for a picture and then i talked to my dad on the phone and he googled it and they film the house scence along with a few others in Portland and Cannon Beach Oregon and this is the house from the movie! :) The guy thats owns it works for Nike so the actors and movie set people called it the "nike house" lol :)
We then drove around some more and decided to drive around look at beautiful rich houses on the hill!
We found a park too :)
And some beautiful Views.. THis was a gap between two houses.. so that means this is their view from their homes! AMAZING
Another view!
I believe this is St. Helens. Not the best picture because i had to ZOOM in alot!
Last picture! we thought it was a funny sign! lol its for the rails in the street for the street cars
We did go to the temple Saturday but it was getting dark and it was SO COLD and the wind was whipping out there.. we decided not to go and we went on Monday knowing it was closed and i just took a few pictures outside by the reflection pond outside the fence.. still got great shots! :)
Overall it was FANTASTIC but good to be home.. we decided if we didnt have family here in the puget sound area we would move there! :) no worries no one is moving anywhere right now :)