Thursday, January 22, 2009

my new addiction

these are so much FUN to make! It only takes an hour or two but tons of fun! Have you seen those ugly dolls they sell? Well i always thought they were kinda cute.. and lately i have an obsession with cute little monsters.. so when i FINALLY busted out my new sewing machine logan gave me for Christmas.. These are the first things i made.. and i LOVE THEM!I love how this one turned out.. used my scraps. :) it also has a heart on its tushy :)This one is special.. Andrew picked out the monster, colors, spots, mouth, and eyes... he originally wanted it to be all yellow with yellow spots and yellow eyes.. (can you guess his favorite color?)This is the first one i made.. Its Kason's. He loves it and has slept with it for nap and bedtime lastnight and carries it around sometimes! :)They are made from felt and are stuffed with fluff! I made another one for my friend Brooke's daughter Breanna.. she loved it too :)Kason is funny. When he saw all three chillin by the machine he grabbed them all and walked around trying to hold three things with two hands.. pretty funny :) i plan on making more today.. running out of felt and need to make a trip to the store :) lol


Amy said...

so cute! You definitely have an eye for this stuff.

Nadeau Family said...

Those are adorable...did you have a pattern, or just come up with it all by yourself? I am definitely not that creative!

Clara said...

And I LOVE the dolls. So cute.