Monday, January 12, 2009

haircut and Seattle

you would think that kason gets harigrowth in his milk or something.. Seriously... he just got a haircut about a month or so ago and it was short short short. well i let it get past his years and down his neck.. it was time to get a new hair cut.
This is before they started. We went to Jack and Jills.. they are expensive but my mom had a coupon in the mail that made it the same price as greatclips so we went here. they have firetrucks, tractors, jeeps, etc. etc. to sit on so it was alot more fun for Kason. They also have tvs on the wall at each station so the kids are distracted and they get their hair cut! Kason loved the tractor and played with the wheel the whole time..
Half way.. funny smile.. what is he doin?there is a happy face! and check out those robots! heck yea!
towards the end. she was cleaning up the hair around his ears.. i think it tickled because he kept scrunching up his neck on the side she was on.. it was funny
All done!! She even gave him a red mohawk! how cool?!
We then headed to Seattle...
So Logan needs to get boots for his new job starting soon! but anywho.. he wanted these really nice ones so they last him a while so we decided we would make the trip down to Portland to the outlet they have there. I was so excited because i found a few things that were free or cheap to do and i wanted to walk around the Temple with Logan and Kason, thought it would be cool since we were married there and now we have a little one. Anywho.. Well that morning my mom calls me and tells me there was tons of flooding down there. I was SO BUMMED! but we didnt want to risk it so we made the choice to go to Seattle instead and just walk around and enjoy being together, because well yeah we are home together alot these days but we dont go out much and have fun so its was nice, really nice!
We planned on parking by the seattle senter and then taking the monorail over to the westlake center, but then once we got into the city we went ahead and went over to the westlake center and found parking for ALL DAY for just 8bucks! thats cheap for seattle! it was at the Redlion hotel so it was underground, and had security! yay! We then walked two blocks to the westlake center and right accross the street they were having some rally for something back east.. tons of cops and people and yelling and signs.. we went right inside the mall and stayed there for a while walking around, checking out the shops and local artists, etc. etc. it was tons of fun.

We then walked down to Pikes Place Market.. I love it there.. sorry its a darker picture..
Last time we were here was last year (almost exactly) and i think we took this same picture.. Kason was 3 months old and bundled up and couldnt see him in the stroller! lol now look at him. mohawk n all!
This is logan trying to be a "thug" yeah i know... i live with him..
Down by the market this is the view. It wasnt a nice day and it was horriable cold, but it was still alot of fun
more of the view
KISS! "seriously mom do you that to daddy?" lol kasons reaction to me givin logan a kiss.
We walked all round and enjoyed people watching. I love looking at all the produce and flowers so much color!I told logan that when we get a house and if its 2 stories (which i want) i will either use this picture or get a better one, cut out all the people and just use the sign and blow it up and hang it by our stairs!
There were alot of street performers out. This one was good and there was a really awesome band playing by starbucks. it was like blue grass and it sounded AWESOME!
We then watched them throw the fish and Kason was getting restless so we headed back up to the Westlake center to eat dinner at PF CHANGS.. we LOVE this place. They had it in SLC when we lived there and we only went once but we love love love it.. and they have great prices and amazing food!
Kason had a ton of fun with the Chopsticks! he also loved the food as well.
Hello there buddy!
Logan was teaching Kason the art of chopstick drumming. this kid LOVED it! lol
We got this deal were you get two soups, appitizer, two main dishes, and two desserts for 40 bucks.. tons and tons of food!
those are our desserts.. they came in shot glasses! it was awesome! i got Red Velet Cake and Logan got Cherry Cheese Cake.. so yummy!!
We then headed on home. It was SO much fun and we had a blast just being together and seeing Seattle. We dont make it up there too often but when we do we have fun.


Havalah said...

gosh the pictures really made me miss washington, specially Seattle. It's been so long since i've walked around pikes place market. Kason is getting so big. Its crazy how time flies.

Shawna said...

Oh! I loooove pikes place!!! Great pics! I love that hair on Kason too! LOL soooo cute! And you will see, with little boys, the hair just grows sooooo stinking fast!