Friday, September 30, 2005

Moving Stinks! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Apartment Pictures!

Here they are everyone!! Apartment pictures!! its about time i know! i cant wait to get everything into our apartment and make it our own! its scarey at the same time too... but its life! This is our Kitchen... not my favorite and a little outdated, but its ours! and we can make it work, and with all the things i got to make it look awesome, its going to rock i know!! The colors for our kitchen are black, white, and red... and im super excited to put everything into it. We also have a dishwasher, but its one you hook up to the sink, but im not going to use it at all though.... it leaks we think, and its just easier to do them by hand instead of hooking it up and everything. This is our main room, That door is our front door.. and the best part about the entire apartment are these beautiful floors! LOVE THEM! i cant wait to get our couches and chairs into here, our entertainment center and put our lizzards and turtle somwhere in the apartment! put pictures up everywhere, flowers, and just make it loving!! this is so exciting!!!
This is our master bedroom, not big at all but its good for us! acutally its a two bedroom apartment and they are the same size :)... sorry the coloring is off in this picture.. kinda sucky i know oh well! but this room is black red and white as well and got all of the things to go into it, since its going to be like my room im in now anyways! lol... anywho its going to be perfect i cant wait!!!

This is our other bedroom, that door leads to like an area connected to our apartment, its private and it has storage and hook ups for our washer and dryer, thanks mom and dad for the W/D!!! its going to be a huge help for us!!!! our computer will go in here, along with misc. things.. its going to be great! this is out bathroom, well the tub... its green! awesome eh!! hee hee im excited to have a tub and take baths!! long soaking relaxing baths!! anywho i got a cute shower curtain on clearence at target. its two mermaids! lol its funny!! its like purple/blue perewinkle i guess you would say.. anywho adorable!! and funky fun! but these aer all the pictures! hope you enjoy! please dont be shy, call email and write us! ask for my address number or whatever! im going to miss everyone so much! its been hard saying goodbye to everyone.. just breaks my heart but i know its what is best! darn it lol.. anywho ill try to write more! we love you all!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Help me pick!!

Hey everyone! okay so this week im packing up our room and logan and i are leaving saturday at 4am to go to Utah. wow everything is going so fast!! ill write more later, but for now i need your help!! here are the six baby annoucments i made for my new neice Gabby!! what a doll! she's such a cutie! but i want to know your opinion. which one is the best? which colors do you like, etc etc etc.. just drop me a comment and let me know! thanks everyone! Click on the image to get a larger look!! :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

{Just some Thinking}

On tuesday 9/13 amy came down for a photoshoot and she wanted to get some pictures done before i moved to Utah. This is my favorite. She sent a few while logan and I are in Utah finding an apartment. With moving and everything i am really lucky to have these pictures taken. Out of the 365 days of the year i have probably seen my mom at least 358 of those days each year since i was born. For me to be moving to Utah which is 881.12 miles away is HUGE! Im going to miss my family like there is no bussiness. I love them so much and i have seen them almost every week. I'll see them on vacation, and when they will be able to visit here as well, but still such a huge difference. I miss them already just being on vacation for a week! how lame?? well not lame though.. it means i love them dearly! Im really going to miss watching Tv with my mom, while one of us tricks the other into getting either an icecream bar or popcorn. Im going to miss seeing my neices and nephews all the time and getting millions of "I LOVE YOU"'s. I'm going to miss my siblings and playing games with them. I'm going to miss everyone so much! i have lived in Lacey since i was 4, and to move so far away hello way scarey! but im excited too. Logan and i talked with this lovely Lady in North Salt Lake... after a long talk i realized that its going to be good for Logan and i to be out on our own. Have our own couches, rooms, kitchen table, dinners, and just "us time"... i feel bad leaving everyone, but as i think of it.. we need this, we need to move into our own apartment... sometimes i feel that my family is upset with us that we are moving, i know that they arent, but i dont know.. it sucks but we both really need to be on our own though... we need to be in Utah to go to school... anywho on the upside.. we got an apartment. its a 2 bedroom 1 bath with WONDERFUL GORGEOUS hard wood floors that im so excited about hee hee... ill take pictures tonight since we have our own apartment KEY! yes thats is right i have my own key to my own apartment!! WOW im a dork but i love it! :)... i have a job interview at a few short minutes, well an hour, that i hopefully have cause im so excited about.. its a daycare about 4 blocks from my APARTMENT!! :)!!!! so i can walk there all the time and i can get in shape again! hee hee... well anywho... okay... i have to go.. im hogging the computer and its a shame, well not really :) anywho LOVE YOU ALL!! BE BACK SOON!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

this is the cover page to a scrapbook im doing for 9-11. I started one about 2 months ago,but havnt worked on it since, then lastnight i watched a documentry about flight 93, the flight that fought back. It really inspired me to get off my butt. so i started a whole new one, new look and i really like where its heading... thanks for looking :)!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sock Exchange!!

Hey okay.. this is what it is... A sock exchange is where you are sent a letter with two names on it... name number one... you go and buy one pair of socks:: funky, fun, solids:: WHATEVER!!!... then you send it to name number one. Then you Take name number two (the person who sent it to you) and you replace it into the space where name number one was, now it becomes name number one, and you replace the second slot with your name, your name is now the second name onthe paper.... now what you do is send that paper out to 6 friends.. they follow the directions and you will recieve 36 pairs of socks... would anyone like do this? my sister sent me the info and im sending a pair to one of her friends whos name was number one, and now i need to send out 6 letters wiht my sisters name as number one and mine as number two... if you would like to join please let me know via email, or in the comment section of this post, or call me... but i think it would be super fun! you get 36 pairs of socks that are fun and different for the price of one sock!! its fun, not chainmail or anything.. but just something fun to do with the friends.. if youd like to do this, just let me know! thank you!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pretty much explains it self.. my thought on Huricane Katrina...  Posted by Picasa

here and there

this is a LO for the cirlce journal... thought id share part of that.. its one of my favorite pages i did... the theme for this one was YOUR STYLE... so i just did colors and papers i liked... anywho... well what have i been doing since i got back? Friday-Monday Logan and i went camping with my family to dosiwallups... something we have been doing since i was like what 5 or 6!!! Logand i will not be able to be there next year, so im glad we had this year to have funw ith everyone. weather was good for the most part.. a little rain here and there but nothing seriously nasty. Monday we packed up early and headed out to Logan's moms... there we helped can some food, played with the baby bunnies and my waonderful kitten kate. Saw our nephew Colby for a little bit, which was nice, its been a while since i have seen him... Then we went out to Lost Lake with Bre and Alec to their inlaws lake house... wow its nice there and the lake is nice as well... i really had a lot of fun swimming and going in their sauna!! Lastnight Logan and I went out to Olive Garden for our 4month anniversary which is today.. :)... we each got the never ending pasta bowl.. um!!! i tried their new creamy Garlic Cream sauce WOW I LOVE IT!!!! and their 4 cheese sauce! yummy yummmy yummy!!! we had a great time.. and this morning we boht got to sleep in! wow it was nice just relaxing with eachother.. i loved it! well anywho i have to go.. at work and i gotta get things done! ill write alot more soon! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Im Back :)

Hey everyone! im back and that means an UPDATE!! Well while i was in utah i got my hair cut! i did it.. i actually went through it! and guess what! i LOVE IT!!! i have bangs! The last time i had those we when i was 7 i think! wow.. but i love them! they are longer bangs and do the swoop thing! lol i love it.. and its very layered shortest is about my chin and longest is about my shoulder! i didnt recolor is like i had hoped, but by being out in the sun the whole time, my hair is so much lighter anyways! its fun to have this kind of choppy layered hair again... alot better then before though too lol.. anywho... i love UTAH! i love it... i cant wait for logan and i to move there...its going to be alot of fun i know... if we have the way we want it, we will be by Brad, Jamie and Amy, and my new awesome friend Cameron, whom is a cool kid! lol... I did alot of while i was down there... Friday night Cameron, Jamie and i went to Ensign Peak.. and that over looks saltlake city! WOW BEAUTIFUL! ... it was so pretty to see all the lights, the temple, etc. we stayed there for a while, then headed back down to jamie's. Saturday Amy, Brad, Jamie, Heather, Cameron, and myself all went to 7 Peaks the water park there and we had a blast! it was alot of fun! and i thinka ll of came ou with the funniest lookin burns! lol we didnt burn even we burned in spots or lines etc. fun stuff. On the way home Amy's car broke down :( sadness... in her car was me her and Brad. In Cameron's car and him jamie and Heather. They dropped Heather off at her dorm, then we called them to come pick us up... eventually they found us, and after a beautiful thunder storm we were on our way to Amy's house in Lidon. ( i think i spelled that wrong) prolably like 50 ft. from the road we'd turn to go to Amy's Cameron got pulled over for going a little too fast in a little too slow of a road... but we made it through the police talkin and then hit up amy's for some yummy food.. once we got home we watched some movies and hit the hay. Tuesday night i went bowling with Cameron Jamie and Brad at FatCats.. this bowling place.. it was SO MUCH FUN!!i had a blast!! Over all my trip was awesome. I walked down to temple square a few times, and got some nice pictures... being down there was beautiful! it was peaceful and such an amazing feeling. I love just walking down a street and look over and bam there is the temple! how awesome is that! seriously! i cant wait to move there...