Tuesday, September 20, 2005

{Just some Thinking}

On tuesday 9/13 amy came down for a photoshoot and she wanted to get some pictures done before i moved to Utah. This is my favorite. She sent a few while logan and I are in Utah finding an apartment. With moving and everything i am really lucky to have these pictures taken. Out of the 365 days of the year i have probably seen my mom at least 358 of those days each year since i was born. For me to be moving to Utah which is 881.12 miles away is HUGE! Im going to miss my family like there is no bussiness. I love them so much and i have seen them almost every week. I'll see them on vacation, and when they will be able to visit here as well, but still such a huge difference. I miss them already just being on vacation for a week! how lame?? well not lame though.. it means i love them dearly! Im really going to miss watching Tv with my mom, while one of us tricks the other into getting either an icecream bar or popcorn. Im going to miss seeing my neices and nephews all the time and getting millions of "I LOVE YOU"'s. I'm going to miss my siblings and playing games with them. I'm going to miss everyone so much! i have lived in Lacey since i was 4, and to move so far away hello way scarey! but im excited too. Logan and i talked with this lovely Lady in North Salt Lake... after a long talk i realized that its going to be good for Logan and i to be out on our own. Have our own couches, rooms, kitchen table, dinners, and just "us time"... i feel bad leaving everyone, but as i think of it.. we need this, we need to move into our own apartment... sometimes i feel that my family is upset with us that we are moving, i know that they arent, but i dont know.. it sucks but we both really need to be on our own though... we need to be in Utah to go to school... anywho on the upside.. we got an apartment. its a 2 bedroom 1 bath with WONDERFUL GORGEOUS hard wood floors that im so excited about hee hee... ill take pictures tonight since we have our own apartment KEY! yes thats is right i have my own key to my own apartment!! WOW im a dork but i love it! :)... i have a job interview at a few short minutes, well an hour, that i hopefully have cause im so excited about.. its a daycare about 4 blocks from my APARTMENT!! :)!!!! so i can walk there all the time and i can get in shape again! hee hee... well anywho... okay... i have to go.. im hogging the computer and its a shame, well not really :) anywho LOVE YOU ALL!! BE BACK SOON!!


Mom said...

Laura I love this picture of the two of us. I need a copy for myself. I am really excited for you and Logan. I know you both need to be on your own. I'm really going to miss you too. I try not to think obout it to much or I start crying. I'll have to get my own popcorn and ice cream bars, Maybe I can train Pebbles. I remember how excited I was when Dad and I had our first place. You are going to have so much fun making it your own, decorating and stuff. I can't wait to come for visit! I will miss you sooo much!!! I love you, you will always be my baby, love Mom OXOX

hillary38jabari said...

Just passing by your blog and though you'd like this website.

AmyG said...

hey Laura,

It is very exciting that you are getting own place and starting your own life. I was really excited when Eric and I did the same thing. You and Logan do need this. It will bring you and him closer and teach you to rely on each other for support, friendship, etc. We are not mad that you're going....more like sad. Just like it's going to be hard for you to leave...it's hard for us to let you go. If we pretended that we were thrilled you guys were leaving....that would make you feel worse! lol Hoping to get to atleast come home 1-2 times a year and see us. Budget for it. ;) Gonna miss you tons.