Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Apartment Pictures!

Here they are everyone!! Apartment pictures!! its about time i know! i cant wait to get everything into our apartment and make it our own! its scarey at the same time too... but its life! This is our Kitchen... not my favorite and a little outdated, but its ours! and we can make it work, and with all the things i got to make it look awesome, its going to rock i know!! The colors for our kitchen are black, white, and red... and im super excited to put everything into it. We also have a dishwasher, but its one you hook up to the sink, but im not going to use it at all though.... it leaks we think, and its just easier to do them by hand instead of hooking it up and everything. This is our main room, That door is our front door.. and the best part about the entire apartment are these beautiful floors! LOVE THEM! i cant wait to get our couches and chairs into here, our entertainment center and put our lizzards and turtle somwhere in the apartment! put pictures up everywhere, flowers, and just make it loving!! this is so exciting!!!
This is our master bedroom, not big at all but its good for us! acutally its a two bedroom apartment and they are the same size :)... sorry the coloring is off in this picture.. kinda sucky i know oh well! but this room is black red and white as well and got all of the things to go into it, since its going to be like my room im in now anyways! lol... anywho its going to be perfect i cant wait!!!

This is our other bedroom, that door leads to like an area connected to our apartment, its private and it has storage and hook ups for our washer and dryer, thanks mom and dad for the W/D!!! its going to be a huge help for us!!!! our computer will go in here, along with misc. things.. its going to be great! this is out bathroom, well the tub... its green! awesome eh!! hee hee im excited to have a tub and take baths!! long soaking relaxing baths!! anywho i got a cute shower curtain on clearence at target. its two mermaids! lol its funny!! its like purple/blue perewinkle i guess you would say.. anywho adorable!! and funky fun! but these aer all the pictures! hope you enjoy! please dont be shy, call email and write us! ask for my address number or whatever! im going to miss everyone so much! its been hard saying goodbye to everyone.. just breaks my heart but i know its what is best! darn it lol.. anywho ill try to write more! we love you all!!

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amygrendell said...

be sure to take pictures when it's all decorated and cute!