Monday, March 21, 2011

Bring on Spring!!

I'm happy that it is finally spring.
Even though the weather today here wasn't exactly ideal, it was not bad.
It warmed up a tiny bit and the sun did come out this afternoon.
We welcomed spring with grilling steak and asparagus, and baked potatoes :)
Logan was even fancy and did the cool grill marks :)
MMmMMMmMmMm the best.
Have you ever had asparagus grilled?
its amazing. and easy too.
all you need to do is cut the ends off and put them in a shallow dish. drizzle olive oil over and season with salt and pepper.
use your hands and mix it up a little to make sure they are fully coated.
Stick straight on the grill and turn when they get grill marks. they cook quickly.
we did them on medium high heat.
the grill master at work. (ignore the cheesy grin. he does it on purpose to annoy me)
and last but certainly not least the grill master jr. and little kason ahem i mean grill master jr. jr. he LOVES to help logan grill, even though he only 'helps' for 2 minutes then plays on his bike. :)
hope everyone is enjoying the turning of the seasons!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hats for Hannah

My sister needed some hats done up real quick for her youngest Hannah (turning 4).
I was happy to do it :) It was fun making a larger version of the hats i made for Maddie. She also wanted flowers that were interchangeable to go with several different outfits.
I had fun doing and i know she is going to look amazing in the hats :)
4 hats in basic colors that will match her wardrobe with lots of fun flowers to that extra pop!
i know they all look like different size hats, but oddly they fit Kason all the same (i crochet to fit not to pattern really) and since Kason and Hannah are about the same in age im sure they will fit her just fine :)
each flower has a small hair clip (i believe they are called alligator clips?) so they are super easy to put on, they stay on, and she can also use them for hair clips as well or on head bands :)

Here is a picture with the flowers on the hats, each flower is about 3in
and a close up of one of the flowers :)
enjoy Hannah!! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

I LOVE this day! I love to claim my Irish side, which is small, but its still there!! :) I didn't do much this year, busy with life i guess.
We did make our traditional corned Beef and Cabbage with Irish Soda bread, yummy!! We had that for lunch since Logan is working swing shift. Kason LOVED the corned beef and gobbled it up as fast as we could give it to him!!
For dinner I wanted to do something fun for Kason.
they turned out awesome!!
That is pretty to me :)
my pancakes may not be round but they sure are delicious!
all stacked up and ready to eat!!
my little helper!
i tried for a decent picture, but these cracked me up :)
and as proof colored food tastes WAY better than normal boring food!
(the picture is blurry because he was doing happy dances after every few bites!!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy fingers

Most of you may know i crochet and i like to do it. I'm pretty good at hats and have made many, mostly for Kason :) Well with a new one on the way, and it being a girl, i was excited to make tiny girly hats! :) Don't worry Kason will not be left out! :)

First off is Madison's blessing hat. If she fits it (we sure hope she does) she will be wearing the blessing dress my Mom and myself were blessed in. I wanted to make a hat to go with the outfit and i saw this pattern and knew it would be perfect. It has a timeless look to me that is classic and would be perfect.
Isn't it beautiful? I'm debating whether or not to make a small flower for it.. i might not because its for her blessing... but we will see.
I love the pattern, a shell pattern. One i have always admired and finally just did it, and it was WAY easy!
With my hand in it so you can kinda get an idea of what it would be like on a head :) It's made out of a cotton yarn, one of my favorites to work with. i LOVE the way it turned out, and best part. It took be 45 minutes for the entire hat! :) thats a winner for me!

Next up is a blue hat. Its the same pattern as the blessing hat, but its a tad smaller so i'm not sure if its going to fit... its no secret that Logan and I have big heads and we have lovingly passed that on the Kason.. I'm sure that little Maddie will have our head size as well. It's also made of cotton and has a bit of a stretch to it so it just may fit!
This one will have a white and light pink flower added to it with a button as its middle.. can't wait to add that!

just a close picture of the pattern.. i can't get enough of it :)
and again a picture with my hand in it. I did a border on the bottom of this one. I like the border but i'm glad that i left the blessing hat without a straight border, it looks more vintage that way to me :)

Another project i did was a hoodie. I was so excited to tackle this one that i did it before we knew we were having a girl. Good thing Maddie is a girl because this hoodie would not be boyish enough to put on a boy baby :)
It was an easy pattern from a book i got from the library. I may make the hood a bit larger. Madison will be born in Late July early August, BUT we are going camping for labor day.. she will be like 4 weeks!! So i'm stocking up on making warm hats and thick hoodies for her :) This is a bit big, about a 3 month size, but it will be just fine for her.
I LOVE the tye-dye yarn! it was perfect for this hoodie!!

And the last project for today is a blanket. I will admit i started this in late October but stopped just before Thanksgiving. Well i got sick right about that time and found out we were expecting!! So i lost all modivation while i had bad morning sickness... BUT FINALLY FINISHED IT! It was to be a blanket for myself, but once i got pregnant i decided that if we were having a girl i would end it at a baby size blanket and have it for her. Well a few days after finding out that Maddie was indeed a girl i finished it up, and its perfect! i love it so so much!!
It's laying over a cushion, its about 36in x36in give or take a bit. i love that its not classic soft baby colors, but bold and bright. a nice mix up in all the soft blankets she has or will get.
it's made up granny hexagons and its perfect!! i love this blanket. i now want to make a larger one for Kason's toddler bed, of course in boy colors :) we will see when that happens!

well thats alot for now. I have a few more things up my sleeve that will get done hopefully before we move (thats another post) have a good day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


there are sometimes when i wish i could get away with doing that.
Just lay down wherever i am and just take a break and give up for a little bit.
just sometimes...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Recovered carseat

The day we had the ultrasound and found out it was a girl we did three things, called everyone we knew, ran to Old navy and bought the outfit i have been eying for a month, and went to Joanns and bought fabric for the nursery and to recover Kasons infant seat.
I followed the directions on and it was easier than i thought. Everything is identical to the original carseat so nothing is unsafe for the baby. Same kind of material, thickness, etc. etc. etc. the belt position is the same and everything so its 100% fine for baby!super cute huh? I will be working on the head rest thing this weekend as i find time. Perfect and ready for little Maddie to join us. I know i got it done early but we are moving soon and had to get it done before we moved!

Whats in a name?

I am big on names. I had names picked out in when i was in highschool for my future children. Of course a few of them have changed as i got older. I picked new names once i got married. Logan is a stickler for names. He is tough and shoots down almost EVERYTHING! makes things tough! Well with Kason we had his name picked out before we started trying for kids. So we knew as soon as we had his ultrasound and they said he was a boy we knew that moment he was Kason and from that moment on was called Kason. We even had his middle name picked, which is Logan's middle name.
This time around was harder. Logan and I agreed that i wouldn't talk names until we became pregnant. It was a tough 2 years not discussing names for me lol.
So the day i took that lucky pregnancy test i started talking names, it drove Logan nuts. It shot them all down, i mean hundreds really, and he said that he would know when the right one came, just like with Kason. Well one day we were driving home from Shelton and he brought up names.. it surprised me! He said he had a girl name he really liked and finally he told me after begging for a minute lol
He told me and it was Perfect!! I actually started calling the baby the name from the start, even though we didnt know if it was a girl yet. Kason also would call the baby the name as well. So as soon as we found out on Wednesday it was a girl the baby has been called the name since, instead of IT (which i hate) or the baby.
Are you anxious yet and wanting to know the name finally? Some already know.
But the name we have lovingly picked for our little girl is:
Madison we already agreed that we will most likely call her MADDIE most of the time. Doesn't it sound cute with Kason? Kason and Maddie? :) we like it!
we are still trying to agree on a middle name, so we will see on that one.. :)

it's a GIRL!

Thats right everyone!! We are expecting a little girl in August! so excited!!
I think the one most excited is Kason. He has called the baby a girl from the day we found out i was pregnant. He tells everyone the baby is a girl and talks about a sister.
On wednesday we went to the ultrasound appointment and i was excited that Kason and Logan were both able to come :) Everything is normal and perfect!!
When the tech started to look for gender she said "lets see if there are boy parts or girl parts" and Kason got all mad and yelled (we had to get after him lol) at her and said "NO BOY PARTS ITS A GIRL!" it was hilarious! good thing the tech found girl parts!! from the very start of the pregnancy i just kept thinking girl and it got stronger as i got further along.. i'm glad i was right! It will be so fun to have a little girl in the house, help even things out! lol