Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hats for Hannah

My sister needed some hats done up real quick for her youngest Hannah (turning 4).
I was happy to do it :) It was fun making a larger version of the hats i made for Maddie. She also wanted flowers that were interchangeable to go with several different outfits.
I had fun doing and i know she is going to look amazing in the hats :)
4 hats in basic colors that will match her wardrobe with lots of fun flowers to that extra pop!
i know they all look like different size hats, but oddly they fit Kason all the same (i crochet to fit not to pattern really) and since Kason and Hannah are about the same in age im sure they will fit her just fine :)
each flower has a small hair clip (i believe they are called alligator clips?) so they are super easy to put on, they stay on, and she can also use them for hair clips as well or on head bands :)

Here is a picture with the flowers on the hats, each flower is about 3in
and a close up of one of the flowers :)
enjoy Hannah!! :)


Janice said...

They are just simply gorgeous, Laura. I'm sure Hannah will be delighted with them. You are so talented. Love ya

Allisha said...

Those are absolutely adorable! You are very talented!!

Rob, Brooke, Breanna and Ethan said...

I LOVE these hats! You are doing so many amazing projects and I'm glad that you're sharing them!

I am also very excited that you are getting a house soon! Could you email me pics? Or the address so I can look it up!! Wahoo Laura!

Also, of course congrats on the baby girl, that is seriously the most exciting news ever. I know you guys are going to love having 2!!

I miss you too and am glad that you seem to have a lot of great blessings going on right now!

Love ya!