Friday, February 29, 2008

beautiful day

so i know i already posted day, two posts in one day SHOCKER! i know right?! lol
Today started out beautiful. so i took the kiddos outside while Kason slept. Ethan rode his bike around and addie walked around and colored with chalk on the sidewalks with me. here are some pictures. finally i got some spring pictures of my own.

Also yesterday was kason's 5 MONTH MARK! seriously already?? holy cow! so here are a couple shots of him, and even a video! :) enjoy
dont get too close, i will slobber on you!
Big smile!! Kason is usually VERY happy most of the time!! so lucky
He loves his toys!Hello! He has the biggest eyes and i love them!! they look brown here, but they are actually blue with like a burst of yellow in the middle, he has my eyes. love it! :)

spring fever

i have never wanted spring to come this bad EVER! seriously spring is nice but usually i want summer to come. I guess this has been a wet and long winter!!! We have daffidols that just bloomed by our front door, trees are getting greener, and the birds are chirping every morning. i love it. here are some pictures i found on google. i cant wait to get my own.
how beautiful?!!?!?! i cant wait to go on walks with the kiddos, and have kason in shorts and barefeet in the grass! so excited

Thursday, February 28, 2008

awww man...

Last night i got a call from Rae. She told immediatly told me that Kevin had been shot in the arm, a through and through. My heart dropped.

For those who dont know here is a bit of background on Rae. Rae is my bestfriend since 7th grade. She married Kevin Last march and two weeks later he was shipped off to Iraq. (he is in the army) he has already been injured once last year, but nothing extreamly horriable, but still come on!

So anywho... he is being sent to Germany about 2 this afternoon i think and He will have surgery there. The bullet shattered his bone. right above the elbow, but no worries he says his tattoo is okay! lol!! he will be home soon, hopefully here to Madigan.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. here are some pictures of them last year when i took their engagment pics.

this is for you Rae:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


last week logan came down with something that effected his tummy and made him visit the bathroom often. saturday it got better but then that night it was horriable again, and it got worse lastnight and this morning. i have NO idea whats going on with him. Then kason got something yesterday. he had two poopy diapers, and not the smooshy kind either. ug! and if you know all about kason and his issues with pooping you know he hardly ever poops more than once a week and when he does its the complete oposite of what i just discribed. so hopefully it was just his laxitives finally working and he is not getting sick, but who knows. oh man! i hope im lucky for once and not get sick this time!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So Kason really hasnt had a set schedule during the day. At night it has been pretty normal routine. We get home, daddy plays with him i make dinner. We eat. He plays then its jammie time, story time, bedtime whenever we go to bed. Pretty basic and simple. Well yesterday i started a schedule during the day, mostly for his naps. he napped but nothing regular so i figured it was time to start him on that. so here it goes:

5-6am- Get a bottle

7:20am- get dressed and leave with mommy to work

8:30am- Breakfast usually applesauce

10:ooam- nap time

12:30pm- Lunch time

a bottle sometime between lunch and nap #2

2:00pm- Nap time


6:00pm- Dinner

8:30pm- Get ready for bed which includes- bottle, story time, jammies

9:00pm- sleepy time in OWN bed!

Yesterday went SO well! he took two 2hour naps! and he barely made it to bed he was so tired!! He even slept in his own bed ALL NIGHT LONG!! see he got in this habit of coming in and out of our bed. it was bad we have a king size and it didnt bother us, but i figured that he needs to be in his own room. so there he is! he slept from 9:30pm (thats when he fell asleep) until 5am this morning!! i was actually surprised because he usually wakes up in the middle of the night crying only for his binky. i give it to him and he goes right back to sleep. well he cried lastnight i got up gave him the binky and he was still mad. i changed his diaper, still mad. i put him in his crib to go make a bottle (im thinking its like 2am) and im wondering why he is so mad and why he is already wanting a bottle. i look over and see our radio clock in the hallway and see that its 5AM!!! kason made it through the whole night!! Also new development. he holds his bottles now ALL BY HIM SELF :) he drinks the whole thing by him self now. so we just give it to him at 5am and go back to sleep! yay!

i offically love schedules!! today so far so good!!! :)

and just because i love baby feet and i LOVE kason's here is a picture of him lastweek taking a naked diaper nap on the couch.

kason loves to be naked (with a diaper of course) if he is fussy all i have to do is strip him down to the diaper and he is just fine! :) lol

Friday, February 22, 2008


Lately Kason has been talking ALOT. he has always made noises but this last month all he does is gab! the other day he woke us up by just talking. he went on for almost an hour of just making noises and laughing and smiling. My camera doesnt have video so i havnt been able to capture it yet, until today. I totally spaced out that Clara's camera has video. so here are a couple clips of Kason talking.

I can't wait for the weekend. The weather has been wonderful this whole week! i hope it keeps it up for the weekend!! Recap of us enjoying the weather this week:

Monday-we went quading out at Val and Larry's. There were no clouds in the sky and you could see forever!! the mountains were amazing!!
Tuesday-i took the kids outside and we spent hours out there running around. Addie thinks its funny to escape into the road, haha not!
Wednesday- Ethan tricked me into going to the park. Totally worth it. It was so nice out!
Thursday- Logan and I used our grill again and BBQ'd hamburgers! OH YUMMY!! they turned out amazing! he put onion soup mix in the meat. it was so moist and delicious! and i made my favorite fries! perfect meal.
Friday- I am taking the kids out to a park, if they wake up in time :) thank goodness for naps! :)

I cant wait for spring and summer! im itching to garden!! found plants i wanna plant! cant wait!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


so a few times my mom has offered to do our laundry, but i usually just say "nah its okay" but then my mom asked the other if she could our laundry and well i knew that i had one shirt left that was clean and logan was getting low on clean clothes and well Kason has so many clothes i dont think we will ever run out with him. So i said okay and well i dont think she knew what she was getting into. i dont think either of kept track of how many loads, but im sure there was about 12. yeah seriously 12!! I think she likes to do the laundry, crazy lady! :) but a HUGE thanks to my mom! i dont know if i would have ever caught up if it wasnt for her! i cant wait until we can get washer/dryer. soon, maybe! lol
So i was looking at Kason's pictures and i realized that he has gotten alot of hair this past month. just all of a sudden it started to grow again. here is a picture from before christmas and then a picture from a couple weeks ago.This is from right before Christmas
this is from a few weeks ago. its getting longer too! :)

Also he has found toys and loves them!! so we have some on his car seat and then also he has tons scattered around the house. he is getting SO big!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

my valentine is...

so i got this from my friends blog.

His name? Logan
How long have we been together? Married for almost 3 years, together for just over 3 years
How old is he? 26
Who is taller? He is
What is his favorite sport? Football.
Who is smarter? we are both smart in different ways
Who does the laundry? I do, but he helps out alot
Who does the dishes? we both do
Who pays the bills? Logan
Who cooks dinner? Depends. Mostly me but he loves to cook and he is good at it.
Who drives when we are together? Logan, he hates my driving
Who is more stubborn? HIM! but he thinks me! lol
Who kissed who first? He kissed me on the cheek on our first date
Who proposed? He did. Perfect too!
Who has more siblings? We have the same. He has 2 sisters and a brother and i have 2 brothers and a sister
Who wears the pants in the family? We each have a leg in the pants :) but they may fit him better!! :)

happy v-day everyone! hope you have a great day!!
the day after Kason was born Rae told us she would take him for v-day and they would be eachothers date. So tonight we are off to eat and see a movie while rae chills with Kason at home :) i sure hope he is good!! Lol

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

cracked me up

so i got an email this afternoon from Clara (my boss) saying that she sent me the following to just insure i knew the guidlines and rules of watching her children everyday. i couldnt stop laughing for a while! totally made my day!

Friday, February 01, 2008

we are yogurt people...

logan and i both LOVE yogurt. We are always searching for it on sale because its starting to get expensive. Well the other day Albertsons had it for like 39cents each and if you spend 10dollars you get a couple bucks off so it was like 32cents each! so of course we went and stocked up. no worries on it going bad, we have already made a dent in our supply! lol

Kason had his 4 month check up yesterday
he is in the
30 percentile for weight
25 percentile for height
75 percentile for head (big brain people! lol)
dr. says he is doing fantastic!