Friday, February 29, 2008

beautiful day

so i know i already posted day, two posts in one day SHOCKER! i know right?! lol
Today started out beautiful. so i took the kiddos outside while Kason slept. Ethan rode his bike around and addie walked around and colored with chalk on the sidewalks with me. here are some pictures. finally i got some spring pictures of my own.

Also yesterday was kason's 5 MONTH MARK! seriously already?? holy cow! so here are a couple shots of him, and even a video! :) enjoy
dont get too close, i will slobber on you!
Big smile!! Kason is usually VERY happy most of the time!! so lucky
He loves his toys!Hello! He has the biggest eyes and i love them!! they look brown here, but they are actually blue with like a burst of yellow in the middle, he has my eyes. love it! :)

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