Tuesday, February 19, 2008


so a few times my mom has offered to do our laundry, but i usually just say "nah its okay" but then my mom asked the other if she could our laundry and well i knew that i had one shirt left that was clean and logan was getting low on clean clothes and well Kason has so many clothes i dont think we will ever run out with him. So i said okay and well i dont think she knew what she was getting into. i dont think either of kept track of how many loads, but im sure there was about 12. yeah seriously 12!! I think she likes to do the laundry, crazy lady! :) but a HUGE thanks to my mom! i dont know if i would have ever caught up if it wasnt for her! i cant wait until we can get washer/dryer. soon, maybe! lol
So i was looking at Kason's pictures and i realized that he has gotten alot of hair this past month. just all of a sudden it started to grow again. here is a picture from before christmas and then a picture from a couple weeks ago.This is from right before Christmas
this is from a few weeks ago. its getting longer too! :)

Also he has found toys and loves them!! so we have some on his car seat and then also he has tons scattered around the house. he is getting SO big!!

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