Tuesday, July 31, 2007

in search for...

an apartment! so the hunt begins! logan and i are looking for an apartment to move in whenever now.. we have stayed long enough at my parents to save up money, thanks mom and dad, and are ready to move out again :) been looking on craigslist and the olympian so hopefully we will find something soon :) i would LOVE a 3bedroom so Kason wouldnt have to share a room with a computer, but im not holding my breath. Apartments are getting expensive! i wish we could just buy our own home. i would love that! :) anywho not too much else going on around here. hope you all have a great day! :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

guess what?

crazy! i cant believe that i am already this far along. it seriously feels like last week i was only a few weeks hoping that this time everything would go well. Its almost August, just today and tomorrow is whats left of July. Then BAM its August... usually the hottest month of the year! i just need to make it through that and it should be cake, right? lol i hope so.
this weekend was my cousin Jennifer's wedding. She was so beautiful! radient! her dress, the flowers, cake, decorations, EVERYTHING was perfect. She married such a great guy, Don. Happy to have him as a cousin. Unfortantly i didnt bring my camera, lame yes i know. but oh well right? my sister did the wedding pictures for them so im sure i can post one on here when she gets them all done.
Amy took a picture of me at the place where the wedding was held. i look huge, but then i realize that i am 8months along and i have a baby inside of me taking up all the room he can! lol
i cant wait to meet him. to see what he looks like, what he sounds like, what his temperment is like. I keep having these dreams that he has black hair! dark dark hair. maybe he will get that from my dad. i dont know... no clue. well thats pretty much it for now. just wanted to stop in and say hello :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hey everyone hope your having a great week. Mine is okay... tired very tired. i am totally into my Harry Potter book, but i read for about 40 minutes then fall asleep lol! its not that is a bad book because its amazing! but i just get too tired to stay awake lol. but then in the middle of the night i wake up and cant sleep! UG! oh well thats pregnancy i guess.
anywho here are some pictures of the little ones i nanny. im always talking about them, and thought it would be nice to put a face the stories :)

most of the pictures Ashley took ( a friend of the family i nanny for)

This is miss Addie. Super messy, but always super CUTE :)

This is Ethan. Crazy wild child full of love!

Clara (my boss) and Addie at the beach

Brinnon and Addie in the little swimming pool.

and of course Miss Dannon! or as i like to call her "princess stuck up" she can be a big priss when she wants to be, but you gotta love her.

Monday, July 23, 2007

10 more weeks!!

i seriously can't believe in only 10 weeks we will be welcoming our little man into the world!! the time has flown by so quickly! i cant believe it. i swear it was only yesterday i took the test that would change our world forever! Saturday we hit walmart to pick up a few things and swung by the baby section and picked out a cute outfit Kason, for a few bucks! its like a button up camo shirt, but the camo shapes are monkeys! and it has a shirt that goes with it underneath that has a monkey on it. super cute :) :)

Last monday i went and saw Harry Potter in the Imax theater with Clara and Derek. it was awesome i loved loved loved it! i saw it that saturday before (i couldnt wait any longer lol) so i have seen it twice. its amazing. go see it!This weekend was Lake Fair so logan and i got things done on Saturday, got some pants i desepratly needed! checked out handle bars for logans motorcycle... OH OH OH!! LOGAN PASSED HIS MOTORCYCLE DRIVING TEST yay! yay! yay! then we headed down to Lake Fair and walked around, ate some yummy foods and just enjoyed being together. i hate his work schedule! the weekends are our only time to be together. i wish we had more time. especially when Kason comes. i want logan to see him more than the weekends.

Lastnight was the Lake Fair Fireworks. we ended up going WAY ealier then usual, and then sat in the pouring rain for 40 minutes. yes we were the only ones there for a long time! lol then finally the rain stopped and it was more enjoyable. more people showed up. the fireworks were great!! had an awesome time :) :)

Saturday i also got the new Harry Potter book! yay!! Clara ordered it for me from Amazon.com and it came late that afternoon! i cant wait to get further into it! tonight!! so excited!

well everyone hope you have a great day!

Friday, July 13, 2007

good movie...

So here in Lacey our theater does free kid movie days. they play older kid movies for free at 10am on tuesdays and thursdays. well on tuesday we got there at 9:50 and it was sold out already! no seats what so ever!! teach us for next time right? so we decided to go see Ratatouille. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!! Ethan loved it, the babies loved it! it was great! now in real life i dont like rats, and honestly i was thinking how in the heck were they going to make a rat cute? but look at this little guy!!
how can you not say that is cute? I say go see it. take the kids, go on a date, whatever its a great movie for adults and kiddos. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

check me out!

thats right everyone! i am finally 7 months along!! 28 weeks and one day to be exact :) lol. so excited!! full term labor is anywhere from 38-42 weeks so i only have about 9-14 weeks! im SO HOPING that Kason is not OVERDUE! yuck!

yesterday i got a call from a nurse at St. Petes letting me know that since i have med coupons through the state i automatically qualify with a program called First Steps. they come to me and check me out every 6 weeks and once Kason is born they will come and check him out every week for a bit. they come if i ever need help or anything. they help you find doctors, dentists, eye doctors, etc. etc. etc. they have groups of moms that get together from the comunity and just hang out. they have a scrapbooking class too! sounds like alot of fun! i got to hear Kason's heart beat again and the nurse said he is right on track and sounding perfect! YAY YAY YAY!!! so happy everything is going well. i might be one of those people who other moms to be envy because i have it so easy. lol. i hardly swell yet, i dont get sick, no diabetes, im doing great i only have gained 8 pounds so far! (dont worry he is healthy i had plenty to share!) and i feel great!! the heats not the best but im living with it, and its nothing like Utah's summer last year so im doing just fine :)

hope you all are doing great. enjoying the summer. i love it so far!

Monday, July 09, 2007


as i promised here are some pictures from this weekend. The light was PERFECT!!

now Colby had a spill on the slide and split his lip open right when logan and i got there before everyone started showing up.. poor little guy had to go get stitches, but lucky they were there and back within 2 hours! SO QUICK for the E.R. :) the picture is not the best but its about quarter inch wide almost the whole way through the lip if not the whole way through the lip. nothing 3 stitches cant fix!

Alan's face totally cracks me up here! love it!
also a milestone for logan and i....

WHOA the for explorer reached a hundred thousand miles!

Monday Monday

you know those typical mondays, your tired, everything seems to go wrong, blah blah blah.. yeah thats my day so far and its 9:58am.. oh man! i have so much ahead of me! lol

so this weekend was really nice. My parents took the kids and went camping which ment a house to ourselves. we love that my parents let us stay with them, but its nice to be just us once in a while and since logan works nights now and we hardly see eachother its really nice. we went swiming, hung out side and just had a great time. Yesterday was Colby's 2nd birthday party and it was a blast i have TONS of beautiful pictures to show you all. just gotta upload them tonight. lets just say hot weather, messy food, sticky kid fingers equals fun pictures. have a better monday!!