Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hey everyone hope your having a great week. Mine is okay... tired very tired. i am totally into my Harry Potter book, but i read for about 40 minutes then fall asleep lol! its not that is a bad book because its amazing! but i just get too tired to stay awake lol. but then in the middle of the night i wake up and cant sleep! UG! oh well thats pregnancy i guess.
anywho here are some pictures of the little ones i nanny. im always talking about them, and thought it would be nice to put a face the stories :)

most of the pictures Ashley took ( a friend of the family i nanny for)

This is miss Addie. Super messy, but always super CUTE :)

This is Ethan. Crazy wild child full of love!

Clara (my boss) and Addie at the beach

Brinnon and Addie in the little swimming pool.

and of course Miss Dannon! or as i like to call her "princess stuck up" she can be a big priss when she wants to be, but you gotta love her.


Carrie said...

Sounds like Miss Dannon takes after Miss Laura! LOL! JK! Love the kid pics! (Especially the little boy in the pool! And that has nothing to do with the fact that he's mine, of course! hehe)

The Riggle's said...

I feel so special that my kids are cool enough to have their own little place on your blog. I wish I could still get on it at work. Darn censorship and the freaks who make it necessary. That's what I get for working for a Catholic organization I guess. I can't really complain though...I basically get paid to check my e-mail, do sudoku and scrapbook. Life's rough. Only 10 weeks left. Yay for you!! Oh, Ash is currently on a plane away from here. Sad :(
She'll be back soon though. Yay!! :)

The Riggle's said...

Oh, almost the new layout. Are you going to do mine??? That would be super cool if you did. :)

The Riggle's said...

yup! love my layout. you totally rock!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey I was going through my laundry room and I found your H-Hobbit 04 jersey haha Do you want it back?

tania said...

Love your new template! And awesome photos!

Laura McGee said...

oh my! dang thats so old hee hee sure id like it back :)