Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Maddie: 4 months


12lbs 11oz

23.25 in

Dear Madison,

These last four months haev really flown by. I often find myself looking back and trying to figure out exactly where the time has gone. You are getting bigger and bigger each day and every day. You bring so much happiness and peace to our family and home.

You have found your voice these past weeks. You are one loud little girl. You fit in very well in our family. You love to squeal and make all kinds of noises now that you figure out how. There are times that I can hear you from all the way downstairs while you are upstairs!!

You also LOVE to laugh. You are starting to get tickelish under your arms. Your laugh is adorable! You laugh the most when we lift you high in the air and bring you back down fast. you giggle tons when we do that. You also laugh alot at Kason while he is playing with his toys, making funny sounds, or trying to play with you. You sure love him alot, and he loves you tons too.

You love to put your hands in your mouth and chew on them, or mommys hands. You also have been able to put your binky in your mouth now too if you are holding it just right. You also have a few toys you have been holding onto and chewing on, maybe you will be getting teeth soon? you have been drooling alot lately too!!

We have been putting you in your jumper/exersaucer for about a month to two months now and you love it. You now jump and kick and laugh and play forever. You think its the coolest thing ever. You love it when someone helps you bounce higher. I have a feeling you will be the kind of person who wants to go faster and higher at most things, roller coasters maybe? :)

After sitting in your highchair for a month and staring at our food, you finally got to try baby ceral yesterday on your 4 month mark. You LOVED it!! You were pretty hungry and by the time i got it ready you were so upset you wouldnt take it, so we made you a bottle and let you drink 2oz and once you calmed down we fed you your first bite. at first you were not sure what to do with it, but you got the hang of it quiet quickly, which surprised us at how fast you did. You ate the whole bowl!! This morning mommy made you another bowl for breakfast and you loved it as well. I knew you would love food!! We are starting out by mixing two tbs of rice ceral with 1oz formula. you eat every last bite.

You still love baths, especially when Kason is taking a bath and mommy holds you while you play in the tub with him. You mostly just float with most of your body under the water, but you always get a big smile on your face and you just relax.

Yesterday you had your 4month check-up at the doctors. They said you are doing very well and are impressed at how well you stand up. You LOVE to stand. Any chance you get you will stand (we are holding onto your hands) and you can hold up yourself for such a long long time. You have super good balance as well. I think you maybe an early walker, we will see. You got two shots at the doctors, and you were NOT happy about that. You did calm down rather quickly which was nice. Also we had your blood drawn to test if you are alergic to dairy and soybeans, we get the results in 6 days. For the last month you have been on soy formula and have gotten better, but i still think there is something wrong. You are unable to have bowel movements regularly and when you do, they are harder than rocks and you scream and scream until it finally comes out. Similar to your brother when he has dairy. So im hoping to hear back from the doctors ASAP and hope that its the dairy and soymilk thats causing this and not something more serious.

You had your first thanksgiving. We had it with Grandma and Grandpa Larry this year at the church. You got held alot, jumped in a bouncer, and slept. I did sneak a tiny bit of potatoes to you, and you looked at my like i was crazy lol.

I hate how fast time is flying by, but with each day you are gettting stronger and happier and sillier. We love you so much and are so grateful we have you in our family.



when you get excited you stiffen out your legs, throw out your arms and get cute little smiles on your face and usually squeal!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Maddie: 3 months

Dear Madison,
You are growing up to fast! Slow down a bit for your mommy, please! These pictures were actually taken when you were about 3.5 months. We had a bit of printer issues and i was not able to make your adorable onsie until today, november 14th.

We did not have you weighed for your 3 month mark, but if i had to guess you would be about 10-11lbs. You are my tiny little girl. We get many remarks about how adorable and tiny and petite you are. You are wearing 0-3 month clothes and have finally out grew your newborn clothes. You can still fit into a few newborn pants though.

You are eating 4-6oz every 4-6 hours. You have also started sleeping 10 hours at night. This is amazing considering you are only 3 months old!! We have started a bedtime routine as well. You get a bottle about 8 or 9 at night and then its diaper change, wrapped up in your wrap, and laid down, but not before many kisses and hugs from mommy, daddy, and kason. We turn on your mobile and shut the light off and close the door. You fall asleep almost right away.

We have put you in your jumping exersaucer and you love it. You try to jump a bit, but mostly you like that you are standing and looking around. Since the weather is getting colder we have been having a fire in the fireplace. You love sitting in your jumper watching the fire. If you are fussy we will set you infront of the fireplace and you will calm down and watch the flames flicker for quite some time.

You also now sit in your highchair seat while we eat dinner. You would get upset if we were eating and you were not watching us. Now you are happy to watch us eat, even though sometimes we feel so guilty eating as you are watching us and drooling and you cannot eat anything yet.

You hate tummy time. You scream and scream until we pick you up. You will not lift your head and look around. You usually lift your legs up and tipping forward on your tummy, cause your face to smush into the blanket. You hate it.

You had your first halloween. You were a super adorable Lady Bug! Mommy actually bought your costume back in August. I saw it right away and had to have it. You got many compliments and everyone loved your costume and thought you were too cute!!

Mommy also took your pictures inside a pumpking. You had only a diaper on, and even though it was a bit chilly outside, the sun was out and you didn't get too cold. Mommy put a blanket inside the pumpkin and you didn't mind it for a few minutes, then you wanted out. You loved watching Mommy throw the leaves in the air and let the drop.

You have been smiling and laughing alot more. You find the most random things to the be the funniest. Daddy was signing the alphabet song one night and was saying the sounds of the letters and when he got to C you started laughing and smiling. For some reason you find the C sound to be too funny!

One of your favorite things to do is stick out your tounge! We have all been doing it to you since you were only a few weeks old and you have loved it. Now you do it ALL the time. You love to have us stick ours out then smile and then you will copy us. It keeps us all entertained for a long time!!

You have brought us so much light and joy into our lives. We love you so much. Kason always wants to give you kisses and hugs and gets upset when other people are holding you too much, he wants you for himself!

Keep growing and exploring and always know we love you so much!

This look cracked me up.Kason had to have pictures taken with you. You are SO loved.You love to watch. You will watch people, the fireplace, animals, anything you can get your eyes on, you are happy watching it.
Happy 3 months Madison, we love you!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fall 2011

Here are a bunch of photos from this fall. i know i need to update this poor blog, but monthly isnt too bad right? lol :) here are pictures of Madison and Kason. Maddie is 3 months old in these.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Maddie: 2 months


9lbs 15oz

21.25 in
Dear Madison,
You turned two months old yesterday on Kason's 4th birthday!! Papa Cline and Mommy took you and brother to the zoo. While Kason ran around and enjoyed him self you slept and ate your bottle and was very content, which is normal for you. You are such a happy baby, you still only cry when you are hungry or in pain. You love to smile and are started to laugh a little bit!! Daddy can get you to smile so big and everytime without fail.
Mommy changed your formula to sensitive kind because you were so gassy!! You can clear a room my dear, not so lady like :). Also you had tummy issues and were not doing number 2 either. So with this new formula and some bottles with water you have been doing much better.
You love your brother and he loves you so much. He always gives you star to cuddle with and lays with you when you are playing on your floormat toys. He always wants to hold you while he watches movies.
You are drinking 4oz every 4-5 hours and at night time you are going 6-8 hours. Mommy really likes that!! You sleep in your crib at night and still love it. Mommy uses a swaddle blanket and wraps you up tight and sticks your binky in your mouth. You love your binky. you get good night kisses and loves and then mommy says "good night my sweet girl" and puts you to bed. If you are not already asleep, you will talk to yourself for a few minutes and fall right to sleep. During the day you love your swing and will take naps in that or in my arms. You like to snuggle at night with mommy while Daddy and Kason have already gone to bed. Mommy and you usually watches movies or reads a book.
You like to be moving. If the car is stuck at a light too long and your awake you will let us know it's time to start moving. Same as in the shopping cart at the store or in your stroller. You like your swing to be on the fastest it can go. If the batteries start to die, you will let us know!!
You love music. You like your mobile in your crib and the elephants that circle over your head. You Love the lights and music on your swing. Music calms you down if you are crying. You love when Mommy and Daddy and even Kason sing's "I'm a child of God".
This past week you got to hang out with your cousin Andres. He is only 5 days older and you are about the same height but makes you look like a white little stick!! You are my tiny skinny girl. Alot of your pants fall right off of you. You are still wearing newborn diapers, or costco brands 1-2 which are pretty tiny. Mommy made you some fabric shoes since your feet are so skinny and long, nothing much fits them.
You have started to loose alot of your hair. Mostly on top and then it goes around to the back, so all you have left is a tuft of red hair on the crown of your head and the base of the back of your head, and a tiny bit by your ears. You are still dang cute though, and your hair is still nice and red, making your Grandma's and Mommy very happy!
Each day Mommy and Daddy and Kason fall more and more in love with you. We couldn't imagine what life would be like with out our little Maddie girl. You are always so Happy and smiling all the time.
We love you so much!!

you sometimes gives us these worried looks, like this picture. I am always wondering what you are thinking.. maybe "what did i get myself into?" lolYour Grandma Cline made you this blanket! We get complements on it all the time!! so cute.

Kason turned 4!!!

It's true. My baby boy turned 4!! Seriously where has the time gone? I remember the day we had him, the anxiousness, the anxiety of a c-section, the joy of holding him in my arms the first time. The way his cheeks felt on my lips when i first kissed him. My shock of having a 9lb 5oz baby with a shock of black hair.I really could not imagine what our life would be like without him. He is has brought so much fun and joy into our family. He is mind is always racing and he is always doing something with his hands, wether its playing with cars, creating inventions with legos, or coloring.

He is such a loving brother. He always wants to hug and kiss Madison. He has never been jealous of her or had any hard feeling towards her. When she is being held alot by others he gets jealous that he is not holding her, not that he wants attention.He is our silly boy! He is always coming up with silly things to say and do. He loves to make up games that we have no idea how to play, but he has rules and everything to go with them!
He is all boy! He loves sticks and getting dirty! He always wants to be with Daddy and help him with boy stuff. He loves to help with the wood, talk about hunting, camping, or just hanging out with Daddy and doing "guy stuff"

He loves to play and have fun with all his friends.

He is very proud that he is 4!! He loves to tell people he is a big brother and that he is getting bigger every day

He is adventerous and loves to try new things, but not with is food. He loves to jump and run and play and swim. He wants to do everything that the big kids are doing

He loves to snuggle, but on his own terms. He loves to watch movies and cuddle up to us with his favorite Blanket Star. He is still very attached to Star Blanket and sleeps with it every night. When he gets hurt he cries for star, not mommy anymore :(

He calls Elevators Alligators and i have no intention on changing it!! :)

He loves the camera, but he has to be in the right mood. Kason is a moody child and doesn't wake up in the best of moods either. He can be a grouch, but then he can be the loviest kid out there!

He doesn't want his teeth to fall out. He saw a show once and they talked about teeth falling out and it made him very upset that he would loose his, he doesnt want big teeth! lol

He always reminds us to say prayer for dinner and bedtime. He loves that he is a sunbeam and gets to go to primary, even though sometimes it's hard to get him to stay and be in a good mood. He is no longer allowed to have toys in sacrament so he uses his markers as toys, silly kid!

He is alergic to milk, but recently has been able to tolerate it in certian foods such as breads, crackers, cakes, frosting, and other cooked products.

He loves noodles, always has.

Big meat eater. loves to eat steaks with his Daddy.

He is also a big popcorn and candy kid, have to watch him on that!!

Again Kason is such a blessing in our lives and i can't believe he is already 4!! Can't wait to see what the next 4 years brings us :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Dear Maddie: One Month

At one month you were:
8lbs 10oz
just over 20inches

Dear Madison,
I cannot believe that you are already over a month old. To be honest you are exactly 6 weeks and 1 day old. Mommy goofed a little and didnt make your cute onsie and take your picture until today. But we don't have to tell any one that :).
You are such an amazing gift from God. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without. You are such a easy going wonderful baby. You have slept almost through the night since birth. You only wake up once or twice to eat and then go right back down. You sleep in your crib at night and love it. You love to sit in your swing and sleep during the day. You love your swing, and you like it to go fast! You also love your binky, bath time, being in just a diaper, and at night time you love to be wrapped up tight in your wrap blanket.
During your first month you were blessed, at just over a week old. On August 7th, 2011. It was such an amazing blessing. Your Daddy did a wonderful job and and you were surrounded by so much family. You wore my blessing dress which your Grandma Cline worse as well. Grandma McGuire made it. You were beautiful!!
You also have been to the doctors many many times. You were born weighing 7lbs 15oz and when we left the hospital two days later you were down to 7lbs 4oz which is normal. But by Monday, at 4 days old, you dropped down to 6lbs 14 oz. We started to make you eat every two hours and id nurse you for at least 30 minutes. We went back the next week and you had dropped down to 6lbs 9oz. That scared Mommy and Daddy. You were too tiny!! So i started to pump and found out that Mommy was not making enough milk for you. After much prayer and lots of trying we decided that you would be better of on formula. Since then you have gained weight wonderfully! You took to the bottle great and at first it was hard for Mommy to not nurse you anymore, but it helped knowing you were getting great nuturtion and where healthier with the bottle and formula.
You love to grab things with your hands and not let go. You just fling your arms out and grab until you get ahold of something. You also love to smile and are now starting to make cooing sounds while doing so.
At two weeks old you rolled over from tummy to back and have done so since then. You don't mind tummy time either.
At just 5 weeks you went camping for your first time. We slept in Grandma and Grandpa Cline's motorhome. You did great camping! you were hardly put down, only while people ate. All your Auntie's, Uncles, cousins, and grandparents adore you and love you so much!
you rarely cry. You really only cry when you are hungry. You love to sleep, and you do that alot! You also like to watch people and things go by. You are very observant. You can also hold your head up for a while too on your own with out flopping it back or too far forward.
You are finally starting to fit into some 0-3 month clothes. newborn clothing fits you best, and that has even taken a while. When you first were born nothing fit you!! We almost bought you premie clothing but instead just had you where newborn clothes that hung on you a bit.
You still fit in newborn diapers and size 1 diapers fit a little bit big, but you can still wear them.
Your hair has fallen out a tiny bit on top but you still have some towards the back top of your head and the back of your head. You hair is still red too, which Mommy is very pleased with! Your eyes are still very dark blue and mommy wonders if they were turn brown or stay blue.
You have brought us so much joy and love in these past 6 weeks and cannot wait to see you explore, learn, and grow as time goes by.

You yawn alot too!And you have such a serious face. Makes us wonder what you are thinking!