Thursday, October 30, 2008

pumpkin seeds

do you like pumpkin seeds? we do. growing up my mom always soaked them in salt water and then baked them and put more salt on... well the other day i was looking around on allrecipes and found a recipe for spiced pumpkin seeds.. so when we carved our pumpkins i clean them all out.. TOOK FOREVER and then i went ahead and soaked them in saltwater over night, well it ended up being for two nights lol because we got so busy!! then i mixed it all up and baked it! can you say YUMMA?!looks good huh? (pssstt. i love my lense lol)
here is the recipe.
spiced pumpkin seeds

  • 3 tablespoons margarine, melted
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 4 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 cups raw whole pumpkin seeds
  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (135 degrees C).
  2. Combine the margarine, salt, garlic salt, Worcestershire sauce and pumpkin seeds. Mix thoroughly and place in shallow baking dish.
  3. Bake for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
NOTE-i added Johnny's Seasons (seasoning salt) and NO salt because i soaked it in salt water and it was REALLY YUMMY!!


hola amigos!
i was tagged by my sister. its an easy one. go to your 4th folder and then get your 4th picture and post it... funny thing is i had to go to my 4th folder, then the 4th folder in that then the 4th picture! lol gotta love it :) it either means i have WAY to many pictures or i am super organized with folders.. i go with the organized optionhere is my picture.. apparently Kason was not happy at that moment. this is from when all us girls got together at my sisters house and made cookies for christmas.. december 1st 2007 this was taken.. look at how little Kason was! and Hannah!!
i tag Traci, Brooke, and Amy F.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

carvin time!

I love to carve pumpkins, but by the time i am almost done, im not such a big fan. good thing its only once a year right? lol
Logan has been off hunting and usually would get back tomorrow but he was nice enough to come home night and carve pumpkins with me. He isn't the biggest pumpkin carving fan, infact he really didn't want to do it, but he did because he knew i wanted him to. love that man!
Oh! also the other day Adam came over and we were messing around with my lens which is a cannon 50mm (which i got 4 years ago and NEVER worked with my camera) well guess what? it works now! crazy huh!?? so i used it tonight and I LOVE IT because it allows so much more light in and with our apartment thats a HUGE plus!!
Kason after he freed him self from his costume. yes we put him in it already.. logan is working halloween so i thought we would get him all dressed up so he could see him walk around with the monkey tail! too bad i didnt get pictures! lol
we cut open the top of Kason's pumpkin and let him dig in, which i was thinking he would LOVE and get all messy.. yeah nope.. this was his reaction... (look below)
He pulled his hand out quick and crawled away, FAST! lol he wanted nothing to do with that pumpkin.
i realized that i have not gotten any pictures of him walking, besides that video i posted a bit ago. so i snapped a couple today.. check out our baby!
(lid is on) Kason saw Logan's coke bottle and picked it up and tried to drink it like a sippy cup! lol
our finished products.. can you tell which one logan did? (hint its the spongebob lol) for someone not wanting to carve he did an amazing job, blew me out of the water.. seriously he did AWESOME! i carved an owl (yes my pumpkin is white and i LOVE it) and i carved a jack-o-lantern face for Kason's because by the time i finished my owl i was so ready to be done.
OH.. the other day while i was at the store i saw this...
and had to get it for logan. Its a Jones Soda with John McCain on it and the flavor of the soda is "pure McCain" (they use sugar cane in the soda) so its funny. logan got a good laugh from it. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

playing catch up

"hello my name is Laura. This is my first time here and well... i will just say it I am a blog neglecter"
okay so this is not a B.N.A. meeting (blog neglecter anonymous) but i thought i would admit my problem here. lol
Okay so I'm not horrible at blogging, its just life is so busy right now. shall i explain? lol
its hunting season. so Logan is off Sunday until Wednesday afternoon then he is at work and i do laundry on Wednesday's so i don't really see him until Thursday night through Sunday morning. so sad lol.
Also i am currently looking for a new job. Clara and Derek decided that its time for Addie to go into daycare while Ethan is in full time school. I will miss them but understand. Now i wish i could stay home with Kason, but that's not the case so I'm off looking for a new nanny job. no luck yet but hopefully soon.
Keeping up with Kason is getting harder and harder, but i am happy he can walk now. he is getting better and better each day and its nice to not have to carry him EVERYWHERE anymore. YAY!
Well here are pictures to sum up September until now.
Kason is a Monkey for Halloween so to go with his nursery theme i did his birthday party in Jungle Theme and took his pictures in his costume for his invites. this is the one i chose for the invite, the rest are just too cute.
the sun was awesome!
our child is obsessed with my cell phone. its come to the point that he screams if im on the phone because he wants it. well now he doesn't get to play with it at all anymore and its getting better! lol
he loved crawling as fast as he can and attack the camera!
i can't get enough of his blue eyes and happy smile!
Kason LOVES to swing. He would stay there all day if id let him!
not the best picture but i love his face in it!
So we got a vita mix Labor Day weekend. We love making smoothies in it and lots of soups and sauces too! Kason loves the smoothies as well. I finally just let him have a spoon and a bowl of smoothie and let him go to town.
one happy baby!
can i get one big YAY for spray n wash?
note- look at how long his hair is!! WOWZERS! it is NOW way shorter!!
His first white shirt and tie! so cute!!

For his birthday he had birthday pancakes (we sang and had candles) and his first taste of milk. it was in a new sippy he got from adam and carrie for his birthday but he kept playing with the top of it lol so we poured it in a bottle so he would get a drink.-- too bad we didn't know he was allergic!
PUMPKIN PATCH TIME!! look at that face!! we went with Adam, Carrie, Brinnon and Sam and my parents came for a bit too. we had tons of fun with corn shooters, hay, petting zoo, pumpkins, and hay rides!
trying to get my camera
feeding the goats with my dad. He had a good time, and the goats were super friendly, infact all the animals were.. super super friendly!
Kason and the piggies. they never moved! yes they were real and alive
this picture CRACKS me up! look at his face! lol how funny is that?? he was like "mom what is it? do i have to touch it... okay okay i will"
then he poked it. just one finger, his pointer, and poked it and smiled up at me like "see i touched it"
HAY RIDE!! me and Kason... i look funny but Kason is lookin studly!
Kason with a pumpkin. I let him loose and he wobbled around and crawled and sat by this pumpkin for a while. I finally made him move to find one with a better stem. this one was all cracked and i didnt want to carry it all the way back.
found a better one.. see the stem! lol
playing on the pyramid of hay. He had tons of fun.
this boy loves to climb! he is a pro at the stairs, and now hay! lol i got him in a tot gym class at the Y and he loves it! yay!
had to show this picture. that was pretty much the only cloud in the sky. it was warm too. a bit of a breeze but warm enough to have no coat or anything, short sleves only... but Kason had a sweatshirt-yucky cold! lol

wow i think i got it all.. you still with me? wow you are a star! promise to be better

Friday, October 24, 2008


been a busy bee getting some layouts done! thought i would share
also coming soon
pictures from the PUMPKIN PATCH
pictures from getting his HAIRCUT at an actual place!
and lots of random ones..
Kason at the pumpkin patch. he was super happy and mostly all smiles!!
new kit by shawna, libby, and melissa at sdd
Kason sleeps so weird... we find him in all kinds of posistions all the times, its pretty funny
kit by shawna- pink elephants and all that
and here is SAMANTHA!! took some pics while i babysat her and Brinnon a few weekends ago.
kit is pasha by libby and laurenKason loves his spongebob toy!!
kit is drive fast turn left by libby
this is dad and kason feeding the goats at the pumpkin patch.
kit is my way or the highway by shawna and lauren
another one of miss samantha. such a cutie!!
kit is absoult cherry crush by lauren and shawna

hope you like them!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our bubble boy

Logan and I often joke that Kason should be in a bubble for his own protection.
Just two weeks after he was born he has his first cold, that started it all.
At one month Kason became super constapated and had issues going number 2. He was put on a daily laxitive that he took morning and night.
He constantly had colds which were always back to back.
He had brochulatis twice.
ruptured ear drum
5 ear infections since April
at 7 months he was diagnosed with Asthma which now his medication is bumped up to 4 puffs of his meds a day. two in the morning and two at night. A nebulizer when needed.
At about 9-10 months Kason was able to start to eat cheese, yogurt, pudding etc. just not straight milk. Well we noticed about 10-11 months he started to spit up again. something he stopped doing long ago. I didn't think twice about it, but then at 12 months like every parent we gave Kason straight milk. We were happy to see him enjoy it and be off formula. Well he kept spitting up and then he started to be constapted again.. after talking to our doctor we put him on Soy Milk. Kason can no longer handle formula (which he has since 2 weeks old) can't do milk even if its mixed in something like Mac n Cheese or sauces like that. No ice cream, yogurt, pudding, etc. etc.
Then on Friday we had an appointment with the ENT here in Olympia and Kason is scheduled to have surgery to have tubes in his ears on November 3rd.
so this is why Kason needs to be in a bubble.
Instead of a monkey we should put him in a bubble for halloween. lol
I hope all this works its self out and he can have milk eventually. until then Logan and I have gotten use to having Soy around and cooking with it. bye bye cow juice!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Kason loves to be outside. He loves to play in the grass and crawl anywhere and everywhere. This summer he loved to just be outside all the time and explore, but as the weather gets colder and wetter its getting harder and harder to allow him to do so. Today was nice and so we all went outside and my friend Brooke and her daughter Breanna came over. We had alot of fun until the darn bee's came after us. they are so agressive this time of year i hate it.
anywho got some fun pictures but also a video!! Kason walks like a robot by him self but when he is holding onto something he is off like lightening. Breanna had a toy baby stroller and brought it over and Addie loved to sit in it and Breanna would push then they would switch.. well i put Addie in it and had Kason try and he LOVED it! he took off and was just super happy! he did it for a while and Addie just sat there and enjoyed the free ride!!

Pretty cute video huh?

he loved going down the sidewalk turn, sit laugh and smile then come back and start it all over again.

He LOVED it stand and hit the street light pole. it made a small banging sound and he thought that was pretty dang coolthen Addie joined in on the pole hittingthe leaves outside their house look soo cool, like they are burnt on the edges.. i had to take a picture!
i absoulty love this video because its totally Kason. He loved to make noises and attack you. after the video turned off he ended up crawling over my head and onto my back and down my legs then back again lol thats my boy!

Friday, October 03, 2008


Okay so most of you know KASON TURNED ONE!! yikes!!
his birthday was Sunday and he had his party the day before on Saturday.
We had it at the church picnic area and it was BEAUITFUL WEATHER! it was jungle theme and we had so much fun! here are pictures i stole from my sisters blog, she took all the pictures for me!! i love this! look how cute he looks! and his mohawk! thats my boy!!Kason got a sponge bob quad from Uncle Rodney and Aunt Danelle and the kiddos. If you dont know Logan LOVES sponge bob and WE love quads so this was awesome!!im a firm believer in homemade birthday cakes.. so i had to do his.. i finally found one i liked and made it.. you like?? i LOVEI made him a seperate cake to eat. First taste of this frostingafter a bit of poking at it he started to eat it... he was looking at Logan for approval....

and then he...

ATTACKED IT!!!this boy was in heaven!! and i love this!! everyone who knows me knows that i LOVE LOVE LOVE converses. I have always worn them and they were my wedding shoes so it was totally known that our baby would be wearing some too! how cute?

overall the party was awesome and we had a great time!