Tuesday, October 28, 2008

carvin time!

I love to carve pumpkins, but by the time i am almost done, im not such a big fan. good thing its only once a year right? lol
Logan has been off hunting and usually would get back tomorrow but he was nice enough to come home night and carve pumpkins with me. He isn't the biggest pumpkin carving fan, infact he really didn't want to do it, but he did because he knew i wanted him to. love that man!
Oh! also the other day Adam came over and we were messing around with my lens which is a cannon 50mm (which i got 4 years ago and NEVER worked with my camera) well guess what? it works now! crazy huh!?? so i used it tonight and I LOVE IT because it allows so much more light in and with our apartment thats a HUGE plus!!
Kason after he freed him self from his costume. yes we put him in it already.. logan is working halloween so i thought we would get him all dressed up so he could see him walk around with the monkey tail! too bad i didnt get pictures! lol
we cut open the top of Kason's pumpkin and let him dig in, which i was thinking he would LOVE and get all messy.. yeah nope.. this was his reaction... (look below)
He pulled his hand out quick and crawled away, FAST! lol he wanted nothing to do with that pumpkin.
i realized that i have not gotten any pictures of him walking, besides that video i posted a bit ago. so i snapped a couple today.. check out our baby!
(lid is on) Kason saw Logan's coke bottle and picked it up and tried to drink it like a sippy cup! lol
our finished products.. can you tell which one logan did? (hint its the spongebob lol) for someone not wanting to carve he did an amazing job, blew me out of the water.. seriously he did AWESOME! i carved an owl (yes my pumpkin is white and i LOVE it) and i carved a jack-o-lantern face for Kason's because by the time i finished my owl i was so ready to be done.
OH.. the other day while i was at the store i saw this...
and had to get it for logan. Its a Jones Soda with John McCain on it and the flavor of the soda is "pure McCain" (they use sugar cane in the soda) so its funny. logan got a good laugh from it. :)

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