Wednesday, December 23, 2009

November AND December in a nutshell

November and December have pretty much flew by on us so fast!!!
These last few months have been crazy and Kason has grown up so much and so quick!!
November was great.. the weather started to get colder and actually less wet!!
I made a schedule for Kason and I for the day.. i felt like our days were slipping by and we were getting nothing done whatsoever... so we started structering our days and it worked wonderfully!
We have a time for everything yet its still flexible to do other stuff and run late etc.
But we have been working on our colors, shapes, etc. etc. and he is soaking everything up and loves to ask what everything is now.. like colors.. he loves circles and will paint circles all the time.
Kason started spouting off sentences in the middle of November.. he has always talked well for us... and we was started to put a couple words together here and there, but then one day it was like BAM and he started chattering away in sentences we can mostly understand! his first sentence was "Mommy i made a mess, Need a towel" and he actually did need a towel! lol had hot chocolate on the kitchen chair! the other day he announced that "Cows eat grass"... it was so random!
Thanksgiving was great. We spent it with Logan's Moms side this year... tons of family, yummy food, and games.. it was alot of fun and it was nice to see everyone together.
Shortly after Thanksgiving the weather went to freezing!! i mean we got down to 6 degrees a few nights in a row! INSANE! and then during the day never got over 22! Our pipes froze one morning for over 5 hours!! I was changing out our rabbits water twice a day to keep it from freezing SOLID! the fish pond here was so thick of ice i could stand on it!
KASON IS NOW IN A BIG BOY BED! crazy!! when did my little baby boy get so big?!? we bought an awesome toddler bed almost a year ago because Kason was climbing up on EVERYTHING and we feared his crib was next... well he never climbed out until now... he woke us up one morning by just standing by our bed staring.. it was weird lol...
he lped me take down the crib and put it away and put up his new bed.. he LOVES the bed and stays in it at night and naps!! he sleeps great, even better now.. so it was not as bad as we though it would be!
We got snow in the start of December sometime.. it was just about .5in but still it was snow and not just ICE which was all we were having.. it was fun. We took Kason out (thankfully his snowsuit from last year barely fits) and he played and played in the snow and loved sliding down the slide that was snow covered.. and watching all the cows in the snow..
We have been working on art alot here and Kason has made a few ornaments for himself to put on the tree, pictures with paint, playdough and much more.. he is loving all the art time and is now asking to paint first thing in the morning!!
We are spending Christmas Eve and Day with my family this year... we hear Santa maybe stopping by my Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve!! i hope he does so Kason can say hi! He loves Santa and talks about him and knows he assocatied with Christmas...
Sunday we are to give a talk at church on Goals and Resolutions.. im not excited lol. i really dont like giving talks.. but oh well. :) im hoping for the best..
well i think i hit the basics on our livesi n the last few months and hopefully i will get WAY better at blogging!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy belated Halloween!!

I love halloween
i get that from my Dad
He LOVES halloween.
This year i really wanted to make Kason's costume, so i did! He loves COWS so what should he be for halloween? A COW!!
thats exactly what he was too. And he loved it. He is actually wearing it right now too... showing it off for my grandparents.
Isnt he the cutest cow ever?!?!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our little nudest

yeah thats right guys
kason is a nudest
he has ALWAYS hated clothes, even as an infant he would rather be naked with just a diaper in our arms and a blanket.
now he is buck naked running around eating crackers and playing cars.
great fun
i dont mind now that he is potty trained and wont pee everywhere.
plus we live in the middle of nowhere and nobody is going to just stop by and he's 2. not a big deal
anywho yeah thats my tid bit for the day
oh my bunnies are doing FAB and i have played with them away from the momma for like 10 minutes at a time and they do great!!

My nudest

yeah you read that right.. nudest.
Kason is a nudest
right now he is buck naked running round the house playing cars.
He was just refusing to wear pants but now its the undies too. He takes them off as soon as i turn my back and then runs around and plays naked.
i let him
He has always hated clothes and diapers so now that he is potty trained i let him go at it while to one is here... if someone is here of course the little man gets clothes on but until then
he is our nudest.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Digger

Since we have been in the potty training mode Kason have rarely worn pants in the house.. its just SO much easier to only pull of unides 30 times a day and not both. Anywho well he has now started to not wear pants outside and just boots... This is Kason the other day showing off his new style outside...
I think its super funny and too cute.
I was reading a book and looked over to check on Kason and saw him digging in the dirt. I called my mom quickly and told her that there is without a doubt in the entire world that Kason is 100000000000% boy because he was digging in the dirt in just undies and boots! lolThis is my favorite picture of the bunch!! just too cute!Then he was off to do something else in his undies..

Bring on the bunnies!!

So i mentioned before in one of my fabulous catch up posts :) that we have baby bunnies!!!
They are two weeks old now and doing awesome...
i thought you might like some pictures so here they are:
This is Molly- the mama rabbit This is Farley our Daddy bunny
Those are the babies in their nest at 8 days old.
This is my runt.. she/he is doing awesome!! she's not too much smaller than the rest though so thats good. I named her Amy for now... cause it reminded me of an orangecicle and my sister LOVES those.. so there ya go :)There are three here.. hard to tell they are all indetical expect one has brown markings not black.. but they are the same as the others. Their names are "little moos"This is a size comparison with my runt and my largest, the one on the right his name is Wombie cause he looks like a wombat!! ----those were all pictures of the rabbits at 8 days----This is the bunnies in their nest at almost 2 weeks!!This is Amy! She is getting bigger and is prolly my favorite out of them all... i love all the orange!Here are 2 of the 3 "little moo's" the bottom one is the one with brown markings... they are so so cute!!!! This is little Racer. He had racing stripes going down his sides but now they are more down by him bum so it looks like waves lol oh well he can still be little racerthis is little Wombie cause he looks like a Wombat to us!!This is Amy and Wombie again for a size comparison.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pee trained!

so you may ask exactly what is "pee trained" well its potty trained but with pee! lol
anywho Kason is doing excellent with going on the potty!! ZERO accidents Sunday or yesterday except 1 poopie.. we are still workin on the poop.. any suggestions?
anywho im very proud of Kason for doing this potty training stuff so young and quick!! 5 days and he was done with the pee!!

We had a great Saturday. My aunt Jean got married on Saturday so we headed over to Eatonville for the wedding and it was lovely.. outside so it was cold but it was still fun. There was a large pond with coy (is that how you spell it?) fish and he loved watching the "fifis" we then headed over to Cabelas and walked around and kason again loved the "fifis" there too. we spent an hour watching the fishes and looking at all the other animals..

Sunday sucked though. woke up with food poising (thank you long john silver!) and spent the early EARLY morning (4am) doing stuff in the bathroom that is too nasty to write in a blog lol
so im not going to

anywho well life is back to normal and we are just playing, working on the potty training (poopies) and having fun.
my baby bunnies are doing WONDERFUL and cant wait until theuy get bigger and can leave the about a week in half! :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 5 and doing great!

So as i mentioned in a previous post we are potty training!!!
I am amazed at how well he actually doing because i know boys are always harder to potty train and Kason just turned 2 so he is really young.
It started about 2 weeks ago when he wanted to sit on the potty like mommy and daddy and kept saying "i pee" and would go to the potty. So I decided it was time to just do it.
On his birthday (the 28th) i put him in just undies and told him he needed to pee in the potty.. He had alot of accidents but everytime he did he told me about it right away... so that was a step.
Everytime i had him sit in the potty he would pee. And he got jelly beans for it which he loves!!
Day two was better less accidents and he started telling me "i pee" before he went in his pants so we made it to the potty.
Day three we had his doctors appointment in Oly. We made a pit stop in shelton at logan's sisters house to use the potty. He stayed dry the whole time in the car and at the doctors office. We even went ot lunchw ith my mom and he told me everytime he had to go potty!!! We were accident free until he fell asleep on the way home and pee'd right before we got home.. oh well... he was sleeping right?
That night he was standing right by me and looks at me and says "i pee" and pee's on the floor!!! He was being a turkey and testing his boundries... he has not done that since!
Yesterday he had one accident while his cousins were over and he was busy playing and watching the wiggles and then another one late lastnight before bed i think he was just too exhausted.
SO overall he is doing AMAZING and im so proud of him!!! He only wears a diaper for nap and bedtime and i have noticed that he barely pee's in them... so hopefully that will end soon.
we are working on the poop. (sorry alot of potty talk here lol) but he is doing better!

I have also noticed that Kason is adding IE to every new word he learns!!
-wadIE (water)
-yogIE (yogurt)
-peachIE (peaches)
and so on.. its cute :)
he is also strining words together to form small sentences! yay!!
anywho i should have some pictures up eventually.. i have a bit to post :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kason is now 2!

Okay so i remember counting down the months, weeks, and days of my pregnancy and now im posting about Kason being 2!?!?!?!?!
where does the time go?
no really if you know please tell me!!
Anywho so Kason is doing wonderful. He is such a happy independent wonderful little guy. Here are some facts
-Height- 32 3/4 inches (25%)
-Weight- 30.2 lbs (30%)
-He talks up a storm here at home or in the car but usually when he is around other people other than daddy and mommy he is super quiet and wont talk until he gets use to the other around him and then he is mr. chatty
-Loves to run, jump and climb up on everything. He is still our little Monkey.
-He loves animals especially COWS or as he calls them CR-OWES. He picks grass and tells me he wants to feed the cr-owes.
-He is starting to be a big help around the hosue and picks up his toys when asked.
-LOVES LOVES the wiggles!!!! Kason has NEVER been one to sit and watch tv. Not even like 5 minutes... he would look at the screen then take off and play. Well one day we found out Kason LOVES the wiggles and will sit down and watch it over and over again... we are going out soon to buy more DVDs because this one is driving me nuts!!
-Kason is a great eater adn loves to feed himself.
-Kason is FINALLY off all his medication for his Asthma!!! yay!! he still has his enhaler incase there are emrgencies or bad colds but he doesnt have to have the daily puff anymore!! thats awesome!!
-Kason is on day 4 of potty training and its fantastic!! he is pretty much good to go.. hardly ever has an accident anymore and tells me everytime he needs to use the potty. He only wears diapers to bed. We did straight up no diapers or pull-ups just undies and he did wonderful! i highly suggest that!

Yesterday was his appointment for his 2 year and he is doing great. the doctor is super pleased with everything and says that his speech is wonderful for being just 2 and that he is pretty much potty trained is fantastic! yay!! im glad he is on course!

What have we been up to?

So it seems that everytime i get on here i say that im sorry because its been SO LONG since i last posted...
well i think its time we all get use to the fact that with my internet connection its ALWAYS going to be a LONG time between posts.
oh well.
Anywho... So Lets see what happen this summer.
-We had a great 4th of July. We had a pig roast out here with tons of people and then we did fireworks. We also camped outside with Logan's siblings and our friend Kelly and Chris. That was alot of fun. They also rode quads too.
-There was a cute calf born on the 2nd of July. A little boy named Indy (for indepence) since he was so close to the 4th
-Logan and I went to a Mariners game at the end of July. It was my first and I have to tell you im not a HUGE baseball fan but i LOVED the game it was SO MUCH FUN! THe food, smells, the games they play during plays etc. etc. it was just alot of fun
-At the end of July we had a family reunion for Logan's Dad's side. It was fun. At a park in Shelton. There were alot of people from last year we got to see again and chat with so that was good!
-In August i had my sisters oldest 3 kids out here for 4 days. that was alot of fun. they had a great time and helped out ALOT too. they are awesome kids
-Towards the end of August my sister and her kids and kason and i all went up to my Grandma McGuire's house and picked blackberries about 7 gallons!! We then made 22 pints of Jam!!! it was fun to hang out and learn something new with my sister!
-My brother and his wife bought their first house in the end of August!!! wa to go guys!! i cant wait until logan and i do that!! :)
-Labor day weekend was a blast!!! We had a ton of fun even though is poured a few times and our Tent tried to become a house boat! lol we did stay dry though. Kason loved being outside all the time and getting dirty.. he is really good at that!!!
-I ran my first 5k on September 13th!! it was awesome. I did the bank to bay in tacoma and i cant wait until next year to do it again... i do plan on doing 5ks through out the year though.
-We went to the Puyallup Fair and it was awesome. Kason loved to watch everything and eat all the junk food! lol Logan and I love the fair so it was a good time!!
-My rabbit had her second litter (first litter all died) and they are doing wonderful!!! I have 6 babies 3 black and whites, 1 all black with some brown underneath, 1 orange, and 1 brown and gray. they are a week today!!!
-Kason turned 2!! crazy!! i will post a post all about him in a few minutes...

well thats all i can think about right now... im sure i will come up with more sooner or later

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

some pictures finally

Dutchess, such a wonderful dog
Kason loves to push this toy around

and everywhere
my handsom boy

Harley Dave, a spunky fun dog

where there is water he will find it... and love itdannon is fully enjoying herself out here too.beautiful lillys

mr. kason monkey
this is the look he guves me when he wants something

these last three pictures are from my grandma's house in June. She had those beautiful flowers and then some bees wanted to enjoy them too. so i snuck in there and got some shots.
then the strawberries.. i love that white one. totally orginal.
here are the pictures as promised yesterday. there are ALOT more but i am crunched on time so maybe later!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

i have found heaven

in the form of a sandwich.
it is super yummy
and tasty
and to die for
I have found the love of
Tomato Sandwiches.
really they are.
Super simple too. All you need is:
Bread (i toast mine.. its the only way to eat them i swear)
a good helping of mayo
and of course fresh tomatos!
toast your bread and then spead a thick layer of mayo on both pieces.
slice your tomatoes about 1/4 or thicker if you like too. i put two good slices on mine. then place them on your bread and eat
they are addictive
so watch out
they are so so so goooodddddd!
i cant get enough of these. had two today lol
bad girl laura
anywho not too much going on here. Its nice and sunny outside and im taking shelter inside for some cool air for a bit.
my rabbit finally had some babies, but unfortantlly they died.. all 6. so we will try again sooner or later
one of the dogs here, Fergie, is preggo and will have her pups in the second week of September. im super excited about that.
she is a super pretty golden lab.
i have been learning how to can!! pretty cool huh!?
its not hard and scarey like i thought it would be. its fun! really im not lying
canning is fun
and the food is always SUPER yummy too. tonight we are doing peaches i believe. lastnight was tomatoes.
anywho... well i better be on my way... i will upload pictures tomorrow hopefuly!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have recently (well 5 weeks ago) started training for my first 5k that will be in September.
Check out my blog that i will update 3 times a week about my runs.
i already posted one post to explain the name.. you will understand soon enough.
check it out!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

I am alive.

I am finally updating this sad poor neglected blog.
Sorry for all those avid blog readers and stalkers. :)
Lets see...
Well we moved as i mentioned before in my last post.
The move went well. We had a lot of help and had almost everything packed which was wonderful to have accomplished. We had a lot of family help out on both ends of the move and it was nice to hang out and have my family out here after got stuff moved. We had a BBQ and swam in the pool and just hung out.
Shortly after we moved i got rabbits. Two Holland Lops, male and female.
Farley the male is orange and white and Molly the female is all gray with some white here and there.
We should have baby rabbits by the 16-23 this month. that will be exciting. we are going to sell the babies, so if anyone is looking for a nice easy going pet let me know. they wont get over 4lbs full grown and they are great with kids. Kason loves them!!
Kason is doing super well with the move and LOVES it out here. We dont have cable and we have super slow internet so we play all day and learn new songs and run around outside and play with the animals as much as possible.
Kason is picking up so much.
He just turned 22 months on July 28th.
This is more for my memory's sake that anything else-
-He is loving fruit this summer. Banana's are his favorite.
-He is repeating everything we say and do
-He loves to help clean and will run around doing what im doing (laundry, sweeping, dusting etc.)
-He is a Papa's boy. He loves his grandpa's (and grandmas) and will call for them all the time.
-He wants to wear a "papa shirt" (which we figured out was a plaid shirt) just like Larry. lol
-He is loving nursery at church and loves to play with Braxton (his cousin) and Allison (our friends little girl)
-Naps have been a struggle since we moved out here. He can hear everyone moving around and talking.. also he is taking shorter naps!! (hopefully this will stop and he will go back to long naps again! lol)
-Loves the quads and will ask to RIDE all day long and put on the big helmets.
-Loves tools. He will sit and take a screw driver and "fix" his hotwheels ride on quad for hours at a time.
-Loves to Swim. He is out in the pool more than he is not in it. He is now kicking, jumping off the ladder, and trying to lay on his back.
-He is a hat boy. He got his first baseball cap two weeks ago and wears it constantly. He actually keeps it on him too!!

SO thats enough about Kason for now :)
We got to go to a Mariners game a bit back it was AWESOME! my first one ever and it was so much fun! We were only 7 rows from the field right by first base and right feild. We were close to Ichiro!
anywho... not much else going on
OH Logan got his Aprenticeship last month!! he starts in the start of September!! we are so excited and happy for him!!
well i think i will get off and get busy finishing up Harry Potter 5!! (im re-reading all the books once again)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hey guys so ive been lame with posting, sorry.
but we are moving tomorrow!! crazy huh? so that means internet is getting disconnected today. bye bye internet!
so i have NO idea when i will be back... really none... so hang in there and take care!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toddler must haves

Okay so i read blogs where they post their must haves for this kids.
Usually infants
Well i'm posting my must haves for my toddler.
Things i would not want to live without and things that make life that much better.Playtex sippy cups.
I buy them at Target in two packs for like 6 bucks
The basic ones, not the insulated one ( i really find no need for that kind) anywho these are great and durable. Kason is a rough kid and throws his cup a lot, they have no cracked leaked or anything. I love them. They are also super easy to keep clean. Backpack leash
Kason's a monkey. Buy them at Walmart for 10 bucks.
Now i know there is alot of contraversy about putting your child on a leash, but as my Grandma McGuire put it "I rather put a kid on a leash and know where they are then searching for the little one in a crowd." Kason is independent and when we are not using a stroller he wants to walk. With the pack back he has the independence and i have the reasurence that he is safe next to me and not being taken by some stranger.BEST THINGS EVER.
Snack cups. I get them at walmart for 5 dollars for 2!
They have a lid that allows the little one to get his hands in and grab the food, but then you can tilt the cup upside down and the food doesnt come out!!! Kason is a dumper so this is wonderful! i was going through so many ziplock baggies before i found these! The lid does not come off easy either. Kason has tried. Only one sucess so far and he used his teeth! so im still convinced these babies are amazing.Amazing.
You can get them at Walmart back by the baby stuff or i think you can get a bigger bottle for the same price up by the pharmacy (not 100% on that though) anywho they are all natural and they work instantly. I dont like orel jel and neither does our dentist. Now in the list of ingredients it says coffee. heads up people they are not putting a cup of coffee in your kids medican. its from the plant. its fine. nothing horriable about it. seriously. plus its for medisional porpuses anyways.
Crayon rolls.
You can google them and find out how to make them. SUPER EASY.
i have one for kason and we use it for church and LOVE it! it helps out so much! its awesome. And he loves to sit there and take the crayons in and out.
Kason loves Chalk.
It keeps him busy outside for a while.
He will sit and color for a few minutes then stand up run around with it in his hand like a stick then sit down again and color and then do it all over again.I have not always been a huge croc fan. They are not the best looking shoes BUT they are cheap (the knock offs) at walmart for 6.00 bucks! Kason is able to get them on and off by himself and they are water proof and keep his feet cool when its warm outside. Its all about easy on and off!
There are a few more things that i just love, but to be totally honest can't think of them! lol
anywho so there you have it!!
things we love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anniversary campout!

So since out 2nd anniversary we have gone camping to celebrate it.
This year we went to Scenic Beach in Seabeck. It up by Silverdale on the Kitsap peninsula. It was so pretty and the camp ground was amazing!!!!
here are some pictures from our weekend.
On friday i picked Logan up at work and we went to Poulsbo and visited with my grandpa and grandma martinson. they were working in the family cabin that was donated to the city for tours etc.This is my Grandpa Martinson (my moms dad) He is amazing man that there are no words to describe. He is such a loving person for everyone and all things. He is super talented too at carving and many other things!They are sitting in a chair that Kason's Great Great Great Grandpa made. He built the cabin too. My Grandpa actually lived in the cabin until he was like 8 months old. They then used the cabin as the bath house :) Kason using the huge butter turner!!blurry picture but Kason kept doing this to their dog and then petting him!Kason loves to give tickles now. He will run up and tickle you and say "iggle iggle iggle"Dannon missed them!
this is what you see when you drive out the campground. Its amazing! this is as the sun is setting.
my camera died after this so i didnt get pictures of us camping, but it was so much fun
Kason loved playing in the dirt and running around. We brought his quad and he loved it! There was also a robin's nest with eggs in it in a bush at our campsite! it was so cool! :)
we had a great time and cant wait for next year!!