Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 5 and doing great!

So as i mentioned in a previous post we are potty training!!!
I am amazed at how well he actually doing because i know boys are always harder to potty train and Kason just turned 2 so he is really young.
It started about 2 weeks ago when he wanted to sit on the potty like mommy and daddy and kept saying "i pee" and would go to the potty. So I decided it was time to just do it.
On his birthday (the 28th) i put him in just undies and told him he needed to pee in the potty.. He had alot of accidents but everytime he did he told me about it right away... so that was a step.
Everytime i had him sit in the potty he would pee. And he got jelly beans for it which he loves!!
Day two was better less accidents and he started telling me "i pee" before he went in his pants so we made it to the potty.
Day three we had his doctors appointment in Oly. We made a pit stop in shelton at logan's sisters house to use the potty. He stayed dry the whole time in the car and at the doctors office. We even went ot lunchw ith my mom and he told me everytime he had to go potty!!! We were accident free until he fell asleep on the way home and pee'd right before we got home.. oh well... he was sleeping right?
That night he was standing right by me and looks at me and says "i pee" and pee's on the floor!!! He was being a turkey and testing his boundries... he has not done that since!
Yesterday he had one accident while his cousins were over and he was busy playing and watching the wiggles and then another one late lastnight before bed i think he was just too exhausted.
SO overall he is doing AMAZING and im so proud of him!!! He only wears a diaper for nap and bedtime and i have noticed that he barely pee's in them... so hopefully that will end soon.
we are working on the poop. (sorry alot of potty talk here lol) but he is doing better!

I have also noticed that Kason is adding IE to every new word he learns!!
-wadIE (water)
-yogIE (yogurt)
-peachIE (peaches)
and so on.. its cute :)
he is also strining words together to form small sentences! yay!!
anywho i should have some pictures up eventually.. i have a bit to post :)

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