Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bring on the bunnies!!

So i mentioned before in one of my fabulous catch up posts :) that we have baby bunnies!!!
They are two weeks old now and doing awesome...
i thought you might like some pictures so here they are:
This is Molly- the mama rabbit This is Farley our Daddy bunny
Those are the babies in their nest at 8 days old.
This is my runt.. she/he is doing awesome!! she's not too much smaller than the rest though so thats good. I named her Amy for now... cause it reminded me of an orangecicle and my sister LOVES those.. so there ya go :)There are three here.. hard to tell they are all indetical expect one has brown markings not black.. but they are the same as the others. Their names are "little moos"This is a size comparison with my runt and my largest, the one on the right his name is Wombie cause he looks like a wombat!! ----those were all pictures of the rabbits at 8 days----This is the bunnies in their nest at almost 2 weeks!!This is Amy! She is getting bigger and is prolly my favorite out of them all... i love all the orange!Here are 2 of the 3 "little moo's" the bottom one is the one with brown markings... they are so so cute!!!! This is little Racer. He had racing stripes going down his sides but now they are more down by him bum so it looks like waves lol oh well he can still be little racerthis is little Wombie cause he looks like a Wombat to us!!This is Amy and Wombie again for a size comparison.

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