Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toddler must haves

Okay so i read blogs where they post their must haves for this kids.
Usually infants
Well i'm posting my must haves for my toddler.
Things i would not want to live without and things that make life that much better.Playtex sippy cups.
I buy them at Target in two packs for like 6 bucks
The basic ones, not the insulated one ( i really find no need for that kind) anywho these are great and durable. Kason is a rough kid and throws his cup a lot, they have no cracked leaked or anything. I love them. They are also super easy to keep clean. Backpack leash
Kason's a monkey. Buy them at Walmart for 10 bucks.
Now i know there is alot of contraversy about putting your child on a leash, but as my Grandma McGuire put it "I rather put a kid on a leash and know where they are then searching for the little one in a crowd." Kason is independent and when we are not using a stroller he wants to walk. With the pack back he has the independence and i have the reasurence that he is safe next to me and not being taken by some stranger.BEST THINGS EVER.
Snack cups. I get them at walmart for 5 dollars for 2!
They have a lid that allows the little one to get his hands in and grab the food, but then you can tilt the cup upside down and the food doesnt come out!!! Kason is a dumper so this is wonderful! i was going through so many ziplock baggies before i found these! The lid does not come off easy either. Kason has tried. Only one sucess so far and he used his teeth! so im still convinced these babies are amazing.Amazing.
You can get them at Walmart back by the baby stuff or i think you can get a bigger bottle for the same price up by the pharmacy (not 100% on that though) anywho they are all natural and they work instantly. I dont like orel jel and neither does our dentist. Now in the list of ingredients it says coffee. heads up people they are not putting a cup of coffee in your kids medican. its from the plant. its fine. nothing horriable about it. seriously. plus its for medisional porpuses anyways.
Crayon rolls.
You can google them and find out how to make them. SUPER EASY.
i have one for kason and we use it for church and LOVE it! it helps out so much! its awesome. And he loves to sit there and take the crayons in and out.
Kason loves Chalk.
It keeps him busy outside for a while.
He will sit and color for a few minutes then stand up run around with it in his hand like a stick then sit down again and color and then do it all over again.I have not always been a huge croc fan. They are not the best looking shoes BUT they are cheap (the knock offs) at walmart for 6.00 bucks! Kason is able to get them on and off by himself and they are water proof and keep his feet cool when its warm outside. Its all about easy on and off!
There are a few more things that i just love, but to be totally honest can't think of them! lol
anywho so there you have it!!
things we love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anniversary campout!

So since out 2nd anniversary we have gone camping to celebrate it.
This year we went to Scenic Beach in Seabeck. It up by Silverdale on the Kitsap peninsula. It was so pretty and the camp ground was amazing!!!!
here are some pictures from our weekend.
On friday i picked Logan up at work and we went to Poulsbo and visited with my grandpa and grandma martinson. they were working in the family cabin that was donated to the city for tours etc.This is my Grandpa Martinson (my moms dad) He is amazing man that there are no words to describe. He is such a loving person for everyone and all things. He is super talented too at carving and many other things!They are sitting in a chair that Kason's Great Great Great Grandpa made. He built the cabin too. My Grandpa actually lived in the cabin until he was like 8 months old. They then used the cabin as the bath house :) Kason using the huge butter turner!!blurry picture but Kason kept doing this to their dog and then petting him!Kason loves to give tickles now. He will run up and tickle you and say "iggle iggle iggle"Dannon missed them!
this is what you see when you drive out the campground. Its amazing! this is as the sun is setting.
my camera died after this so i didnt get pictures of us camping, but it was so much fun
Kason loved playing in the dirt and running around. We brought his quad and he loved it! There was also a robin's nest with eggs in it in a bush at our campsite! it was so cool! :)
we had a great time and cant wait for next year!!


So this year for Mother's day the boys sent my sister, mom, sister in law, and myself on an overnight trip to SEASIDE! it was amazing!!!
They told us to be ready as a certain time not knowing what we were doing, then they called at the time we were to be ready and told us we had 15 minutes to pack for over night!
We then got picked up by my dad and then we got my mom. We were given a GPS and told to follow it. It took us to SEASIDE! it was amazing!! We shopped, ate, swam, and just relaxed with NO KIDS!
it was my first time away over night from Kason but it was nice! :) I was a bit nervous but once i started to enjoy the sun and fun of being with the girls it was amazing!!!
here are some pictures.. straight from the camera! i will make them look better later! lol

This is the view from our Balcony. We were right on the beach! it was awesome!!
We went to Cannon Beach and got pictures of Haystack rock! it was fun! When we got there it was sunny and then the clouds came and got all windy and cold! we cut the walk short and went shopping! loli love this shot! it looks like the grass runs into the water.. it doesnt but its still cool looking
the wind was crazy... my poor hair!it was amazing weekend and i was so grateful to spend that time with the girls and thankful that boys were so thoughtful and awesome!!!

anniversary dinner

May 7th was our 4th anniversary!
We didn't go out because we were planning a camping trip (post coming soon)
So i made home made pizza and we had a picnic on our living room floor! it was yummy and fun!

Instant mom of 5!

So in the beginning of April Amy and Eric (my sister and brother in law) went to Hawaii for a week and a half.
We stayed at their house and watched their 4 kids. It was crazy but alot of fun! I loved watching her kids and they sure kept me busy! :)
We went to many parks, grandma's house, great grandma's house, the YMCA and did lots of things at home. Here are a few pics from that adventure!

Marine Science Center

at the end of March we went and spent the night at my Grandma and Grandpa McGuire's house. It was alot of fun hanging out with them and Kason getting to know them alot better. On Friday we went to the Marine Science Center in Poulsbo. Its amazing. It has a cool touch tank, big octopus and other sea creatures.Kason loved this fish. It was just a normal ugly fish! lol i think a trout or something. Anywho it was in the corner of the science center and he kept going back to it and watching it and poking at the tank! it was cuteMy cousin Emily came too! it was nice to see her again and Kason loved hanging out with her. Here they are touching a sea cucumber!they have this huge Octopus named Sam. He is about 4 or 5 years old and soon they are going to release him back where they got him when he was a baby. He was so cool and HUGE!here is the touch tank!! it had so much to touch!!
We actually went back the next week when i had all Amy's kids. They all LOVED it! such a neat place!

Big boy..

So back in march we went to Target and i got some popcorn for us to munch on.
On the way home i turned around and saw this:then i thought
time fly's too fast!!!