Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First trip to the Dentist!!

Back in March right before Kason's 18 month mark he got to go to the dentist.
They are all saying that once kids get teeth that they need to be seen by a dentist.
So we took him on in.
He loved the waiting room! it had lots of leggos and books.
Then we go back there and when they are that little they have the parent sit in the chair, sideways so my feet on are the ground and then i had to place Kason on my lap facing me, and then lay him down.
My knees where against the dentists knee's and kason's head as on the dentists legs. I guess this is the best way to get him to sit still and the dentist can see in his mouth.
He said everything was good and Kason didn't even bite him! i was scared he would clamp down! lol
We did find out he has a fused tooth. Which is when two teeth are really one. Its kinda like a tree trunk and then it splits into two branches.
Nothing to worry about it will fall out like normal, and sometimes when they get their new teeth it will only grow back one and he will be missing one. something to worry about later.He got a ducky for being a good boy and a sticker.
He wouldn't let me brush his teeth for a few days after this.. lol

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