Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So this year for Mother's day the boys sent my sister, mom, sister in law, and myself on an overnight trip to SEASIDE! it was amazing!!!
They told us to be ready as a certain time not knowing what we were doing, then they called at the time we were to be ready and told us we had 15 minutes to pack for over night!
We then got picked up by my dad and then we got my mom. We were given a GPS and told to follow it. It took us to SEASIDE! it was amazing!! We shopped, ate, swam, and just relaxed with NO KIDS!
it was my first time away over night from Kason but it was nice! :) I was a bit nervous but once i started to enjoy the sun and fun of being with the girls it was amazing!!!
here are some pictures.. straight from the camera! i will make them look better later! lol

This is the view from our Balcony. We were right on the beach! it was awesome!!
We went to Cannon Beach and got pictures of Haystack rock! it was fun! When we got there it was sunny and then the clouds came and got all windy and cold! we cut the walk short and went shopping! loli love this shot! it looks like the grass runs into the water.. it doesnt but its still cool looking
the wind was crazy... my poor hair!it was amazing weekend and i was so grateful to spend that time with the girls and thankful that boys were so thoughtful and awesome!!!


Jessi B. said...

I must say, those boys are keepers! Amazing idea to tell you to follow the GPS. :)

Amy said...

Geez! Happy mother's day to you! I love the sandy feet pictures...remember when we buried our legs in the sand? So cool!

Also, I'm loving your hair, it's adorable!