Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anniversary campout!

So since out 2nd anniversary we have gone camping to celebrate it.
This year we went to Scenic Beach in Seabeck. It up by Silverdale on the Kitsap peninsula. It was so pretty and the camp ground was amazing!!!!
here are some pictures from our weekend.
On friday i picked Logan up at work and we went to Poulsbo and visited with my grandpa and grandma martinson. they were working in the family cabin that was donated to the city for tours etc.This is my Grandpa Martinson (my moms dad) He is amazing man that there are no words to describe. He is such a loving person for everyone and all things. He is super talented too at carving and many other things!They are sitting in a chair that Kason's Great Great Great Grandpa made. He built the cabin too. My Grandpa actually lived in the cabin until he was like 8 months old. They then used the cabin as the bath house :) Kason using the huge butter turner!!blurry picture but Kason kept doing this to their dog and then petting him!Kason loves to give tickles now. He will run up and tickle you and say "iggle iggle iggle"Dannon missed them!
this is what you see when you drive out the campground. Its amazing! this is as the sun is setting.
my camera died after this so i didnt get pictures of us camping, but it was so much fun
Kason loved playing in the dirt and running around. We brought his quad and he loved it! There was also a robin's nest with eggs in it in a bush at our campsite! it was so cool! :)
we had a great time and cant wait for next year!!

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Amy said...

Happy anniversary! You guys have some INCREDIBLE camping spots. :) Congrats!