Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So i was making a 7 layer bean dip for dinner.
I layered my meat and beans and other things in my 8x8 glass pan and set it on the front burner that was OFF.
i then needed to heat something up on the BACK burner.
Well a few minutes later the contents in my 8x8 glass pan is bubbling!
i realized i had turned on the FRONT burner instead of the back one! i know my glass pan is not to be on a burner so i quickly grab it with hot pads and place it on some hot pads on the counter... then about 3 minutes later i was thinking "maybe i shouldn't have moved it..." then
the glass cracks! and explodes the food EVERYWHERE!
yeah i had bean dip all over! and glass
Glass was everywhere too.
it was bad.
Good thing Kason was safe in his highchair far away from the mess.lesson learned: double check what burner im using!

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Amy said...

Sick! I wish I could say I've never done anything like that....I can't. I have.