Monday, June 30, 2008

good morning!!

This morning is so beautiful outside, that it just is impossible to have a bad morning! lol.
I even forgot my purse at home and had to turn around on the way to work and get it, but i didnt mind!!
Anywho.. i got this shirt at Wal-mart a bit ago for Kason and its so stinkin cute i had to take a picture of it for you all to see.
His binky clip cut off part of it. It says "Frogs and Snails and puppy dog tails". I havn't heard this phrase that way. i always heard it this way- "snips and snails and puppy dog tails" but its still cute.
Also as i was taking pictures Ethan (the 5 year old i nanny) decided he wanted to read to Kason. He is such a great helper. He loves playing with Kason, reading to him, and even feeding him when im so busy and Kason is screaming his head off for another bite. I am really lucky to be able to watch Ethan!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

boys best friend

so i have been wanting to post about this for a while, just really haven't gotten the right pictures, until yesterday afternoon.
This is a true story about a boy and his dog, Dannon.
Lol those two are so cute together!! Dannon usually does not like kids poking at her, and climbing all over her. She wont bite them or anything but she will usually give out a low growl. But with Kason she let's him climb all over her most of the time, or she just walks away. He loved to poke at her ears and try to eat her. Recently Dannon has discovered that Kason eats snacks, besides his baby food or fruit puffs (which she refuses to eat! lol).
Yesterday i gave Kason a bag of crackers, just to see what he would do with them. He loved the bag, and then discovered what was inside, FOOD! he loved crackers!! so of course away he goes at eating his cracker, then Dannon smells something, crawls out from beneath her comfy blankets and pillows and faithfully stands at his side, waiting for a fallen cracker.FOOD? as soon as this kid sees food he is all for it!
yumma!!! and Dannon is sniffing around for some on the floor.
OOPS!! one fell, and they both just stare at it.
The stare down.
Who will get it first???
Dannon. Poor Kason was so mad at her for taking the mushy baby drooled cracker. As you can see Dannon is all blurry in the back because she is running away fast!!

No worries, Kason did get more crackers!
On another note. Kason got in TWO teeth a few weeks ago, and i totally spaced on writing it on here. Finally my baby has some teeth. I didn't care whether he got them earlier or later than most kiddo's, but it has been hard finding foods he can mush with his gums. Kason loves table food and and chunky babyfood. none of that smooth stuff anymore. this kid loves to chew!!
and i love this picture because i was trying to get a shot of his teeth, but he wouldn't open up enough. but its still a super cute picture of Kason.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

9 months?

Kason will be 9 months on Saturday... weird.
he got weighed and measured today.
19lbs 5oz (10lbs since birth!)
28inches (7.5inches since birth)
He is doing very well. right on track.
he is 25% for height 50% weight and 75% for head size (its logan's fault! lol)
we did find out though he has a double ear infection. weird. he hasn't been really fussy or anything.
his asthma is still ongoing. he gets his meds twice a day now. but she did say that he sounds alot better than usual. YAY!

Some of the things Kason does:
crawls (army and regular)
pulls up on stuff
found our DVD player!
loves books
can go from crawling to sitting
eats table foods and loves it!
I'm sure there is more, but im tired! lol
Kason got his first tooth brush today!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thats better

thats how summer is suppose to be right? about time.
We have defiently been taking advantage of the weather.
Friday was beautiful. We had our friends Chris and Kelly and their daugher Allison over for BBQ and then we headed over to Long Lake to swim. When we got there the sun had gone behind the tree's and it was shady. the water was a bit cold, but not bad. Kason even went in. He loved it.
Saturday we had our 2nd annual fathers day bike ride. The boys had to do a bunch of things which included-mini golfing, counting prairie dogs, quading, and much more. It ended with a super yummy bacon burger dinner.
Sunday was beautiful. Logan and I went to the park with his side of the family for a picnic and to say goodbye to his dad and step mom for 4 months, they are going to San diego for work. Lucky Ducks.
Monday was also beautiful!
Tuesday was great. We went downtown to the fountain and Ethan went in and played and the babies and i watched. Kason liked crawling on the wet ground, but as soon as the water got him he gave us dirty looks! lol it was funny.
Then logan and I made fried rice and went to the lake again with Carrie and Brinnon. The sun was out almost the whole time this time and the water was a bit warmer. The kids both loved it. Brinnon's first time in a lake.
Tonight not too much planned, laundry at my moms. she has a nice cool downstairs in her house. yay!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hybrid fruits.. who knew???

I have heard of it before, mixing fruit together, but never really tried any myself. Well the other day while shopping at walmart for soup for Logan when he caught my flu bug, i wondered around the produce section looking for some fruit for Kason. I got this mesh thing to put chunks of food in, and he chews on it and gets all the flavor but doesn't choke! pretty cool i thought. so anywho while shopping i saw plums, well what i thought was plums until i noticed they weren't as dark and too red to be plums. the sign said Pluots. im like What? so i bought a few got home and googled it (gotta love google). A pluot is 3/4 plum 1/4 apricot. Pretty cool huh? they taste mighty yummy too, very strong flavor. There are also Plumcots- 1/2plum 1/2apricot.
well here is a picture i took of the pluot for you all to see. the inside is REALLY red!

i bought three, two that were darker red on the outside and one that was lighter. this was the lighter one. i noticed that the darker they are the more flavor they have.
my hungry boy waiting for mommy to give him his fruit! looks so bored there. loland there Kason is eating his first Pluot. YUMMY! he loved it alot. I also gave him Mango the other day and he LOVED it! counldn't refil his mesh thing fast enough.

Monday, June 09, 2008


okay seriously is this a joke? haha joke over now.
it is June 9th and its POURING RAIN outside and COLD!
what the heck??? that forecast is this week. JUNE 10-16th!!

This time last year i was huge and preggo and sweating like CRAZY! I was constantly making slushies, putting out the sprinkler for Ethan and the neighborhood kiddos. We were often going down to the water fountain in Olympia, and the babies where in just diapers all day long.

This time around- kason is in jeans and long sleeves. Addie is wearing thick pants and sweaters. Ethan went to school in a jacket. there is no need for slushies, sprinklers, or shorts.
My cute Capri's i bought when we had a week of beautiful weather a couple months back are folded up in my dresser begging to come out.
so if anyone with the special ability to change the weather, please make the NW SUNNY like it should be! thank you.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

this is for you Rae...

Rae complained that i don't post my layouts enough.
here are some i did recently.and here are some that i did a while ago, just never put up on here.
have a great weekend everyone. Logan is off at the Sand Dunes with his brother and some buddies so its just Kason and I. So far we have had a good time, watched a movie and cuddled last night. today we went to the farmer's market with Rae and Kevin, then did some shopping. i bought me a new pair of shoes-really didn't need them-but they were pink and calling me name. i guess its my treat for not being invited to the dunes because it was a "boys weekend" blah blah blah right? lol. Kason is upstairs giggling in his crib, falling asleep and I'm off to take a nap!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

8 months

okay when did this happen?
my baby turned 8 months old!
wow seriously?
time has flown by so quickly.
lol lastnight i was talking to logan and was like "dude kason is 8months already when did that happen?"
and the smart butt that he is said "may 28th"

here is kason at 8 months:

  • army crawls everywhere
  • rolls when not crawling
  • just got into a size 3 diaper
  • eats 6 jars of babyfood a day (we dont thicken it with rice ceral or anything)
  • drinks 2-3 six ounce bottles a day
  • sleeps from 9pm until 7am on most nights
  • goes down for naps and night time with out crying
  • addicted to his binky and blanket
  • wears size three shoe
  • wears 3-9months clothing (depends on the brand)
  • weighs just over 18lbs
  • is about 27inches
  • laughs all the time
  • LOVES elmo
  • sits in the grocery cart with out his carseat
  • gabbers all the time
  • love crackers, fruit puffs, rice rusks, anything that he can get his hands on
  • uses an enhaler every day for his daily dose of steriod for asthma

over all Kason is getting big and it makes me happy but sad at the same time.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

gotta share

a quick share of a layout i did tonight.
its been forever since i did a late night scrap. Use to do them all the time, now im too pooped to do anything past 9:00pm.this kit is at
its called ROBO-BUGGY by Shawna Clingerman and Zoe Pearn
i love it! and the colors were perfect for these pictures of Kason about a month ago in his jumper he loves so much.
hope you all had a great Saturday.
we did. Logan did some home work and i cleaned and organized our apartment.
Had a BBQ with our friends Chris and Kelly and their little girl Allison.
Watched a lamo movie
Finally met our new neighbor, cool guy.
And just had a great relaxing day with out any plans, its been months since we had one of these.