Sunday, June 29, 2008

boys best friend

so i have been wanting to post about this for a while, just really haven't gotten the right pictures, until yesterday afternoon.
This is a true story about a boy and his dog, Dannon.
Lol those two are so cute together!! Dannon usually does not like kids poking at her, and climbing all over her. She wont bite them or anything but she will usually give out a low growl. But with Kason she let's him climb all over her most of the time, or she just walks away. He loved to poke at her ears and try to eat her. Recently Dannon has discovered that Kason eats snacks, besides his baby food or fruit puffs (which she refuses to eat! lol).
Yesterday i gave Kason a bag of crackers, just to see what he would do with them. He loved the bag, and then discovered what was inside, FOOD! he loved crackers!! so of course away he goes at eating his cracker, then Dannon smells something, crawls out from beneath her comfy blankets and pillows and faithfully stands at his side, waiting for a fallen cracker.FOOD? as soon as this kid sees food he is all for it!
yumma!!! and Dannon is sniffing around for some on the floor.
OOPS!! one fell, and they both just stare at it.
The stare down.
Who will get it first???
Dannon. Poor Kason was so mad at her for taking the mushy baby drooled cracker. As you can see Dannon is all blurry in the back because she is running away fast!!

No worries, Kason did get more crackers!
On another note. Kason got in TWO teeth a few weeks ago, and i totally spaced on writing it on here. Finally my baby has some teeth. I didn't care whether he got them earlier or later than most kiddo's, but it has been hard finding foods he can mush with his gums. Kason loves table food and and chunky babyfood. none of that smooth stuff anymore. this kid loves to chew!!
and i love this picture because i was trying to get a shot of his teeth, but he wouldn't open up enough. but its still a super cute picture of Kason.

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Shawna said...

HAHAHA! SOOOO sweet!!!

look at how blue Kason's eyes are too!!! sooooo pretty! :)