Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hybrid fruits.. who knew???

I have heard of it before, mixing fruit together, but never really tried any myself. Well the other day while shopping at walmart for soup for Logan when he caught my flu bug, i wondered around the produce section looking for some fruit for Kason. I got this mesh thing to put chunks of food in, and he chews on it and gets all the flavor but doesn't choke! pretty cool i thought. so anywho while shopping i saw plums, well what i thought was plums until i noticed they weren't as dark and too red to be plums. the sign said Pluots. im like What? so i bought a few got home and googled it (gotta love google). A pluot is 3/4 plum 1/4 apricot. Pretty cool huh? they taste mighty yummy too, very strong flavor. There are also Plumcots- 1/2plum 1/2apricot.
well here is a picture i took of the pluot for you all to see. the inside is REALLY red!

i bought three, two that were darker red on the outside and one that was lighter. this was the lighter one. i noticed that the darker they are the more flavor they have.
my hungry boy waiting for mommy to give him his fruit! looks so bored there. loland there Kason is eating his first Pluot. YUMMY! he loved it alot. I also gave him Mango the other day and he LOVED it! counldn't refil his mesh thing fast enough.

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