Friday, May 27, 2005

My Mom

Posted by Hello This isnt the best picture of my Mom, but i dont think it matters though... a picture doesnt confirm who a person is, and if a picture were to do that, then it would be one huge and beautiful picture. I love my Mom so much, and since i was on my honeymoon i wasnt able to give her a real mothers day thank you. A thank you for all the years she put up with not only me, but my siblings as well. If she hadnt done such a great job, then everyone wouldnt be as wonderful as they are. Yeah we get in little arguements, but we love eachother and i wouldnt want any of them to change.. but back to my Mom. She has done alot for this family.. when she was first married, my dad was in the military and they moved ALOT... and she dealed with not being with her family on christmas, or birthdays, or thankgiving... she made do with what they had. She was and still is strong.. my dad left and went over seas for a while and during that time my brother Adam broke his Femur from falling off a vacuum, which has to take some talent! lol :), anywho... and she was able to be calm and deal with it and take him to the doctor... My mom has so many talents in crafts, and she's a good singer.. but more important she's a good listener and advice giver. If you need anything you can talk to her about it... I love just oging to movies with my mom, or sitting at home watching TV and end up getting the giggles or something that doesnt make any sense, or not even funny... She's my mother, but also she's my friend... I think its important to have both in one package, a friend and mother... most important though a mother... And in a few years when Logan and I have children.. i want to be like you mom. I want to worry over nothing so my kids can tease me, and ill just blame it on their grandmother :), but i want them to love me the way that your kids love you... we all love you Mom and THANK YOU so much for everything, even the little things, but most importantly Thank You for loving us!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I love scrapbooking, I loved to put things together around a photo to make it pop out, make more meaning to it... and when my sister introduced me to scrapbooking a few years back, i slowly got into it and i loved it alot, but then a few months back when i got into digital scrapbooking.. it was awesome! i got sucked into it right away.. it was fun cutting and pasting, erasing, changing the opacity, adding texture.. being able to have total control over something... i love digital scrapbooking.. its something i can go to and just be myself and have fun with. No one is judging you, its something i can do on my own.. something i can do with out being compared to someone else... i like it.. its so much fun to do... being able to take the photos that i love that i have taken and to make something great of it.. its awesome

Sunday, May 22, 2005


For those who know me, you know that pink hasnt been my favorite color growing up. i think that the last time that I had wore pink until my sophmore year was age 6 or 7. My mom said i would wear it anymore... and until lately I could give her millions of reasons why, but i dont know.. i dont know if its growing up or influence of Logan or even Maegan's obsession with the color, but i like it alot now.. i bought the cutest shirt :) thats pink and old navy flip-flops that are pink, anyways... I like the color now... lol.. after all the these years of depise and i end up lovin it now! hee hee... so thats the change of banner and color now... if you couldnt tell!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Reptile House

Posted by Hello The reptile house was the first place we went to when we got to the Zoo... they had so many different snakes and lizzards.. and turtles! wow they had tons of reptiles!! we loved them so much!!... i think that they was our favorite are favorites. They were so many different colors, and sizes!! the turtle on the bottom he's as big as myself! HOLY BIG TURTLE!! :) needless to say we enjoyed our selfs and had a wonderful time!

Growing Up

Posted by Hello Its been almost a year since i have graduated from my Highschool... and lately i have been thinking about highschool and the changes i have made through those 4 years and since then... I was growing through some pictures and saw some of me when i was younger, and i couldnt believe that i have changed that much in a few years.. and i like the changes i have made.. who i am today. i like that... i dont regret the choices i have made because even if they were the wrong choice they have led me to this point, of which i am loving. I have a wonderful husband, a fantastic family, and friends who love me! i feel so prevledged to have all this! This winter my husband and i are going to make a trip to move to Utah... and I'm going to miss my family so much! Of course we're coming back A.S.A.P., but we are goign to miss all our family and friends... but at the same time im so excited to go on an adventure... not knowing anyone... getting a new job, going from penny to penny... i mean yeah its going to be one of the hardest things i'll ever experience, but i want that... i want to trip and fall and learn and grow with Logan... i want to be able to lean on him when things get rough for me and vis versa... i think that this is going to hard on us both, but if we stand strong together it will be a wonderful experience that we can tell our kids about when they come along :)...

Monday, May 16, 2005


Posted by HelloForever! This picture i took of us at the zoo while waiting for the Sea Lion show to start in San Diego... it was alot of fun and we both really enjoyed it. Its been a little over a week since we have been married and I love it. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with Logan... He makes me so happy and I hope that i do the same for him. We fit together like we were ment for each other.. and i honestly believe with my whole heart that we were... that our life together was planned before we were even on earth... It hit me on our last day of our honeymoon, that yes i was married... and it didnt freak me out, it made me smile and i had such a wonderful feeling... I'm excited for whats ahead of us... i cant wait to see the world, or just my back yard, but what ever i see im glad that i will be seeing it with Logan, that we will be seeing it TOGETHER :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Today we hit Knotts Berry Farm... i love roller coasters and today i had my fill! i didnt hit them all, one of them doesnt look like its stable okay so it shoots you up like 200ft straight up and then you like twist on top and then fly back down its weird to describe, but if you go to and look on the rides... XCELERATOR.. its crazy!!! they have a new ride called the silver bullet... its a coaster where you sit and your feet dangle!! holy cow the ride is huge.... and fast and long and TONS of turns and twists and curles!! it was so much fun!!!! we are having such a wonderful time down here... its wonderful... im getting tanner and tanner and tanner each day... with some red also :) logan is getting redder and redder and redder :) apparently he doesnt tan, just burns then peals then white again!! but you gotta love em! it takes us like 20minutes to put sun screen on him and then tanning lotion on me everytime we leave our wonderful condo... its so funny! well lobby is closing gotta jet!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Heaven on Earth...

WE LOVE SAN DIEGO!!! its just wonderful here, the sun, the heat, the wonderful service of our awesome condo!! we have such an awesome pool, large hottub as the size of a small pool, and a wading pool... tonight we are swimming and we odered pizza to be delivered to us at the pool... i think this is such a cool thing!! having pizza hand delievered to us form PAPA JOHNS to the poolside!! this is so awesome!! we saw a family do this a few days ago and i just thought it was so california so i begged Logan to do it, and of course he didnt have a problem with it... yesterday we hit the zoo here in San Diego... it is HUGE and awesome i love all the animals but i fell in love with the meercats! like timone off of THE LION KING.. they were barking when we went by them it was so adorable! well gotta go and hit the water... i want to THANK MY MOM for everything she has done for me in my life, especially for these past few motnhs... things have been crazy and i love you so much! the wedding was wonderful and it could not have been so good if you had not helped out so much! HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY!

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Married, it doesnt seem so, but i am! we decorating Friday for our recption, and it was wonderful seeing how many people came out to help us make the gym look like a beautiful garden. Logan and I left early to pick up his Bestfriend Brad from the portland Airport... once we got down there we didnt even rocgnize Brad.. he looks so different!!! we hung out and tried to find the hotel, which was enteresting and a WHOLE lotta fun!!! then that night we swam with my family and our wedding partya t the pool at hte hotel.. it was so much fun.. i love to swim.. then the next morning we got married and i have never been so happy in my life... ilove Logan and i am so excited to start this journey with him... this morning we woke up at 3:30am and got ready to fly to San Diego.. which it is beautiful here!! ... so on our flight they bumped us up to FIRST CLASS!!! then when we went to pick up our rental Crystler Sibring, they gave us a convertable for no extra cost! i already have a nice color comming to my skin.. RED lol hee hee but no its wonderful here.. and i keep you posted!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

2 more days

Posted by Hello Only two more days until i am married! i am so excited... i cant wait!! everything is falling into place and im getting so excited!! this is a short entry but i have to go gotta go get 12 beta fish!!! its going to be so awesome and pretty :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just Because...

Posted by HelloOn Friday Logan surprised me with a boquet of a dozen roses... these are my favorite.. yellowish in the middle and then bright pink/orange on the outside... i think these are the best looking flowers! i love them so much... He had called me and told me he'd be over in 20 minutes, 40 minutes later i hear the bell ring and he's holding a flower he picked from a parking lot, which i thought was cute.. then after giving him a hug he pulls the roses from his back. I thought it was sweet of him.. I love you honey :)!!

New Fad

Fad have been around forever...its about time that one is finnally helpful for the cumminty, and even the world. These rubber bracelets have became so popular over the past year that is unbleiveable. I mean low rise pants have swept the country, but i think that these are a little more tasteful :)... anywho different ones help out different funds... Like the yellow one is for Cancer, the pink one for Breast Cancer. There are purple ones that say HOPE, there are blue ones that are for the tsunami relife, there are red white and blue colored ones that say SUPPORT OUR TROUPS... the original starter of this great fad is Lance Armstrong. Yes i am a victim of this fad, but im proud to wear these bright color because i want to be a supporter of researches, of foundations that help people. When i see them in the stores i look to see what they are for... some just say the name of a store, and those dont intrest me, only the ones that actually go somewhere useful... what fad is next?
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Monday, May 02, 2005

5 More Days

Posted by Hello Only five days left until Logan and I are married. I'm so excited. Everyone asks me if I'm nervous or if it has even hit me yet that I'm going to married. I tell everyone the same thing, no im not nervous and that it still hasnt hit me yet. I dont think there is anything to be nervous about... I know that Logan is my one only true love, and that there is no one out there for me but him. Our recption will be unperfect and there will be bumps here and there. With my luck i'll trip and fall infront of everyone or something like that, but that doesnt bother me or even scare me because i know what is going to result from our marriage, an eternal bond between him and I that will never be broken. I love Logan with all my heart and I'm ready to jump feet first into our new life with my hand clasped tightly in his hand. i cant wait for the hard times that will bring us closer, the times that we cant stop laughing and tears roll from our eyes. I cant wait to move to a new town and no one, knowing it will bring Logan and I closer to one another. I cant wait for all the times people warn us about. A few weeks ago Logan and I had the chance to spend a little time with an Elderly couple from my church. They have been married for quite some time now, and they told us that they were still on their honey moon. The lady told me that she loved everything that has happened to them, that it has only brought them closer to eachother, even the hardest times. It made her realize how much love she has for him. I want Logan and I to have that same love and respect for one another when we are old. I always joke with logan asking him that when im so old and wrinkled will he change my diapers, he smiles and cringes his face and says "yes honey"... i think thats love right there.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Ever feel that you have done so much in one day that it really didnt feel like 'just' one day, but more like two? Today Logan and i moved most of his things out of his apartment, let me tell you that moving out of an apartment on the second story isnt the funnest thing to do on a saturday. We have to get his couches still and TV, but thats for monday. Then after scrambling to get most things otu of the apartment we rushed home, and took showers and then i ran up to Amy's and we hung out. The boy went to Hooters and had a batcholer party for Logan, whom had a wonderful time. Rae, Carrie, My Mom, Amy, and I went to T.G.I. Friday's and then we went to Amy's and played a game called "girls night out" its like janga but when you pull out a block there is a question on it like "most embarrassing moment" or "worst first date" and then you got to pick who had to answer it. It was fun it lasted for a a while then someone kocked it down on accident and we just picked from the pile and everyone answered it. I liked it alot, it seemed for me that my mom and i got to hangout in a non-stressful enviroment and just have a good time with eachother, which is always nice and i love to do. Then the boys joined us and we had Cold Stone Ice Cream. I was going to try something new instead of my regular, but i failed on that one. I got there and was like "ill get the usual" which is CAKE BATTER AND COOKIE DOUGH, you may frown and say thats nasty, but trust me its so yummy!! oh man i love that stuff :) anywho well that was my wonderful day, but im excited for tomorrow. It's Logan and mine's last sunday at the branch, and so we are sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we know we will see them all again. Only 6 more days until we get married!! i'm super excited! this may come off as weird, but it still hasnt hit me yet that im getting married. i've talked to a few people and they said it was about 2-3 weeks later it had it them that they were married. Prolly be around the same for me... nite