Monday, May 02, 2005

5 More Days

Posted by Hello Only five days left until Logan and I are married. I'm so excited. Everyone asks me if I'm nervous or if it has even hit me yet that I'm going to married. I tell everyone the same thing, no im not nervous and that it still hasnt hit me yet. I dont think there is anything to be nervous about... I know that Logan is my one only true love, and that there is no one out there for me but him. Our recption will be unperfect and there will be bumps here and there. With my luck i'll trip and fall infront of everyone or something like that, but that doesnt bother me or even scare me because i know what is going to result from our marriage, an eternal bond between him and I that will never be broken. I love Logan with all my heart and I'm ready to jump feet first into our new life with my hand clasped tightly in his hand. i cant wait for the hard times that will bring us closer, the times that we cant stop laughing and tears roll from our eyes. I cant wait to move to a new town and no one, knowing it will bring Logan and I closer to one another. I cant wait for all the times people warn us about. A few weeks ago Logan and I had the chance to spend a little time with an Elderly couple from my church. They have been married for quite some time now, and they told us that they were still on their honey moon. The lady told me that she loved everything that has happened to them, that it has only brought them closer to eachother, even the hardest times. It made her realize how much love she has for him. I want Logan and I to have that same love and respect for one another when we are old. I always joke with logan asking him that when im so old and wrinkled will he change my diapers, he smiles and cringes his face and says "yes honey"... i think thats love right there.

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Amy said...

:) I'm getting excited for you!