Friday, May 27, 2005

My Mom

Posted by Hello This isnt the best picture of my Mom, but i dont think it matters though... a picture doesnt confirm who a person is, and if a picture were to do that, then it would be one huge and beautiful picture. I love my Mom so much, and since i was on my honeymoon i wasnt able to give her a real mothers day thank you. A thank you for all the years she put up with not only me, but my siblings as well. If she hadnt done such a great job, then everyone wouldnt be as wonderful as they are. Yeah we get in little arguements, but we love eachother and i wouldnt want any of them to change.. but back to my Mom. She has done alot for this family.. when she was first married, my dad was in the military and they moved ALOT... and she dealed with not being with her family on christmas, or birthdays, or thankgiving... she made do with what they had. She was and still is strong.. my dad left and went over seas for a while and during that time my brother Adam broke his Femur from falling off a vacuum, which has to take some talent! lol :), anywho... and she was able to be calm and deal with it and take him to the doctor... My mom has so many talents in crafts, and she's a good singer.. but more important she's a good listener and advice giver. If you need anything you can talk to her about it... I love just oging to movies with my mom, or sitting at home watching TV and end up getting the giggles or something that doesnt make any sense, or not even funny... She's my mother, but also she's my friend... I think its important to have both in one package, a friend and mother... most important though a mother... And in a few years when Logan and I have children.. i want to be like you mom. I want to worry over nothing so my kids can tease me, and ill just blame it on their grandmother :), but i want them to love me the way that your kids love you... we all love you Mom and THANK YOU so much for everything, even the little things, but most importantly Thank You for loving us!!


AmyG said...

:) This was really nice Laura.

Hi Mom! Ditto what she said :) All four of really are lucky.

mom said...

Wow Laura, what a great mothers day gift. your words meant more to me that any store bought gift you could have given to me. Thank you so much. I'm so thankful for the relationship we have. I know that it will only grow closer as the years go by. I look forward to your kids saying you worry to much :) that will be a funny day when your comments to your kids echo the words of your mother. You will find yourself saying " I sound just like my mom" that too is a complement in it's self. I guess if you compare my singing to dad you could say I sing good lol, other wise I really don't think so :) but thank you for the complement, and no ofence to your dad, he tries and he's not afraid to sing out with true feeling and thats whats important right. I love you so much. Thanks again, love mom OXOXOX