Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey Everyone!

Posted by Picasa Hey everyone hows it all goin? we took this picture on Sunday night when we decorated our cute Christmas Tree, yes ill post a picture of that too by tomorrow! :) anywho... just wanted to give you all an update. We are doing great, weather is ok.. snow here and there and ice everywhere! lol but we are getting use to the drivers here lol.. they are very scarey and the funny thing is most of them know it! lol... We are loving our apartment, each day we get it to look more like us.. busy schedules equal neglected apartment! lol... but thats ok cause its coming along. Im not sure what else to say here lol thats pretty much our little update lol.. we are loving Utah but we miss home too.. miss all the GREEN! So anywho... yeah, well have a wonderful day you all! and we miss you so much!!
(yes we both know logan looks funny in this picture lol.. but its still a cute one lol)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A year ago...

Posted by Picasa I wanted to do this post in October, since this is when Amy took this pic (last year though) but with moving and everything i totally forgot about it until this morning... A year ago i was fresh out of High School, enjoying my new job in an office rather than in TacoBell. I was excited to enjoy life, and just be myself. Fernanda had just moved in and we were having fun. I was finally jumping into the singles branch and going to activities out side of just Sunday. I was meeting new friends and figuring out how much life held for me. As OCtober ending and the months blended together I met Logan, the love of my Eternity. He was the first boyfriend who treated me like something other than crud and i was enjoying it, not thinking that it would lead to marriage, best choice of my life. Shortly After Christmas and the New Years we got engadged and things got busy! Dresses, flowers, colors, Attitudes, craziness, stubborness, and pure Love of my family dealing with me! lol... March i turned 19!! and then May 7, 2005 i was sealed for all time and eternity to Logan! I couldnt have been any more happy! We flew off the San Diego and enjoyed the sun, surf, and all the sites we went to. Getting home, and getting into my new job as a Nanny was an adjustment. Living with my parents, being married, and starting a new job was a little more hectic and stressful than i thought, but thanks mom and dad for not kicking me out and dealin with me! lol i love you!! I became a Nanny to the most wonderful child that i could nanny, Addison taught me so much in life and im never going to forget any of it. Agust came and i flew off to Utah to check it out and get the feel of what was around me. I started to LOVE it, then i had to go back home, say goodbye to Addison then Logan and i drove back to Utah to find an apartment, jobs and figure out our life. Once we got settled we drove back. Said goodbye to loved ones, family, friends, and everyone around us. We packed up and moved 4 states away to Utah. Never ever living out side of Washington i was scared but i was able to do it. These past 2 1/2 months has been wonderful! im turely grateful for Logan and the love he has for me, and for my family and the love they have for us and the support! thank you everyone!! Well im going to go, but iwanted to write about my year, and im sure all of you know about it all ready lol but that was a nice reminder lol! love you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Im Alive

Hey been a few days and i feel like im really slacking! lol... saturday logan and i went to the Olive Garden for soup and salad, cheap and totally hit the spot! lol favorite place!!!!!! Anywho and then we got some thing done, and hopefully tonight we are getting a tree! YAY!! anywho short, but im ill write more later!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tis the week of Rings and Prayers!!

You ask why? well so far this week i lost my black CTR thumb ring and after a night of praying constantly and nightmares i found the ring, in my pant leg? yes my pantleg of my jeans the weirdest spot but it was there. I dont know if it was heavenly fathers doings, or what, but i am super thankful for finding it. The night before i found it i had taken a shower and our drain in our tub is open... so its so easy for something to fall down the drain and go un noticed. Well i finally found my beloved ring and life was normal until.. this morning. As i am sitting here on the computer as logan is taking a shower, then i hear a cling cling and then logan screaming "NO NO NO" and i immeditaly know what had happened. i run into the bathroom and i calmly said "please tell me that wasnt your wedding ring" and guess what yah it was his wonderful ring! so i quickly call where we got the ring to find out that our warrently doesnt cover lost. But after constant prayers logan thinks about going under neath the apartment and looking in the pipes. He goes gets the keys from the manager and goes down under. I hear CLANK CLANK CLANK and then i yell did you get it? and guess what YES!!! HE FOUND THE RING!! We are so lucky and thankful for these two rings!!! now i posted a sign that says NO RINGS ALLOWED right as you walk past the sink to take a shower... so we have learned our lessons!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

LayOut of Matthew

did this one of matthew this morning... miss you guys all so much!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is a LO i did of maegan this morning...  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I did a LO this morning about me bein 19 and everything... i just liked how it turned out...
Lastnight logan and i hit the dollar theater... we saw THE CORPS BRIDE, its a cute movie. I like Tim Burton's take on clay movies. His characters are so neat. Anywho... just wanted to say hello again... Its snowing outside like mad and its beautiful! im so excited to walk home in it tonight... its exciting to me! hee hee... anywho.. Not much else to chat about.. oh.. i think im going to make cookies tonight and get my apartment smelling like yummy christmas time!! dont know what ill do with all the cookies, recipe makes like 40+... maybe ill give some to my neighbors :) anywho well i hope you all are enjoying winter so far. I miss you all!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Quick Hello

I just anted to say hello, its been a while since i wrote something instead of a quick picture and a little blurb of something. Update from Utah:: SNOW! we love snow!! im lovin waking up and being so excited like Christmas morning, and running to my window that looks out front and peaking through the blinds to see snow, and usually its there but old snow. But there have been mornings when im totally surprised by a blanket of fresh powdery snow! Anywho Turkey day was great! yummy turkey and lots of fun!... Wensday i got sick ick! Stomach FLu something i wish not on anyone! Sunday Logan, BRad, Diana and i all went to the Christmas Devontional and it was amazing! so Spititual i loved it! Totally brought in the real christmas spirit. We got Christmas Lights and our awesome star on Saturday... I cant wait to get our tree!! Anywho we are doing great. We love it here but miss everyone back home so much! love you all!! I have to go sorry!! work calls!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I love this Man! Posted by Picasa