Monday, December 05, 2005

Quick Hello

I just anted to say hello, its been a while since i wrote something instead of a quick picture and a little blurb of something. Update from Utah:: SNOW! we love snow!! im lovin waking up and being so excited like Christmas morning, and running to my window that looks out front and peaking through the blinds to see snow, and usually its there but old snow. But there have been mornings when im totally surprised by a blanket of fresh powdery snow! Anywho Turkey day was great! yummy turkey and lots of fun!... Wensday i got sick ick! Stomach FLu something i wish not on anyone! Sunday Logan, BRad, Diana and i all went to the Christmas Devontional and it was amazing! so Spititual i loved it! Totally brought in the real christmas spirit. We got Christmas Lights and our awesome star on Saturday... I cant wait to get our tree!! Anywho we are doing great. We love it here but miss everyone back home so much! love you all!! I have to go sorry!! work calls!

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Mom said...

I love the snow too. I still have a few piles in the yard from last week. It's been so cold and no rain to wash it away. It's funny to see all the misshapened snowmen everywhere as they are melting away. Laura I need to get your e-mail address so I can write to you. love you lots Mom