Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey Everyone

hey everyone!! hope you are all doing well!! :)

Christmas was great!! Kason made out like a bandit and Logan and I got tons of things we are very excited and grateful for!

Not too much going on here. Tonight we are heading over to Chris and Kelly's house for a party and spending the night at Logan's brother's house then logan is off to play football in the morning. Kason will be bundled up and snug in his carseat as i will be in my jacket reading my book.

Speaking about books... my sister has been wanting me to read the Twilight Series for quiet some time and finally i finished my other book so i was able to read it. The first book is AMAZING!!! i read it in two days!! almost 500 pages!!! i LOVE IT!! i went out and bought the second one- New Moon, and the third one Eclispe. im already addicted!! :)

well here are some pictures for you from us!

Monday, December 24, 2007


hey everyone!! Happy Holidays!!

Yes we are ALIVE! :)

sorry it has been FOREVER!!! life has just gotten super BUSY!!

not too much going on. Logan starts school in the very start of Janurary and is excited. He is happy to be starting a journey that will bring us a great future.

Kason is doing well. He is growing so much!! he is starting to laugh and loves to smile all the time. he squeals and makes little noises. LOVES to stick out his little tounge! :) he is such a great joy we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

I am doing well. We are getting our apartment finally unpacked. I have my scrapbook stuff almost all organized and we got a new desk/table for our computer and my scrapbooking! YAY!!!

well here are some pictures of Kason!

Kason's two month shots. He did really well. Only cried for a minute and then was just fine!!Me and Kason at two months!Our sleepy head. he loves that binky!!Kason at two monthsHe is always so alert i love it.Kason and Hannah asleep after going out to lunch one day. he is sure catching up to her and she is 6months older! lolLogan is one proud Papa. He has to show off that Kason is holding his own bottle. Okay this isnt a normal thing, but he does do it every once in a while, and will hold it the entire time he eats.Kason passed out on Grandma and Grandpa Chapells couch. he looks so comfy!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


its been a while sorry. we are doing well. Just enjoying Kason's baby days. i love that he is small and cuddley but i know that soon he will be all over the place causing mayham. lol anywho.. not too much going on. Kason went swimming for the first time lastnight at the YMCA here in town, he LOVED it. all calm and relaxed. we went with Adam and Carrie and Brinnon. I will have pictures up soon i have to develop them. i used a waterproof disposable camera.
Cabelas opened up here in Lacey, and its a madhouse. We went and walked a round for a bit, there were SO many people in there. But we got this cute picture of Kason. its funny!! :)
dont worry we didnt buy it lol. but it was funny!