Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey Everyone

hey everyone!! hope you are all doing well!! :)

Christmas was great!! Kason made out like a bandit and Logan and I got tons of things we are very excited and grateful for!

Not too much going on here. Tonight we are heading over to Chris and Kelly's house for a party and spending the night at Logan's brother's house then logan is off to play football in the morning. Kason will be bundled up and snug in his carseat as i will be in my jacket reading my book.

Speaking about books... my sister has been wanting me to read the Twilight Series for quiet some time and finally i finished my other book so i was able to read it. The first book is AMAZING!!! i read it in two days!! almost 500 pages!!! i LOVE IT!! i went out and bought the second one- New Moon, and the third one Eclispe. im already addicted!! :)

well here are some pictures for you from us!


Donna said...

Happy New Year McGee family! Hope that 2008 is a Great year for you and your fam'! Sounds like you had a Great Christmas.
Love the pictures Love the one with Kason and his stocking


The Riggle's said...

I love this picture of you and Kason.