Thursday, January 03, 2008

i wanna be...


yup thats right everyone. I wanna be the biggest loser.

We all know or atleast heard of the show "biggest loser" right? the one where overweight people try to win money by being the biggest loser-meaning losing the most weight but also having a healthy new way of living.
Well my sister Amy, told us all about the biggest loser, but doing it with family. So After a few weeks of talking about it, getting the rules, and pigging out, we have offically started the biggest loser as of this morning.

This is good. I need to lose weight, but not only that but gain a better life style. I wanna be able to keep up with Kason when he starts running around. I really just want to be healthy.

The biggest loser is not just about loosing weight. its also about eating better, getting sleep, exercising, and drinking water.

Now we all had to step on the scale this morning to get our offical weight. and our goal is to loose 7% of our totaly body weight. My goal looks good. I believe i can do this. I want to do this. I want to be healthy, but also i wanna win the money too.

Oh yah, theres money!! lol we are all putting in 10bucks each. the one at the end with the most points wins!!

I really would like the money to buy new clothes that fit!! :)

Now the funny thing... why is this image so scarey?

so why is that so scary? Standing there not wanting to look down to see how much you weigh. At least for me it sucks. oh well something to get over and hopefully the next few times i look down the numbers will be lower and lower!


Donna said...

Good Luck Laura!! Hope that you are the LOSER! (Biggest Loser, that is.)

Jessica said...

That's awesome! Let me know if you come across good tricks or tips or advice. Good luck! J~

The Riggle's said...

So, I know that you are losing motivation...staying motivated is hard. I only know this because I have been up and down for years and it sucks. So keep it up, you've been working really hard and if you give up now just think of all of those cookies, cakes, FONDUE that you didn't eat and it would all be for nothing. You are a rock star!!

AmyG said...

update :)